Wednesday, October 29

Come back GO AWAY!

I miss Blogger. Yes, today is the first time I've been online for a week or two and it's been torture :'( Tomorrow is the last day of Raya / Syawal, and also the first day of finals! Sigh. Good luck all!

Oh. Had fun reading other people's latest entries :D

HSM3 best. Go watch lah.

Monday, October 20

Darnit! -.-

"Daniel Radcliffe is also known as Harry Puffer on the sets of Harry Potter since he's a chain smoker."
-Found in one of the comments in Mommy's recent entry.
DARNIT! Didn't know he chain smokes -.- Oh well. Yes, I've been saying darnit alot now :s
Oh, just now I teman-ed Mommy go to KL with her sisters and Kak Aliaa. Walked around for hours, I think :s Came home, took a bath, went to wedding with Ayah, so here I am now, feet aching o.o
Ayah's done, gtg BYE! :D

Sunday, October 19

Enter Post Title Here

It's nearly 12am and I'm still here! Sigh :/
Fasting tomorrow, which leaves me 4 hours to sleep 'til Sahur. That is, if we get home before 1 :s Will be packing school bag after that (Sahur) so won't be sleeping past 5 o.o
Darnit, haven't done any homework since Wed! Not sure if there is homework but oh well, just assuming there is. And I left my Agama and Science textbook at Wan's, and Geography Notes too o.o
To make things worse, I have all three subjects tomorrow, all in a row starting with Agama O.o

Will crap more later maybe,
hannaaaa O:

Darnit I sound so overdramatic!

Crapola :D

Yes, I know what I said about not updating til after finals. I'm at Ayah's hospital now, in this "Bilik Rehat Doktor" better known as "Bilik Lepak" (-.-) amongst Ayah and his colleagues (Did I spell it right?). So it's 10.30pm now, on a Sunday night, with no revision books in hand / bag. What am I to do besides blog, right? Other sites are blocked -.-
So we (Ayah and I) just came back from one of his doctor friend's wedding near Subang. I had to accompany him because Mommy's busy with work at home so he dragged me along -.- We sat at a table with 4 other doctors (with wives/husbands), and one of the doctors told Ayah that there's an emergancy, yada yada yadaaaa blablablaa, so that brings us back to

"So here I am at Ayah's hospital..."

-_-" When we first reached here, we went to this lab and was "greeted" by a notice at the door, "STAFF ONLY!" and I went in :Y The stuff in there are all so cool and lab-like, I even took a picture :D Anyways, being the coward that I am, I'm scared to go to the toilet which is 2 metres away, I'm waiting for Ayah to come back (He's doing something somewhere o.o). Okay see, I don't know what else to blog about :s Not that I haven't bored you all to death already, but still.

Ooh! I have a story to tell :D Hmm Aunty Adek pretty much concluded that as long as Qadri, her and I are together (alone) in one car, bad luck is bound to strike -.- That day, Wan left for work in front of Qadri, and she mouthed to me, "Don't let him see!" -_____-" So yes, Qadri started crying, and shouting, and screaming, and wtv it is that infants do when somebody goes out of the house and they want to follow -.-

Aunty Adek pitied him so she asked me to take care of him in the car and we go together to get something to eat somewhere.
We were queueing up to belok kanan at this traffic light somewhere near Tropicana, yupp massive jam -.- Then when the road was clear enough to start moving again (or however you put it), Aunty Adek couldn't change the stick shift thing from "P" to "D". She panicked and turned on the hazard light. She switched off the engine and (we were all sweating :s) called Toyota's number. They said they were gonna send a towtruck to pick us up. YES I WAS EXCITED :D

45 minutes later, still stuck in the same place after bearing millions of horns from other cars, I started shouting TAK NAMPAK KE HAZARD LIGHT?!?! Too bad no one could hear me besides Aunty Adek and Qadri.

I don't know how long after that, Aunty Adek played with the stick shift and it worked again! :D We all screamed. Including Qadri ;p So we all went home and got a few scoldings from Wan.

Malas la nak do a very descriptive story about this, I know I killed the suspense halfway lolwtf-.- And noo, Aunty Adek only confirmed it was Qadri that brings us bad luck every time because a similar incident happened last year, otw to fetch Hasya and Hilman from school. Minyak habis -.-

In case any of you haven't noticed yet, I tend to insert emoticons at the end of every sentence (nearly). How sad :/

SEE I TOLD YOU! -.- (Darn.)

Okay2. I don't have anything else to bore you Bloggers with so tataa and goodnight! Off to blog-hop bby 8)

Friday, October 17

Condensed Milk

I think I'm going to restrict myself from blogging 'til 7th Nov. Or any other net activities, for that matter.

Will try, really :s

And yes, Nadd.
Condensed Milk.

I'm dating *insert name*

Yesterday was okay. Hectic, Chaotic, (quite) Unorganised. But okay :D In fact, I had fun! Thnks Mommyyy and Ayaah for letting me go! Now I can concentrate on my studies. Lol -.-

The day started off with -
Okay let's skip the early parts :]
So Nad fetched me in Mr. Tan's car with Karyna and Kai. Reached Curve and headed to Cineleisure to collect tickets. But Mira beat us to it ;p
Thnks Mira! And thnks Neena and Aunty Zaida for making the world a better place :')
* * * * *

Disaster Movie was awesome. Funny like hell ;p But stupid, too -.- According to Mira, Nadd said she heard us shouting "KIM KARDASHIAN! CARMEN ELECTRA!" and that's not a good thing 'cause Nadd was sitting at the top row whilst we were at the bottom o.o Oh and Jim and Sean are so tall now! Compared to last year, I mean. And when I say that I don't mean they were short last year. Just.. shorter :)

After Disaster Movie ended, we didn't know where to eat. So we ended up eating at Italiannies, and yes, big portion, so we all shared :] We all had to contribute more than RM20 'cause of the veryvery expensive bill o.o Thanks so much (again!) Aunty Zaida for paying the most compared to all of us :D

Nadd had to go home with Jim so she left early. Me and Kai stopped by at Big Apple, I bought 6 donuts :D Okay2. All of us headed to Borders after the bill was done and Kai bought me the Twilight Official Calendar for my birthday! THANKYOU WAN KAIYISHA ZAWAWI. Then, we went to Me Love Candy. I bought three Wonka's and one Reese's. Then everybody went home :D *I went to Elynna's.

*Sorry for the overly descriptive starting of the post and the grammar mistakes and pointless words towards the end of this entry*

And people, remind me to upload / send you the pictures from yesterday. Will you? ;p
And pictures from Elynna's house too o.o

Thanks to all of you for making my day (yesterday) haha :D

Hanna Haizal.

Wednesday, October 15


I'll be there for you,
When the rain starts to pour <3>

Yes, I know what I said about not updating much.
Sorry :s

Sunday, October 12

12th Syawal

Will upload more soon!
I have to go now so these 5 pictures will do for now.
Another 50 to go! ;p

Dear Studio Audience

I love Raya weekends. Don't you ?
Won't be updating that much 'til 7th November, maybe.
Wait and see :D
Go do something else, like, study -.-
Set me as a good example 8)
Rolling On The Floor Laughing Out Loud.

Saturday, October 11

Life's A Cliche!

Nadd Rosslan: Were you surprised when the Happy Meal lost?
Mira Wentz: Surprised? You could have knocked me over with a ball.

Nadd Rosslan: I think the weather had a lot to do with it.
Mira Wentz: Yes, the field was in terrible shape. It had been raining elephants and snails up until the time the game started.

Nadd Rosslan: What do you think of the catcher?
Mira Wentz: He's a problem. He's out of shape. The coach should take the starfish by the buttocks and fire him!

Nadd Rosslan: We don't see buttock to buttock on this at all. I think the catcher is in great shape. He's as fit as a tamborine.
Mira Wentz: How can you say that? He got on the team by the skin of his belly button.

Nadd Rosslan: You may be right. But you and I know how it is. That's just the way the bread bounces.
Mira Wentz: Well, time certainly does poop. I've got to be getting home now.

Nadd Rosslan: See you tomorrow, I hope. It's always fun screaming the breeze with you.

Road Trip

One day my Uncle Alex Turner and my Aunt Jessica Alba said they would take me and my sister Britney Spears on a trip to Maine.

“You will love Maine,” said Aunt Jessica Alba. “It is famous for its wild cats, its black flowers, and its beautiful screaming hills.”

“I hope you packed plenty of burgers for the ride,” said Uncle Alex Turner. “It will probably take us 11 hours.”

So we all piled into Uncle Alex Turner and Aunt Jessica Alba's Chevy truck. At first the trip was really tiny. We sang “10 Bottles of mercury on the Wall.” Then we counted the chairs that we saw kicking in the fields by the side of the road. But after 9 hours we had eaten all the burgers and Britney Spears was getting huge.

“Are we almost there?” she asked shouting.

“Yes, Ryan Ross,” said Aunt Jessica Alba.

Just then I saw a sign that said, “Townsville: 2 miles.”

“Umm, Uncle Alex Turner, is Townsville on the way to Maine?” I asked.

“Yeah,” said Britney Spears, pointing, “and is tree on the way to Maine?”

“Oh My God!, kids,” laughed Uncle Alex Turner. “You can trust the expert.”

“One thing's for sure,” I muttered. “I don't think we're in Selangor any more.”

Friday, October 10


Twilight HD Exclusive Trailer


October Fool ?

I don't think I regret not fasting today.
We played treasure hunt during maths, and after school we had pizza cause today was Cik Mazlina's last day. She's so nice, seriously ;]
Treasure hunt was so tiring (obviously), we had to run around the school (of course).
If I did happen to fast today, well I guess I would be thrown out of my group for not cooperating, instead just sitting down at the Gallery bench while my other fellow classmates sweated themselves wet !
I stayed back today. For T-ball ;D 'twas okay I guess? I didn't know that the T-ball coach is 73 years old o.o And just now Angela shouted, "HANNA SEXY"
Then the coach laughed. "Hahaha, people hit ball and your friend say you sexy!"

Just now during Recess, Syahirah told me that Pn Mary was calling me to the Discipline Room, and ofc I got scared yknow? So I asked her, "she mintak KD 1B atau Hanna?" (There's a big difference -.-) And she said KD, and I was like "AAAAHHH okay"

I went to the DR and nothing much happened actually, she just asked for the Misi paper?
THEN, I told Angela...

That I got ... err, pecat :D
Unless she's reading this, up til now Angela has no idea that I have been lying to her for the whole day :D I know, it's not good to lie. Oh well :)
I got Azraa and the rest of the 1B's to tell Angela that I did get sacked, and (Angela) pitied me, she was like "Hanna, it's okay lah. It's a blessing in disguise, I'm sure. Are you sad? Alaa it's okay lah. Don't be sad"
Or something like that :D
Angela, if you're still clueless about what I'm trying to tell you here, well,
I did not kena pecat. Kay?
Though it wouldn't be surpring if I did, right?

*This is why I told you to check my blog for updates this weekend, Angela :)

Wednesday, October 8


Nadiah Ramli,
I dislike people who don't know how to let go of their past.
Don't you, too, Nad?
And by saying that, I know you know I'm talking about specific people here ;D

Hypocritical; I know. But it depends on who's perspective you're considering :)
Judgmental; You have no idea.

Oh boo hoo, shoot me -.-

Release Date !

Release dates forTwilight (2008)
USA 17 November 2008
(Los Angeles, California) (premiere)
Philippines 20 November 2008
Puerto Rico 20 November 2008
Russia 20 November 2008
South Korea 20 November 2008
Canada 21 November 2008
Italy 21 November 2008
Mexico 21 November 2008
Sweden 21 November 2008
Thailand 21 November 2008
USA 21 November 2008
Chile 27 November 2008
Czech Republic 27 November 2008
Malaysia 27 November 2008
Netherlands 4 December 2008
Portugal 4 December 2008
Poland 5 December 2008
Spain 5 December 2008
Switzerland 10 December 2008
(French speaking region)
Australia 11 December 2008
Iceland 12 December 2008
Taiwan 12 December 2008
Switzerland 19 December 2008
(Italian speaking region)
UK 19 December 2008
Brazil 25 December 2008
New Zealand 25 December 2008
Singapore 25 December 2008
Argentina 1 January 2009
Germany 22 January 2009
Switzerland 22 January 2009
(German speaking region)
Denmark 6 February 2009
Finland 13 February 2009
Norway 13 February 2009
Venezuela 13 February 2009

The premiere of Twilight's on my birthday! :D
I'm proud, really ;D
Hmm, so I guess it's a good thing that the release of Twilight in Malaysia is this year right?
I'm also proud 'cause apparently we're more "advanced" compared to Singapore, UK and Australia ;p

PS // I didn't remove the external links above and fyi, I think most words are clickable o.o They'll most probably bring you back to iMDB.

Ima Nan Ji Des Ka ?

I passed my piano practical,
Hmm was pretty bummed today, for various reasons -.-
But they made my day :')
Thank GOD I survived school just now. As soon as the clock striked 2 (HAHA), I rushed downstairs to get a spot for Jap Class. Seri and Aqila sat in front just now, 'cause Seri wanted to "concentrate" (but ended up talking anyway). So I sat beside Nadd ;D
Well I told her why I was pissed, I told Elynna too and she told Aqila and Seri I think -_-"
After Jap Class, Aqila's granddad was already waiting for her so she had to go home. So it was me, Nadd and Seri left at school with a few others (Karyna, Khaleeda, Syaqira etc). THEN, we saw Elynna :D She didn't have Taekwondo today. Well, I forgot what we were talking about but at one point, we played that game where we have to name a band (or wtv) each alphabetically. Concentration? Pfffffffft -.-
Every time it was Seri's turn, she'd always go like, "HANNA EEEEEE I WANTED TO SAY THAT BAND!" My turn was before hers, btw ;D So soon after I swapped places with her, but she still couldn't guess any bands. I told you Seri, it wasn't my fault :D

Well actually. I meant to write something else in this post, but I completely blanked as soon as I wrote the title. Shoot :/
Oh well, no loss.



am having hair crisis.
This is the first time I have ever admitted to having a hair crisis.
I don't complain of having a hair crisis unless I really do have one.
And I do.

Scream It Loud !

Bring Me The Horizon - Suicide Season.
The lyrics are suuuuuper sweet.
The song?
Thank God I didn't use my earphones.

"We stare at broken clocks, the hands don't turn anymore
The days turn into nights, empty hearts and empty places
The day you lost him, I slowly lost you too
For when he died, he took a part of you"

Sentimental lyrics makes me go all teary-eyed :')
With Me. Go figure :]

Sunday, October 5

With Me

I don't want this moment
To ever end
Where everything's nothing, without you
I'd wait here forever just to,
To see you smile
'Cause it's true

I am nothing without you
Through it all
I've made my mistakes
I stumble and fall
But I mean these words

I want you to know
With everything, I won't let this go
These words are my heart and soul
I'll hold onto this moment you know
As I'll bleed my heart out to show
And I won't let go

Thoughts read unspoken
Forever in vow
And pieces of memories
Fall to the ground

I know what I didn't have so
I won't let this go
'Cause it's true
I am nothing without you

All the streets, where I walked alone
With nowhere to go
Have come to an end


In front of your eyes
It falls from the skies
When you don't know what you're looking to find
In front of your eyes
It falls from the skies
When you just never know what you will find

I don't want this moment
To ever end
Where everything's nothing, without you


This is what you call love :')

I swear, I've been listening to this song repeatedly for more than 50 times today.

Stumble And Fall

Tomorrow will be a new day. And, predictably, it will be like any other day. Correct? No. Why? Well it's for me to know, and for you to find out ;) Gosh how lame hahaha.

06102008, we all go back to school again -.-

Sigh, was just beginning to enjoy the holidays. One week je aaaa -.- Well, what can I say? So far Raya's getting better. Much better, in fact :]

I refuse to count my duit raya 'til the end of this month,

Yes, I can wait :D

Anw, yesterday & today's Raya celebrations were, safe to say, the best so far :D

Elia's aunt had an open house at Seksyen 16 yesterday. Mar came :D:D:D

She's not slouching anymore, well done Mar! And she permanently wears glasses now, hoorah! 8)

OH AND I FOUND MY GLASSES YAY. They're still broken though -.- Well duh haha.

Okay so yesterday I woke up at 10, Hilman woke me up saying "KAK LONGG, AYAH IS LEAVING IN 20 MINUTES!" So I rushed : bathed, got dressed, ate breakfast ; only to find out that Ayah had to check something online, and ended up leaving an hour later. Hmm I called Nadd to wait for me outside when I reached, and there she was, standing in front of me, my shining starrr :'D HAHA WTF. Mar and Elia were beside her. I got in and put my bag on this chair, got food and ate. The food was goooood. Ate tempura, yum 8D And did I mention that Sek. 16 houses are huge? They are :s In front of Elia's aunt's house is Kudrat's. Again I repeat, HUGE -.- Mar punya rumah pun besar kan? Yeee. Mar said she got offended when I said that. "HANNA, I'm offended!"

WHY? o.o

Okay2 moving on. So when we were done eating, people started to arrive. Faisal and family came too~ His mom said to me, "Eh Hanna, DAH TINGGI LAHH" :S

So anw, being extremely considerate (HAHA), we went inside and "loitered" in Elia's aunt's.. office? :s

Took lots of pictures. Will post them later (maybe) or not. For me to see only :D

The TV was on, and guess what channel was on? CNN -.- Hahah we found it fascinating though, we even took pictures with the news dude ;D

Ashraf came around half an hour later, and we dragged him inside the office. We even camwhored with him :D Well not "we" actually. Nadd je hahahah. We took a picture, all of us together, tapi muka Ashraf setengah je -.-

Ayah told me he'd come to fetch me at around 12.15. BUT, he only arrived at 1.45!

On my way out I saw Kudrat.

"Selamat Hari Raya"

"Selamat Hari Raya to you too"


That was all that happened at Elia's :)

That night, we went to Wan Nyah's house. Only for a while though. After Maghrib, we went to Arina's house in Ampang.

The cars we saw at their "parking lot" : A Porsche, two Merc's, and a Mini Cooper. Habislahh Hilman interrogate Arina's dad about the cars -.-

We stayed on 'til about 11. Had fun there :) The food was yummy. I spent most of my time taking care of Qadri, I followed him around everywhere, only 'cause I had to. Didn't mind though! And Qadri found a girlfriend.

"*strokes her cheeks* Hello babyyy. *strokes her legs* Hello babyyy. *strokes her hair* Hello babyyyy."


Hmm, I don't know what got into Qadri, but when it was time to go home, Qadri said to Aunty Lynn, "Nak ikut Hanna balik."

THAT, was surprising. Never before has he put my name and "nak ikut balik" into one sentence. In fact, before this he was pretty much the president of "Anti-Hanna club"

After 10 minutes of persuasion (cheh), finally Qadri agreed to go home with his mommy
He must've really liked me that night :D And otw home, Ayah got a call from Aunty Lynn :

"Angah, can you pass the phone to Hanna? Qadri is demanding to talk to her since we left the house"
So I took it, and...
"Hello Qadri"
"Hellooooooo Hanna"
"Qadri tengah buat apa?"
"Pegi O'nallllll" (McD's)
"Oh okay. Nanti jumpa Qadri dkt rumah Wan okay?"
"Nanti Hanna ada rumah Wan?"
"Okay Hanna. Bye Hanna"
"Bye Qadri"
"Bye Hanna"
"Bye Qadri"
"Bye Hanna"
"Bye Qadri"
I don't feel like blogging about what happened today. But it was awesome :D
I got to know more about my family "history"
Not really, just more about Wan's side of the family, meaning Ayah's cousins etc etc.
:D :D :D

Saturday, October 4


Semua capital!
Fascinating :D


Go Miraa!
She hasn't signed yet :(

Mary , Jo , Lisa

I dare Esmeralda Noor Junaizee to write a full detailed biography about herself, from date of birth - present.
Make it interesting Mira!
Use all the words you got ;D

I fulfilled the dare!


mira says:
Kill Hanna says:
HAHA yes i did, frshly copied and pasted from wiki ;D
She sounded surprised -.-

Kill Hanna says:
give me something else to talk about
mira says:
mira says:
talk about music.
mira says:
i liek music.
mira says:
So I've asked a few of my online friends on what they think about music, and...

mira says:
mira says:
mira says:
go talk about
mira says:
mira says:
mira says:
mira says:
mira says:
mira says:
mira says:
mira says:
mira says:
mira says:
i likeparamore, you like paramore, WELIKEPARAMORE
mira says:
so tell me tell me do you fell the pressure now?
mira says:

Kill Hanna says:
Kill Hanna says:
Kill Hanna says:
i need yr help
muhammad fared says:
what help ?
Kill Hanna says:
talk about music
Nadie ! says:
why ?
Kill Hanna says:
so i can paste it on my blog
Kill Hanna says:
so mira will be happy ;D
muhammad fared says:
bantai org ? oh boleh je
Nadie ! says:
ahahah sure
Nadie ! says:
hm , so what kind of music do you like , frd ? o:
Nadie ! says:
muhammad fared says:
muhammad fared says:
jenis lgu ?
muhammad fared says:
love !
Nadie ! says:
ahahahaha -.-
muhammad fared says:
Nadie ! says:
hanna , now what ?
Nadie ! says:
Nadie ! says:
this is like making a movie ;p
Kill Hanna says:
HAHA and im the director
Kill Hanna says:
hmm talk about.. handsome singers ;D
Nadie ! says:
Nadie ! says:
i pick jared leto (:
Kill Hanna says:
Nadie ! says:
ohh , yesss
Nadie ! says:
Nadie ! says:
mana directorrr ?

Kill Hanna says:
im here
Kill Hanna says:
Kill Hanna says:
muhammad fared says:
u lambat la
Kill Hanna says:
Kill Hanna says:
Nadie ! says:
yeah O;
muhammad fared says:
nanti nak shooting lg
Kill Hanna says:
muhammad fared says:
nak hafal skrip
Kill Hanna says:
Nadie ! says:
make up artist mana ?
Nadie ! says:
Nadie ! says:
my finger got stuck in the keyboard tadi ;p
Kill Hanna says:
Kill Hanna says:
Kill Hanna says:
ish -.-

Kill Hanna said:
Kill Hanna said:
I need yr help
. қυδгат . says:
Kill Hanna says:
shoot as in what o.o
Kill Hanna says:
Kill Hanna says:
i need you to talk about music
Kill Hanna says:
any music
Kill Hanna says:
just make sure yr language is decent
. қυδгат . says:
.. -_-
Kill Hanna says:
. қυδгат . says:
what is it for?
Kill Hanna says:
i need to paste this somewhere
. қυδгат . says:
"i love music and im a lesbo"


"I dare these people to post three consecutive posts within one hour;"
Haha, darn you Mira !
So I have been "dared" (not tagged!) to post three consecutive posts within one hour. And I nearly had to check the dictionary 'cause I didn't understand Mira's big words -_-"
I don't know what to say.

Kill Hanna says:
and btw do the entries have to be long?
Kill Hanna says:
because idk wht to say.. yet
Kill Hanna says:
but i might be blabbering myself away nanti though
mira says:
just ramble about shit,
Shit is one of the most- if not the most- functionally diverse words in the english language, and is also one of the most frequently used nouns. In its literal meaning, it is usually considered a vulgar word (swear word) in Modern English. As a noun it refers to fecal matter (excrement) and as a verb it means to defecate or defecate in; in the plural ("the shits") it means diarrhea. As a slang term, it can mean nonsense, foolishness or something of little value; trivial and usually boastful or inaccurate talk, or a contemptible person. To shit, in slang, is to talk nonsense to, or to attempt to deceive.
So there you go. One post done, three more to go !

Friday, October 3


Nur Elyni Marzuki, 2003 - 2008
Apologiesss for the small picture.
I saw this little girl's picture on a few MySpace profiles,
and I asked Nad whether she knew what happened or not.
So Nad googled her, and got this :
Sigh, just a few days before Raya :/

Wan Muhammad Amsyar


Wan Muhammad Amsyar!
Hehe, this is Amsyar, Wan Nurul Hana's stepbrother!
Look at those big eyes,
alahaiiii :))
Mata besaaaaaaaaaar, rawr.
He looks like Hana too, doesn't he?

Thursday, October 2

Aleeza Ate Me o.o

Guess who tagged me? ;)

My Top 10 Most Favourite Food
1. Japanese
2. Donuts
3. Mom's Fried Kuay Teow
4. Mom's Chicken Rice
5. Mashed Potatoes
6. CARLS JR 8)
7. Cheese filled sausages
8. Ikan Masak Cili Padi haha! ;D
9. Grandma's Fried Macaroni
10. Aunty's Roast Chicken

These are the food that I like, and are making my mouth water right now :D

10 Things I Love Doing
1. Blogging
2. Blog-hopping
3. Net stalking
4. Stalking in general haha!
5. Online
6. Paste convos from MSN to Blogger ;p
7. Have multi-convos!
8. Daydreaming lol
9. Read. Non-educational books haha
10. GOSSIPPPP haha -_-

5 Things I Love Doing When I'm Emo / Stressed
1. Not talk. At all.
2. Sleep.
3. Read.
4. Listen to loud music. But screamo spoils my earphones HAHA
5. Bathe ;p

5 Things I Love Doing When I'm Happy
1. Laugh
2. Talk
3. Sing!
4. Smile
5. Online :)

5 Ways To Make Me Go Crazy
1. Make me excited haaaa
2. Bring back the ol' memories :)
3. Gather all my bestfs and.. Let us "talk"
4. Put (Aunty) Yazreen beside me :D
5. Say something random. And if I exaggerate what you say and laugh endlessly, well...

My Top 5 Most Favourite Junk Food
1. Kit-Kat
2. Reese's 8)
3. Wonka's
4. Carls Jr lol
5. Cookies in general


5 Things I Wish It Could Happen
1. Study abroad (Preferrably UK / US :D)
2. Live abroad! Hehe (Ditto)
3. Have older sibs (HAH)
4. Live a wealthy and healthy life
5. :)

10 Ridiculous Things I Wish To Do Before I Die
Not so ridiculous boleh tak?

1. Meet all the men in my Yummy entry 8)
2. Save someone's life lol
3. Live abroad (UK / US)
4. Go on an ALL-EXPENSE-PAID trip to somewhere abroad with all my bestfs 8D Yumm
5. Meet Alejandro Manzano hahaha
6. Delete my MySpace -__-
7. Go to Las Vegas, definitely
8. Make an appointment with Dr. Phil, and discuss about my "problems" hahahaha
9. Own a lomocam ;) (STILL SAVING!)
10. Learn foreign languages!

My Top 10 Recently Most Addicted Songs
1. About A Girl - The Academy Is...
2. I Kissed A Girl - McFly cover
3. I Kissed A Girl - some genre mixed song (screamo + something else) I heard somewhere 8D
4. American Idiot - Green Day
5. The Time Of My Life - David Cook
6. Crush - David Archuleta 8)
7. Check Yes Juliet - We The Kings :D
8. Iris - Boyce Avenue cover
9. Viva La Vida - Boyce Avenue cover
10. Disturbia - Alejandro Manzano (Boyce Avenue) cover :D

10 Persons You Wish To Tag
1. Mai N
2. Farah I
3. Nadiah R
4. Nadiah R (lol)
5. Mira N
6. Angela C
7. Seri SS
8. Amalina R
9. Alissa N
10. Karyna I

And whoever who wants to do this!
Larat ke buat niii ?

Mira Calls For A RIOT!

So, here's how it works:
1.Open your library (iTunes, Winamp,Media Player, iPod, etc)
2.Put it on shuffle
3.Press play
4.For every question, type the song that's playing
5.When you go to a new question, press the next button
6. Don't lie and try to pretend you’re cool...

Opening Credits:
Someday We’ll Know - Mandy Moore & Jon Foreman

Waking Up:
Misery Business (Acoustic) - Paramore

First Day At School:
With You – Chris Brown

Falling In Love:
Room On The 3rd Floor - McFly

Fight Song:
Almost – Bowling For Soup

Breaking Up:
That’s Not My Name – The Ting Tings

Hasta La Vista – Camp Rock
Oh Gosh -.-

Teardrops On My Guitar – Taylor Swift

Mental Breakdown:
Nine In The Afternoon – Panic At The Disco

More Than Words – Frankie J

Reinventing Your Exit – Underoath

Getting back together:
About A Girl – The Academy Is...

Transylvania – McFly

Birth of Child:
Tongue Tied – Faber Drive

Final Battle:
Decoy - Paramore

Death Scene:
Daughters – John Mayer

Funeral Song:
Mama – My Chemical Romance
Eeeek O.o

End Credits:
Chocolate Salty Balls (Chef) - Southpark


I hereby pass on my misery to :
Mai Najihah
Farah Izzati
Aleeza Zaki
Anybody who wants to do this :]

2nd October 2008

It's nearly 4pm and we still haven't gone anywhere today.
Not that I blame anybody, it's my fault really.

God know's what time I slept last night (or this morning, really) and the minute I woke up, I heard Ayah's voice :

"Hannaaa, WAKE UP. It's 3pm now"

Fyi, it was not -.- It was 2.45pm hehe. So I asked him why didn't he wake me up earlier? To which he replied,

"Couldn't. Tried to. Couldn't"

I must've been in the deepest hours of my beauty sleep.
Mommy just came in. "Hannaaa, we're going to Wan's house"

Gtg hehe tataaa :)


1st October 2008

Hanna Manzano said:
Selamat Hari Raya,
Maaf Zahir Batin Seriii :)

sarah zetterstrom says:

sarah zetterstrom says:
maaf zahir & batin (:

Hanna Manzano says:
Aww you remember :')

Hanna Manzano says:
Tee hee hee, bila nak datang rumah nenek ni?

Hanna Manzano says:
Soranggg je nenek kat rumah, tgh usha cucu2 nenek yang tengah online pagi2 buta nii

sarah zetterstrom says:

Hanna Manzano says:
Ish, cucu2 nenek zaman sekarang

sarah zetterstrom says:
nenek pun on9 sekali ape

Hanna Manzano says:
Terikut sangat nenek ni

Hanna Manzano says:
Itulah pasal

Hanna Manzano says:
ish ish ish

Hanna Manzano says:

Hanna Manzano says:
Tengok laa, nenek pun "HIP"

sarah zetterstrom says:

Hanna Manzano says:
Pandai guna computer tauuu

sarah zetterstrom says:
sarah zetterstrom says:
sarah zetterstrom says:
mana duit raya???
Hanna Manzano says:
Nanti nenek pergi ATM, nenek kluarkan duit yeee
Pasting online conversations from MSN,
is really fascinating :)
So yeah. First Day?
'Twas okay.
Most of my cousins and their families went back to their hometowns respectively,
Yes, it does mean we had less visitors today ;)
I don't mind, less work to do, more food to eat!
We were supposed to go to Jaddati's house in Kota D'sara at 1pm today,
but since people came to visit and took their own sweet time to go home,
we left at 4.30pm.
Oh, and one of the highlights of my dayy,
one of Ayah's colleagues's sister has been an England citizen (sorry for any grammar/spelling mistakes) for 40 years, and for that period of time she hasn't visited Malaysia :)
She's Chinese btw, and her name is Agnus!
Her husband's name is Peter,
and he is a skiing instructer :)
the first half of our conversation, we were basically "discussing" overseas Geography,
Aunty Agnus was teaching me about the concept of United Kingdom,
and apparently no, UK does not necessarily mean England ;)
It's England + Scotland + Ireland + Wales. Handsomeee I know :Y
So yeah. She practically doesn't remember anything of Malaysia, and was tracing back memories when our country was still called Malaya o.o
YES, 75% of our conversation was about education!
Very beneficial ;D
In fact, make that 90%.
Uncle Peter tutored me about skiing,
cross-country skiing and downhill skiing.
And they both told me to go to Switzerland this December, to ski.
If sponsored, can la ;p
Enough about that.
When we reached Jaddati's house, nobody answered the door at first. We knocked for about 5 minutes, and still - no answer.
We pretty much concluded that nobody was home,
and Mommy was SMS-ing someone. I think it was her sister.
Oh well, a few minutes passed and Jaddi answered the door.
Maaf Zahir Batin :)"
As soon as I lied down on the couch, I fell asleep. I think.
'Cause when I woke up, it was already 6+ and Amir & family just arrived!
(For the second time btw, the first time they came we were still at Wan's, big bummer. They brought their relatives from their other side too!)
I don't remember much though, about what happened. But I do remember nearly tripping on my kain - twice! 8)
Clumsy ol' me.
I've been ranting about my day for the past.. I don't know, however long it took you to read this. If you even did ;p
SOO, tell me about your day ;D