Sunday, November 30

Saturday, November 29

Anne Boleyn

100th post. Finally! Okay so it's the 30th of November 2008 now, correct? Yeah. And it's also

Sweet 21!

You don't know me. Pfft, whatever. Happy Birthday Dougie Lee :)
And damnn, you gotta work on your voice. It's like you haven't reached puberty o.o
Oh well, have fun on your birthday, Dougie!
It's okay that you didn't wish me. I understand.

People marching to the drums,
Everybody's having fun,
To the sound of looove,
And ugly is the world we're on,
If I'm right then prove me wrong,
I'm stunned to find the place we belong.

Who is your lover?


Dooooooomed. Doomed, I tell you. Kan Seri? :s


Nak tengok Twilight lagi. Cam Gigandet looked better than Edward Cullen. Anyone agrees? Anyone? Anyone? I guess not :(


Esmeralda Noor <3> Hm, was hoping to be in the same class as Nadd, Nad and Mira. Fortunately for Mira and Nadd, they'll be in the same class with Nad as their neighbour :(

And I'll have Eishatur in my class! And Shakeena! And Aqilah! And Aqila! And Seri! And Stephanie! And Siti Sarah!

Damn :s

Breath Mints

I want my birthday to be on the 31st of February.


I seriously have nothing else to blog about :(

9 Lives

Never knew how to use Picasa. Mira did that ^ Haha, and we didn't have enough pictures to make a 9-photo collage :s

Quick one?

Got back from the Interact Open House just now at around 4.30pm. It was funnn actually :) Lots of bonding stuff and all. Got my jeans wet :s

This will be a short post as I have to go soon. I got 2Hormaaat! Anyone else got 2H? I know Seri and Aqila will be in the same class as me. And Husnina! ;D

Thursday, November 27

How I Met Your Mother

Kai, you don't have to tell the whole world how Mira and Nad had "envious looks" on their faces when we showed up in an Edward Cullen tee, okay. Just drop it lah -.-

Hm so yeah I watched Twilight with Kai on the 26th (Midnight show). My opinion about the movie? Expected more. Expected it to be better. Definitely not so gaga like I imagined it to be, but it was pretty cool as well. Didn't like the graphics though. I mean its like.. Oh just see for yourself. And I don't think Kirsten Stewart can act so well. But Cam Gigandet is delish <3>. Bummer that he's not gonna be in any more of the movies though. Jasper looked like a drug addict in the movie (stoned), which reminds me. He did have a role in a movie where he was literally a drug addict o.o Forgot what though. Anyways. Emmett was cute.

And Twilight beats Harry Potter? No effing way. Warner Bro's, for goodness' sake! Hm yeah. Okay so I know I kind of spoiled it for those who haven't watched the movie yet, so I shall say not more about the movie. But I concluded that those who didn't read the book yet will enjoy the movie as they don't know what to expect, y'know? Hope it gets okay reviews from everybody. ;D

So the next day, Kai and I headed off to Nad's house. Fun, fun and more fun :p Hm when we first came in, Mira was playing GH3 on PS2 and was trying to beat this Tom Morello guy. Hahaha 17 attempts, kan? :D So then Kai wanted to try.. And she beat him after only trying once -.-
Okay so then we wanted to watch ghost movies, but we couldn't find any! D: But Nad's house is awesome though, so many cool things :') In the midst of finding those ghost movies, Nad also came across baby pictures of her and Najee, SO CUTE LAA. :D

Lol so we ended up going online, and watching TV. Oh and since we didn't have any scary movies to watch, we browsed a few ghost videos on YouTube. HAHAHA we were all scared :p Cause it's those type of videos that build up suspense and suddenly


A ghost comes up o.o And Nad's maid makes the best donuts, reaaally sedap 8D Oh then after eating mini dinner with Nad, Mira and Kai, we went back to the room and Aunty Jenn came back! She also helped to take shots of us and they were all so pretty, thanks again! They're uploaded in Nad's blog, so go see what props we were holding as well :p

Okay so I went back around 9+ to Wan's house, and Kai followed me home. Her mom fetched her there 'cause it's easier etc etc. Planned to go to Kai's today to pick some clothes for the Interact Open House thing but no transportation :( So as of right now, I still don't have anything to wear and it's tomorrow! Don't think it's a good idea to buy something new though, I mean I'll only wear it once and all.

Oh well, Nad and Mira are coming over in a bit, at least there's something to do ;D I hope Nadd and Kai's coming as well.

Wednesday, November 26


Show that to Qadri and you'll get this :

Oooh! Ooooooh! Elephant! Baby elephant! WOW! Elephant! Elephant, Hanna! Elephant! So cutee (pronounced at kooooot), So cute Hanna! Wow elephant! Hanna suka elephant? Qadri suka elephant!

Yes, that's exactly what he said. Elephant is pronounced as "ellyyyypentttt", btw -.-

Tuesday, November 25

Qadri ;D

Got back from Langkawi two nights ago at around 12. By 12.02, I was already in my room, onlining with Nadd, Nad, Mira and Mai :D Had fun, took loads of pictures. I don't know if I'll be uploading them D: More about that.. Later ;D

Okay so I don't know what to blog about. Nadd, help me?

nadd fitz says:
about qadri. biting you.

nadd fitz says:

O.O Yes, fellow bloggers. If you scroll down to the Top 15 list, and if you see No. 5, that little boy infant, BIT ME REAL HARD D: And no, he didn't do it only once, he tried to bite me repeatedly and I ended up being all.. drooly and wet. Within minutes!

nadd fitz says:
this adorable but naughty boy can bite up to 70kmh perhour

I seriously have nothing else to blog about D:

nadd fitz says:
"hannaaaaa! hannaaaa!" *runs*

nadd fitz says:
*falls down*

nadd fitz says:

He always does that too -.- Fall, I mean.

Monday, November 24

Capture Your Best Moments

On Webcam with Mai<3>
LMAO 'twas fun. Fun indeeeeed 8)

Ready-made Wrapped Up Straws

Nadd is officially 13 years and one day old. HAPPY 13 YEARS AND ONE DAY OLD, NADD!
Fortunately for Nadd, she gets to share the 24th of November with


Who turns 13 today!
See, your grandma's so hip, she blogs 8)
May you have a blessed life full of rocks and straws, bby :)

Jesse McCartney, see how lucky you are to have such a pretty wife / stalker who looks just like you? See for yourself!

Heeee. Sorry Seri, this extremely small laptop (-.-) doesn't have your picture. I'll post one of you very soon >;D

Sunday, November 23

Everyone's Favourite Blockhead

Meant to post this at 12am this morning, but I fell asleep D:
Who's birthday is it today?

Happy Sweet 13, Darling ;D
May you have a blessed life full of blockheads and kids!
I love you, Nadd :)

Sadly, I don't have a picture of Nadd with me right now. Will Ryan Ross do 'til I get back? ;D

All of Ryan's nice pictures that I could find are mostly with Brendon, but this is.. Different 8)

Nadd's bringing sexy back! :)

Friday, November 21

For Now,

Off to Langkawi in a bit. In case I don't get to wish you guys (Which I'll prolly find a way to do so anyway),


Birthday posts will be posted once I have your pictures :3

I'm gonna miss Mai. I'm gonna miss everyone :s
See you on Monday, Blogger!

Tuesday, November 18

You Decide

Mira and Neena bought me a cake on MSN. Thank you! :')

Ended up deleting the orginal Top 15 post anyways. Birthday greeting :

Yesterday, I turned thirteen. Finally! All year I’ve been waiting for my birthday to come. Yes, I guess I’m one of the youngest amongst my friends? This Saturday, Aisyah will turn 13. The day after that, Nadd will turn 13 as well. And um, the day after that, Seri will be 13. Happy Advanced Birthday, the three of you! <3> I don’t think I’ll be able to wish you as I’ll be away for a family holiday in Langkawi.. again :) Sarah just came back from Langkawi and she said it’s awesomeee :) I’ll just wait and see.
Anyways, thank you everyone for the birthday wishes! And thank you Mommy and friends for posting a birthday post as a tribute to me :D I appreciate it! I really do, lmao.
Thanks for the gifts as well :)



1. Dougie Poynter, bassist of McFly :)

2. Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite, or better known as Kaka , LOL. Brazilian midfielder :)

3. Teddy Geiger, singer with pretty eyes :)

4. Haley Joel Osment, more better looking when younger :) Plays Forrest Gump Jr. in well, Forrest Gump :D

5. Khalid Qadri, resident of No. 528. Eats cereal with a fork / senduk nasi :)

6. Brendon Urie, lead vocals of Panic At The Disco :)

7. Ryan Ross, bassist of Panic At The Disco :)

8. Robert Pattinson, (or is it Edward Cullen?) British actor :)

9. Edward Cullen. 'Nuff said. :)

10. Ashton Kutcher. Demi Moore as definite turn off. :)

11. Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz III. Yes, Angela. He does sound like a king. King Peter! Bassist of Fall Out Boy :)

12. Robbie Jarvis, plays young James Potter in Harry Potter Order Of The Phoenix. Yummy! Couldn't find a better picture of him though. :)

13. William Beckett. Looks uber gay in a V-neck. Sigh. Lead vocals of The Academy Is... :)

14. Drake Bell. Actor & singer. :)

*Insert picture of Matt Long here*

15. Actor! Plays young Ghostrider (I forgot his name. Johnny something?) and main male role in Sydney White :D

So there you go! New and improved Top 15 :) Still not gonna delete the older post though, since there's birthday wishes etc etc.

Since Jim's prolly not gonna do this D:, Imma tag people again! :D

Angela Chong Wan Zhen,

Elia Anis,

Kaiyisha Zawawi,

Aleeza Zaki,

And whoever wants to do this. Have fun! LMAO.

Monday, November 17

How pathetic

Yay. Finally a year older.
Sigh. Nothing to do.

Sunday, November 16

A year older

Happy Birthday Jes Idzmen and Amiza Ahmad Murad :)

Saturday, November 15

Aunty Nad and Hanna

Congratulations Kai, Lissa, Elia, Vieana, Azra, Jes, Rahim, Aiman, Haziq, and the other 69 people who scored 5A's! LMAO -.- For those who didn't get 5A's, it's okay, it's just UPSR after all. There's still PMR and SPM to worry about o.o

So last Thursday, Nad, Eli, Amir, Kamil, Nukman, Danial (and I) plus a few others sibuk-ed at SSP again, this time to check out the Std 6's UPSR results! Well, you can't blame us for caring about them (Std 6's) so much! ;) Besides, isn't it such an educational way to start off our holidays? Haha!

I reached SSP around 9am. Yes, very early, Thanks Danial -.- Hahah. Well, while waiting for the results to arrive, I sat at the canteen with a few other parents (HAHA) and listened to my walkman. I think I sang out loud? Cause a few heads kept turning o.o

Anyways, after school for them was over, Nad and Eli came to Wan's house. We watched a few movies and went online. Eli went home around 4.30, so soon after, Nad and I surfed Flickr. We didn't know what to search for and got bored real quick. Then Nad was like, "Let's search Hanna and Nad!"

So we did..
And dya know what we got?
Visit to find out!
HAHA macam promoter -.-

That's all for today,
Tataa :)

Friday, November 14


* * * * *

Naaaaad (: says (2:50 PM):

Naaaaad (: says (2:50 PM):
*raises hand and waves it around like in class*

Naaaaad (: says (2:50 PM):

Naaaaad (: says (2:50 PM):
*answers without being prompted*

Hanna Haizal says (2:51 PM):

Hanna Haizal says (2:51 PM):
AWW :')

LOL ; gentle reminder ;) HAHAH teruknya.

'Twas pretty fun :) Pt. 2

And that's most of it :) For performances pictures, you can get 'em at Nadstaah's blog :)