Sunday, December 27

HAHA Nad, remember this? :p

So hey, first of all:

Fiiiiinally fourteen, hahaha. Have a good one :)

Ended up sleeping over at Aunty Onair's last night. Everybody there was either karaoke-ing, swimming, bonding at the dining table or watching TV together. What I did? I went online. :p Yes yes I know, anti-social much? Haha. Ate a lot last night, Mommy's gatherings with her friends are all mostly potluck-based, so yeah, you can imagine.

I really don't remember doing much besides going online lol, how sad. Slept at about 2.30, after watching Bangkok Dangerous. Nicolas Cage ftw (y)

I woke up with a throbbing headache and an upset tummy. Daaarn.
Left Aunty Onair's at about 11 this morning, had lunch at Lake Club, aaall the way in KL 'cause Ayah had a meeting with his friends, I think. Left for Jelutong Heights at about 2, stayed there until 6.30pm. Meh. Mostly slept in the car because yes, unfortunately my headache and tummy ache refused to go away.. until now. Dude. -.-

I'm at home now, it's 7.48pm. As mentioned in my previous post, will be watching Alvin and the Chipmunks 2 tonight, at 9pm. I hope it'll be good.

Saturday, December 26

Sins of Love

This was during Earth Hour this year :D

Wussup haters?

Hahaha. Did the same thing yesterday, stayed at home in my pyjamas going online all day. Nice huh? Haha. After Maghrib though, we (as in my family and I) went to OU to buy tickets for Avatar (and Alvin and the Chipmunks 2, for this Sunday. Hardcore family bonding, no? :p). The movie was scheduled at 10.30 so we had light dinner at Waffle World. Was texting Mira and as it turns out she was at OU too. Met up with her for a bit after I had my waffles and mhm, that was the first time I saw her since quite sometime ago!

Went back to Waffle World at around 10, then went to GSC. Daaamn it sure was packed. Anyway, the movie? I have to say it was really, really good. 2 hours and 40 minutes, daaamn. Imagine that, haha. Got home at around 1.30, went online for a bit then slept, and yeahp, here I am today, at home on a Saturday morning, going online like I always do. Except this time, though, I've taken my shower! :D

So cheers to that.

Plans for tonight? Going to Aunty Onair's house for a.. I don't even know. I just know that Mommy and her friends are going there again tonight with their families, and yeahp, we'll probably be going home at around 6am again or something. I pity the neighbours :p

Is anybody going for Rock The World? o.o

I want to have a movie marathon with Hasya and Hilman today. We'll see how it goes. :D

Friday, December 25

Cereal and milk

HAHAHA I REMEMBER THIS. Garangnya, Seri ;)

Yesterday was pretty cool. Stayed at home in my pyjamas the whole day, did the usuals. Cleaned Benji & Button's cage, did the dishes, yeah. Left for OU around 7, Mommy wanted to get birthday presents for all her friends she was going to meet that night. Ended up shopping at Parkson, Ground floor. I have to say though, if I had all the money in the world I'd probably go there first. The Fossil purses and bags are so pretty :( A small wallet cost about RM300 and an average-sized tote bag was RM700 though, heeeh -.-

So anyway, by 8.30 Mommy finally decided on six brooches for her friends, and off we were to Aunty Abid's house at Villa Damansara. First thing we did? Order pizza, hehe. Mm so yeah, Mommy left us (me and my siblings) there while she and Ayah went to Curve for a karaoke night, as a form of celebration for Aunty Abid and Aunty Jo whose birthdays are today and 30th Dec respectively. Happy Birthday, aunties :)

While waiting, tried going online, I was right beside the modem the whooole night but somehow I just couldn't surf properly. I couldn't sign in MSN, Facebook also like so slow onlyyy, most of the time cannot even loadlah. Haha. So yeah, took a nap and woke up at 2am. I was surprised Mommy and Ayah were already back :p

Got ready and off we went to Aunty Jo's house, for their second round of karaoke o_____o
Hasya and Hilman watched Epic Movie upstairs (y), I joined them towards the end but mostly I was downstairs listening to the adults' conversations about their high school and college/uni life together. Hahaha. I hope I'm still friends/in contact with aaall my mates, even after 30 years. Mhm

Well, we went home at about 6am. Yes, 6am. My parents have more fun than I do :( Haha and hi Mommy, I know you're reading this. ;)
Got home and sleeeeept until just now. Yeap, just woke up. It's 10.52am. That's pretty early isn't it, considering the time I slept?

Anyway, I'm off to make myself breakfast. Probably just cereal, really -_- Damn, I'm so hungry. Hmph.
Oh and, congrats to everyone who received their PMR results yesterday :) And Merry Christmas!

A new year, a new start. It's nearly time to say goodbye to 2009, and hellooo to PMR. Bummer. :(

Hilman and I at the hotel internet lounge at Genting.
He's the emo kid, I'm the gangstah 8)
(yang tak menjadi -_-)

Oh well :)

Wednesday, December 23

11 ;)

Thanks Shahmi for the shirt and CD! ;P

I had fun yesterday :)

Spent the day with Mar, Nadd, Nad, Elynna, Karyna and Aisyah. Not forgetting Shahmi, Kamil, Faisal, Amir, Shoben, Izzat and Hazman. Daaamn.
Ice skated, bowled, ate a looot (Auntie Anne's, Starbucks, Baskin Robbins, Coffee Bean, Krispy Kreme and Burger King. Go fig) and walked around. Same ol' same ol' at Sunway as per usual. Wanted to catch a movie but the showtimes for the movies we wanted to watch were all too late.

Okay fine, for Karyna, I'll try make this post longer. Damn lah so lazy HAHA.

Sooo, when we (Mar, Nadd and I) reached Sunway, we went to Auntie Anne's first, for well, breakfast. Chocolate cinnamon, mmm yummmmmm. After that we went ice skating. We ice skated for about two hours and a half. Yes, that long. Come onlah, entrance fee was RM21. So expensive. Had to make sure it was worth the money, you know? :) Haha had fun skating with Mar, and yeahp, it felt good seeing her after so long! 20 months weyyy. And oh! Met Syaza and Aliah at the skaterink too, they're really really good. :D

We had lunch after that, at Burger King. Mushroom Swiss, mmm yummmmmm. Theeen, we had Baskin Robbins. Very Berry Strawberry, mmm yummmmmm. I think after that we went to TGV to buy movie tickets but alas, as mentioned above, the showtimes for the movies we wanted to watch were all too late -_-

So then we went bowling! :)
Yes, I bowled a bit.
Yes, I sucked. So bad.
Yes, Elynna had to bowl for me most of the time.

We played two games. Sat down with Karyna and Aisyah, rating, uhm people's *you knowww ;)
HAHAHA. Dude, it's nothing wrong. Purposely only censorlah. Pfft. :P

We left the bowling alley at about 4 plus. Mhm, window shopped then went to Krispy Kreme. I took a bite off Nad's doughnut, and yes, if I remembered what it was called I would go all "*insert name*, mmm yummmmmm" but nah, sadly, tak ingat :( I do remember though, it had colourful sprinkles on top and tasted like sweet heaven, hehe. ;)

Left for Coffee Bean after that. Didn't get anything there though, but a few of the others did. Elynna, Mar and Nadd bought us girls these cute little rings from Diva that have these gummy bear thingies on top. So cute, and thank you!
Sadly though my ring can only fit my pinky. HAHA so sad. ;(

Thennn, we all went to Starbucks because they decided that Starbucks' coffee tasted better. HAHA.

I didn't get anything from Starbucks either but yes, as usual, of course I took a sip or two (or more o.o) of other people's drinks, tee hee. And hey, at Starbucks they had 50% off for every drink you buy. Dude. (Y)

There was some beauty pageant thing going on at the centre court (is it the centre court down there near the entrance?! I don't even know.) so it was pretty noisy. Waited for Mar's sister and dad to pick us up, then went to Wan's. Thanks Mar! :)

I wish Qeel and Mira came though, mhm.
And yeap- school books, uniform, shoes: settled. 2010, please be nice to me. :(

This post is pretty colourful compared to my usual posts now isn't it. Hm. And Mira, oii girl you better get well soon aaah.



Tuesday, December 22

Monday, December 21

Everything will be alright,

RIP Brittany Murphy,

Sunday, December 20


Hey! So there hasn't been a proper post from me for quite some time. About a week or so, no? Well it's not that I've been busy. Just lazy actually. But hey! I've been helping around the house a lot lately, so.. :D
Sorry to remind you guys but, school's reopening in fifteen days. Damn it, so soon. I won't be able to go out.. at all next year, it seems o.o You win some, you lose some right? 2009's been a blast, one of the best years in my life. Yeah, I know there's only been fourteen, still -.-

So hey, I've been listening to a lot of Demi Lovato lately. She's not that bad. I like her songs. :)
I just realised I haven't seen Aqila in nearly a month. Since the class party at Sunway. Damn son! I miss that girl. We won't even be in the same class next year. Aiyo, I'm going to lose a lot of awesome people as classmates next year man. No, Karyna, that doesn't include you. :P

Aqilah's at Singapore right now, she'll be there until school reopens. Nice right? :( I'm going to miss youuuu
Aiyo, who else is going to call me during odd hours of the day lah? Hm.
I miss Nad, Nadd and Mira! And gee, Mar too. And Ira. You know what, I miss all my friends. So yeah, I guess the holidays ending pretty soon isn't so bad, at least I'll get to see my friends again. Everyday pulak tu. Hahaha.

What else can I blog about? Well, spent the whole day at OU yesterday. Bumped into Nad and Rizuan (I think that's how his name's spelled, sorry :( ). While waiting for Mommy to come with Hasya and Hilman, I was at MPH reading books. What I picked up? Senjakala. Yes, the BM version of Twilight. HAHA it's so funny I tell you! Direct translation, word by word. And hey, Edward Cullen? Pontianak? You're kidding me right, hahaha.

Well anyway, after that had lunch at Laksa Shack, then we went to Parkson. We stayed there until about 7pm. Oh nice riiight. My feet ached by the end of the daaay. :(

So hmm, I really don't know what to say. This post is for you, UNKNOWN STALKER HEHEHE & MAT SALLEH HARDSTYLE! Hahaha, stupiiiid -.-

Aaand truth be told, I don't know why I'm always first on everyone's Top Follower list HAHAHA. I'm not that freaky. ;)

For some reason, I can't upload photos on Blogger. Sometimes I can, sometimes I can't. Maybe it's because of the crappy internet connection or maybe it's the browser. Sheesh. Next time then.

I've got to go get ready. Going out for dinner. So lazy. But anything for an empty stomach. ;)


We got it all, destined to fall

I miss this so much. :)

Monday, December 14

I want my arms around you,

Overall, Genting was good. Was tired most of the time, but still good.


From Genting, we went straight to OU. Ayah was doing his work at the MPH Cafe, Hasya and Hilman were reading their books. I bought tickets to watch Princess and the Frog on Tuesday night. Bumped into Shahmi, Faisal, Amir, Izzat and Shoben there.

Later, went window shopping with Mommy. Didn't purchase anything besides a scoop of Very Berry Strawberry from Baskin Robbins. Omg yum. Mommy left me at Diva and I met Madiha, Afiqah and their friends. Zz was waiting for like 15 minutes with them for Karyna, Qeel, Azraa and Tasyah to come. -.-

When they finally came, we walked around, just stayed on the same floor, I think. But it was fun. :D They told me how they were literally out of cash after eating at Italiannies. Nice one, Karyna. Really :P

Went to Wan's at around 6.30. Got ready for a birthday party at Bangsar. It was actually pretty fun. :) By the time we got home last night, was suuuper tired but I still went online anyway (of course).

Planned to go to futsal today, but decided not to, heh. Another day then. And Elynna, seriously. Where are you lah? I haven't talked to you for so long. o.o

Oh my God. Nadd just called me.

"Hanna, can you please harvest my poinsettias?!"

Well anyway. It's not like I don't play Farmville too. I mean I don't have my own farm, but I help Hasya with hers. Crazy girl. Always thinking about her cows and trees. Oh well.

Sleepover at Qeel's on Tuesday brought forward to tonight. Aaaah I wanna go!

Off to do something productive now. Like watching Hilman play PS2 or something. I dunno.

Sunday, December 13


Hahaha good stuff!
And true.
Taken from here. Credits to Alex :)

1. Don't think that just because you didn't tell us we are never going to find out.

2. Our friends know EVERYTHING.

3. EVERYTHING said to our friends will be told to us. Garranteed.

4. No matter what we say, we hate your ex-girlfriend.

5. We check our phones every hour to see if you have replied to our texts, then worry if you haven't.

6. The fact you might leave us for another girl keeps us up at night.

7. When we're not talking to you on MSN, we're actually waiting for you to talk to us (in a non-snobby way, we want to see if you still care enough to talk to us).

8. When we act sad, we want you to hug us.

9. Our favourite part of the MSN convo is at the end when you say good bye, because that's the part you say you love us.

10. We actually freak out on what to do during holidays like Valentines Day.

11. We don't care what our friends think of you, but we do care what your friends think of us.

12. Yes, you might be the reason we failed that Maths test.

13. We are very, very scared of scaring you away.

14. We don't care about what we talk about, just as long as we have your attention for a few minutes.

15. Of course, we do believe the crap we read in magazines.

16. We have mood swings. Get over it.

17. Everytime you're around other girls, we worry they are better than us.

18. We don't want to hear how cool your ex-girlfriend/neighbour/best gal friend is.

19. Movies like 'He's Just Not That Into You' depress us.

20. We will move mountains on our timetable if it means seeing you.

21. We compare every other guy to you, and you always come out best.

22. We hate it when you go to discos without us.

23. We hate feeling as if we are like any other girl.

24. Don't brag about other girls liking you, it just makes us insecure.

25. When we say everything is 'fine', it generally means everything is absolutely horrible and we are on the brink of falling to pieces.

26. Don't just say 'ok' when we say we don't want to talk about it.

27. If you want to know something about us, ask our best friend.

28. If you do not hug us, we will not kiss you.

29. We think you are the best guy in the world.

30. We.Will.Kill.You.If.We.See.You.Slow.Dancing.With.Another.Girl.Without.Telling.Us.

31. We really do want you to stick up for us.

32. Compliments. We love them.

33. Be on time. We will think you don't care if you're not on time at a certain place.

34. Whether you say (L) or luv or love does matter.

35. We don't care if you couldn't come on that date because of the most embarrassing reason in the world, just don't lie to us.

36. We like cuddling up to you so let us.

37. Silent Treatment + Short Answers + Not Smiling or Laughing + Evil Looks = YOU DID SOMETHING WRONG.

38. You will be classed in our 'Hate' list if you forget our birthday.

39. Do not ask what's wrong. We'll never tell you we just want you to cuddle us.

40. You need to tell us what you think of us, we don't make assumptions (apart from 'OMG HE'S GONE OFF ME HASN'T HE?!')

41. Telling us that we are pretty will mean absolute LOADS.

42. Do not make fun of us unless we are in a good mood. As insecure as girls go, we take these things very seriously.

43. If you do end up doing Number 42, you just have to hope we aren't in a bad mood.

44. Saying something sweet MIGHT get you off the hook. Doing something sweet will ALWAYS get you off the hook.

45. We never forget things. Ever.

46. We over-analyze everything.

47. We over-react to everything.

48. When we are mad at you, we aren't actually mad at you we just want you to apologize so we can start showing we like you again.

49. Please don't stand 384931491329403 feet away from us. Even if we are scary.

50. Please acknowledge that when we are online when you sign in, we probably have waited ages for you to come online so please make it worthwhile.

51. We do not care if 50 000 other guys declared their love for us if you never do it none of it matters.

52. We don't like being used.

53. We like it when you do un-expected nice things.

54. We usually don't let just any guy make us cry, so if you make us cry, damnnn you must have done something bad...

55. This is the way it works: You don't give us any attention, we dump you. It is NOT: You don't give us any attention, we chase after you. Deal with it.

56. We like it when you are protective of us. It makes us feel special.

57. Unless she is a moronic idiot, a girl who truly loves you will love you for a long, long time.

58. When we come back from a holiday and brag about how awesome it was, during the entire time there we were probably thinking about you. A lot.

59. No matter where we are or what we are doing, we really want you to hold our hand.

60. And please for the love of god shut up about how fit other girls are. You know we like you and the fact you do this despite you knowing how we feel is just evil.

Serabai gila, hahaha.

HAHA I love both of you :9

Coming home today. I miss home. See you soon!

Saturday, December 12

You go, Tu Tran! :D

Second day at Genting = tons of fun.
Went on all the thriller rides with Hasya.
Thank God she's much taller now.
Karaoke'd with the family just now, sang old songs mostly. Oh, Love.
Did I mention the food here at the hotel is so good?
So so good.
Soo good, that it isn't good.
My face all chubby-chubby now you know! :-(

Nothing much to update here. Bye!
I miss my friends

Thursday, December 10

Greetings from Genting! :-)
I'll be back this Sunday, don't miss me too much. :P

And this is not even half her Wall rape.
"Why semua nama Mira je? o.o"


Saturday, December 5

3 6 9, damn she's fine

Oh, Ayah

Quick update.

Had a good day today.
Watched Love Happens at OU today with my bebs :D It was a pretty okay movie, I guess. Ate at BK, Kebab King and Baskin Robbins. Of course, window shopped and went to Dreamworld.
Karyna bought me a "purity ring" HAHA ♥ She bought one for herself too, but she broke hers before we went home. -.-
Now I just need a chain to wear it as a necklace. (Y)

On to other things,
Mommy was involved in an accident last Tuesday. Alhamdulillah, she's okay. I just got to know yesterday, though.
You can read about it here.

Going out for dinner with Wan and Aunty Adik later. Ayah's coming back tomorrow, yay ♥
Aunty Lynn and family are at Singapore. 
(So many people went to/are at/will be going to Singapore. Damn.)
She's coming back tomorrow I think, and will straight away head to Hong Kong for another holiday. So jealous. I, on the other hand, will be heading up to Genting Highlands with my family this Thursday. Whoop! :)

Gotta go now. Later!

Maybe you're gonna be the one that saves me

You know how in my previous post and on Facebook I kept complaining about how I was going to dread Kem Tahan Lasak? Well, as usual, I was wrong. It was actually really, really fun- and I miss it already.

I don’t really know how to keep the post short. In bullet points, maybe?

Highlights/things I did/what happened (in no particular order):

  • I was in Group 2 with Pik Leng, Dina, Farah, Anarrin, Hana, Solehah, Efa and Iji. What we named our group? Team Jacob (Y)

  • During the seven talks we had to sit through throughout the camp (yes, seven talks. Seven. Each talk lasted two hours. That’s FOURTEEN HOURS.), Karyna and I got bored. She was sitting at the other side of the room and we both exchanged pictures through Bluetooth. She sent me pictures of her grandaunt, her dad, her cat on a toilet bowl, herself (which later became my phone wallpaper -.-) and some other crap lah. (I saved the pictures in one folder in my phone titled “Karyna -.-“

    Her Bluetooth username? She had two. Mr. Chong and Selena Gomez.

  • On the second night, Dorm 1 had a roti canai party. Pik Leng, Karyna, Azraa, Elynna, Nysa and I bought 15 roti canais, tee hee. Good food. I also had nasi goreng ketam. Mmmm.

  • One of the speakers gave a talk about fitness. Towards the end of his session, all of us had to go in front and find space to do some fitness exercises. I have never sweated so much staying in one spot. He showed us four different ways to get abs, damn that hurt so bad. We also had to do some squatting thing, 100 times. The next day, none of us could walk properly. Imagine walking up and down 8 flights of stairs every day after that. Yeah, my room was on the fourth floor. Damn.

  • Did the bloody Blipp test. I did pretty badly, but okay I guess. 3.7, was it? Heh.

  • I helped Karyna put Tiger Rub on her thighs. So. Wrong.

  • Second day of camp; 01 Dec- HAPPY BIRTHDAY NYSA! ♥ aaand HAPPY BIRTHDAY RASHDAN! :)

  • Last day of camp; 04 Dec- sang Happy Birthday for Adline and Hidayah. Both are celebrating their 13th and 16th birthday respectively today, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY, YOU TWO! :)

  • The fact that the whole camp was like a four night sleepover with 30 other girls made things a lot more fun. Every single night was awesome. Talked about anything and everything and told stories with Karyna, Pik Leng, Elynna, Adline and Azraa. Oh, and talked on the phone nearly every night with Aqilah. She missed me too much :)

  • Azraa was telling us about how the elves in Eragon have a special ancient way of greeting each other. Soon after that we created our own elf language. That was fun. So far, we have “I love you”, “I hate you”, “Hi”, “Bye” and of course, “Loserlah you”. My favourite being “Bye”. Bloop bloop!

  • Had a friendly netball game against Group 4, I think. Drew 2-2. I wanted to play volleyball :’(

  • BBQ Night was really, really great. Probably the best night. Had barbecue chicken, sausages, mashed potatoes and some other yummy food that night. Played games with the KAUZ people. So much fun.

  • Every group had to come up with a performance for BBQ Night. My group’s performance was based on Dream Girls. We danced. Yup, I bet you can’t imagine Hanna dancing -.- Well, I can’t dance, HAHA. We had to berkemban wearing kain batik and carry toilet essentials (kononnya nak mandi lah right, then suddenly we dream big and start dancing. It’s really hard to describe, haha)

    Elynna's group sang Belaian Jiwa. Everyone sang along ♥ :)

    We ended up getting 2nd place overall for our performance. YAY!

  • The first thing Mommy said to me when she saw me was, “You gained weight.” No, seriously. :( And the purpose of this camp was to get fitter and healthier. It’s not my fault UM served reaaally good food. And of course, in the dorm, as soon as we step in for a (usually 2 hour-long) break, we’d all lie down on our mattresses and eat candies, chocolates, junk food- damn. Oh, and we ate Maggi Hot Cup every day. Habislah rambut semua, gugur.

  • Had that Latihan Komando thing which was really fun. The best part was of course the monkey bar. Nearly finished it until I fell in the water thing. -.-
    Wish I could do it again though.

  • On the last day, once all of us were done packing, we cleaned the dorm. Swept the floor, threw all the rubbish etc. Somehow or rather our dorm became a maid agency HAHA. All of us were wearing the same Kem Tahan Lasak T-Shirt pulak tu -.-
    And when one by one we left the dorm with our roller bags, Elynna sang the Akademi Fantasia song. Geddit? :P

  • Did the Poco-poco (?) dance on the last day before we had our lunch. Pretty simple but tiring actually.

    So yeah. Short lah sangat right, this post? I'm sure some other stuff happened that I can't seem to remember right now. And I've got quite a number of pictures from the camp, but they're all camwhore pictures. They're in my phone, and my phone got no battery laaa :'(

    See you, then?
  • Sunday, November 29

    I'll be away this whole week, from Monday to Friday for Kem Tahan Lasak. Damn. Can't believe I'm going. I hope it's not going to be so boring. I'll still have Elynna, Karyna and Pik Leng, haha. AND AZRAA :D Hehe. 5D4N with them can't possibly be that bad, right? :P I'll treat this camp like a sleepover. Haven't had one in ages.
    Okay, fine. I know it was just less than a week ago I slept at Qeel's, but still.
    Don't miss me too much, interneeet

    Saturday, November 28

    Let the rain fall down,

    Hello, I'm baaack!
    I haven't been posting much. So lazy.
    Here's a quick update on what happened this past week;

    Monday, 23rd November

    Haaappy Sweet 14th, Nadiah Roslan!
    Thanks for everything, I love you :)

    & Happy Birthday Miley Cyrus! :D

    Played futsal at Sports Barn with the girls and boys. Haha I'd be lying if I said I wasn't intimidated by how good the boys were... Even if they weren't playing properly. Meh. Bought a birthday cake for Nadd and Syaza, it said "That's what she said. Happy Sweet 14th, Nadd Cyrus & Syaza Jonas!" Hahaha don't ask.
    Ate late lunch at Old Town White Coffee. Mommy picked me up and we went home. Good day, I must say.

    Tuesday, 24th November

    Haaappy Sweet 14th, Seri Sarah!
    I'm sorry for everything, you know what I mean right? I love you :)

    Aqilah fetched me from Wan's house after lunch, went to Jaya One to help her with her grocery shopping. I love grocery shopping. Ate at Wendy's and bumped into Amir and Kamil, haha. At about 5, went to her place, then went cycling around her neighbourhood / Taman Aman. Hahaha I love Aqilah.

    Pik Leng, Yassh and Karyna came at about 8 or 9 that night, basically we mostly took pictures and went online. Oh, and watched Orphan. Yeah I got scared. Damnit I can't watch horror movies -.-
    I slept earliest (As usual. This sucks -.-), at around 1 or 2am? Woke up the next day, got ready to go to Sunway.

    Wednesday, 25th November

    Happy 14th Birthday, Nik Azrena! :)

    Reached Sunway at about 11:20? Haha we were all squished inside the car. Went with Elynna, Aqila, Yassh, Pik Leng and Aqilah.
    Met up with the others at McD's, then we skated.

    I miss skating.

    Faisal and the boys came soon after that. Stopped skating at about 2:30, ate at McD's, prayed and waited for Mira. We were standing in front of Famous Amos for around 30 minutes I think, we didn't know what to do -.- Mira decided to have late lunch at Sakae Sushi, so we aaall watched her eat :P

    I think we headed to the bowling alley after that. Yeah. Watched Elynna bowl, hehe. Then went to Dreamworld, 8 people man. Damn.
    Went home at about 5:40, was late for piano class. Haha sorry.
    All in all it was a really good day, actually :)

    Thursday, 26th November

    Followed Mommy to Tesco again for Raya Haji grocery shopping. Again, I repeat: I love grocery shopping.
    Visited Jaddati and Jaddi too. I miss them.

    Friday, 27th November

    Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha :)

    Woke up and got ready to go to Wan's, reached there at about 10?
    Bonded with the family ♥ And by that I mean taking a short nap at the living room together after Friday prayers. I let Wan listened to Tick Tock by Kesha. Haha she seemed to like it. Ayah played Situasi on the piano... It's been ages since he played the piano. Rarely see him at home nowadays pun.

    Went to Jaddati's at about 3, Amir and family were already there :) We did what we always do there, haha basically just eat and talk. Felt nice, really.

    Got heady at home, and left after Maghrib to Tropicana to have dinner with Wan and Aunty Adik at the club house. Then went to Wan's new house to see the carpets and curtains (?!).
    I think we went home at 11:30.

    Slept 'til morning.

    Saturday, 28th November

    It's 9am and I'm still so very sleepy. I can't think straight. Going out later at about 10. Yeah.
    Will be away from Monday to Friday/Saturday. Kem Tahan Lasak. See you.

    Photos or whatever will be uploaded later. Or won't be uploaded at all

    Friday, November 20

    Click for photos from the SSP dinner,

    Click for photos from Flyniversary

    Click for photos from the netball tournament,

    They're mostly camwhore pics. LOLSORRY.

    Thursday, November 19

    2 Hormat 2009 class party

    Date: 25th November 2009
    Venue: Sunway Pyramid, meet up at McD's
    Time: 11am onwards

    Bring some money just in case, okay? (:

    Are you happy now, Aqila/Seri/Qeel? -.-

    I miss!

    Wednesday, November 18

    Get well soon, bro!

    Flux capasitor

    Angela kept her promise and posted about 2 Hormat 2009, so now I will too.

    Last year, school holidays started on the first week of November. We didn't get all our results back yet at the time, so the school administrators created an online system for us to check our results on the school's website.
    I think it was mid-December when the results were finally up.

    2 Hormat!
    I asked around and was relieved to find that Seri, Karyna, Aqila, Angela, Jo Ee and a few others got the same class as me too. Then I got to know that Eishatur too will be in 2 Hormat and I went blank. Shit. 2 Hormat will be full of smart people who score nothing less than 90 for every subject in every exam. So I guess at first I had a bad feeling about 2009. I predicted this year to be full of stress, no fun, no new friends, and so on.
    The holidays went by pretty quickly (2008's end of year holiday was awesome, and yes, that was when Awesome Foursome was formed ) and before I knew it, it was already the first week of school for the year 2009. Well, I guess you can say the first day of school went well. I kind of clicked with lots of new people I wasn't so close to before this. Karishma, Pik Leng, Arial, Aqilah Azlan. I was selected as KD and Aqila as PKD, with Angela as our Head of Cleanliness hehe :)

    I guess after a month, I concluded that 2 Hormat wasn't that bad after all. I mean, of course there was the whole tough competition in class with people like Eishatur and Atikah getting As for everything, but it felt nice, you know? We all bonded well and kind of like a family.

    It was March when the first inter-class competition occured. Choral speaking. The first thing we did together as a class, going against 7 other classes. We ended up getting 2nd place, after 2 Amanah. They were really good, and with Farhanah being such a good leader and conducting them well in everything, we knew that if anything, it was 2 Amanah that were our main rivals. Not in a bad way, of course. They're all nice people.

    After that, there was the Geography quiz, BM drama and History drama. And probably some other minor competitions that I forgot about that didn't involve the whole class. We won first place for the Geography quiz, and I remember all of us were so overjoyed and happy... Just because. Just because it felt good to win first place for something. Just because we did it as a class and we studied Geography just so we had a shot to win the competition. It might have been just a small project run by the Geography teachers to help us for our exams, but it still felt good to win. Really.
    We celebrated our win by having a class party at Aqilah Azlan's house. Oh boy. That was awesome. We played Guitar Hero and American Idol together, ate pizzas and other food outside. What a way to spend a class party, ey? And I also remember Stephanie playing the piano for us, and me recording her playing using my phone. It's still in my phone, in fact.

    Throughout the year, we had the weekly cleanest class and highest attendance thing. We got the cleanest class just once or maybe twice, and I remember feeling so proud I could cry. Not because we got the cleanest class, but because we didn't get the dirtiest class. I think we got that about more than 17 times throughout the year. Maybe more, I dunno. Every week during Monday morning assembly, I'd hold Aqila and Angela's hand tight when they were about to announce the results.

    Then there was the BM drama. Yes, that only happened recently. I don't think I'd elaborate much on that, and plus, I blogged about it. You can read the post here.

    Finally, the History drama. We only started practicing seriously a week before the competition, and safe to say pretty much everyone gave up in making an effort to win. We were that bad. We didn't get to do a single full rehearsal, we weren't so equipped when it came to props and costumes, not all of us memorized our lines, and so on. The results didn't turn out so bad after all :) 4th place baby.

    11 months has passed and we all know we've been through tons of ups and downs together. Be it class matters, or outside school problems. I know I can depend on my classmates to cheer me up or tell my stories to.

    I'll miss being KD of 2 Hormat. I know I may not be the best, heck, I know I don't make a good class monitor. Besides, this is probably my last year being one (next year I'll be in 3 G, Aisyah will be too and majority of the class is from 2 Amanah, so go figure). I'm sorry for losing my temper with you people. For ever being rude or selfish or ignorant or impatient. Sorry for asking you to do things when it wasn't your job, sorry for being a hypocrite when it came to things like me asking you all to keep quiet when we all know I don't do too good of a job myself at keeping quiet either.

    I'll miss ICTL together as a class. Yes, the computers we get suck, but when one of us with satisfying Internet connection is on a site that's worth surfing (YouTube! :D), then majority of the class would all crowd around that one person's computer and we'd surf togetherrr.

    I'll miss PJK every Thursday. Whenever teacher lets us do our own work, then out comes the hula hoops, badminton rackets, balls, etc.

    I'll miss Maths with Puan Ranchani. Because you have to admit, no matter how fussy she is and how irrelevant her scoldings sometimes are, she's a good teacher. Plus, it's funny to see how she thinks her jokes are funny because Karyna laughs at them :p

    I'll miss Agama class with Nad, Aqila, Seri and Karyna. We're probably the five people Ustazah always targets when it comes to those who don't complete their homework on time :P

    I'll miss KH Group A. Cik Mazlina is such a sweetheart, I don't see how she can stand us -.- (By 'us' I kind of mean Karyna :p HEHE)

    I'll miss English with Puan Puteri, because this is the second year I have her as my English teacher, and she knows us all so well already. Plus, it's funny to see how she targets people like Angela with remarks like "Angela, stop twisting your hair!" :D

    I'll miss Puan Fify as my class teacher and Science teacher because she too has been my teacher since last year, and I like how she teaches Science, really! Which is kind of why I go to Science tuition with her.

    I'll miss Civics with Puan Faridah simply because she lets us do our own work when she doesn't know what to teach :)

    I'll miss how it's always Eishatur who understands my dirty jokes first. She's also always the one who comes up with the funniest and most absurd dirty jokes too! (Mommy, if you're reading this, no, my dirty jokes are not that dirty (;0 )

    I'll miss Angela and her sarcastic remarks about everything, every day in class. We've been classmates for two years already and I swear to God it sucks to lose her as a classmate next year, especially when I need her sarcasm to cheer me up when I'm stressed -.- And her English... Whoa.

    And next year neither of them will be in 3 Gigih. So who am I supposed to crack my lame dirty jokes with? :(

    I'll miss Aqila, Aqilah and Seri. Class is so boring without them, and they're who I talk to the most in class about silly things from primary school and everything else. Aqila for her amusing family stories, Aqilah for being loud and most of the time cheerful as she is, Seri for being my lame loser in class :)

    I'll miss how FLY and Kesshmita will always look at me weirdly if I do or say something stupid. Their expressions: priceless.

    I'll miss how Shakeena and Sabrina are always arguing in class, and how both of them are always so blur about everything, it's funny -.-

    I'll miss Husnina, period. She's so nice. And cute :D And her twin, Azmina, is too. So since I'll lose Husnina as a classmate next year, I hope I'll at least get Azmina :)

    I'll miss how Sophia, Siti Sarah and Niraanjana are always talking about anime and I always overhear their conversations because I sit in front of them in class. And I'd always interrupt their conversations by saying things like "Oh my God I love Gaara" even if they weren't talking about Naruto.

    I'll miss Fatin and Fatini, because they're so fun to bully and they don't really do anything about it when I bully them :P

    I'll miss Atiqah. She doesn't talk to me much but I used to sit beside her after Puan Fify separated me from Aqila. You would've never guessed her taste in music if you looked at her. Metallica, BMTH, System of a Down, Slipknot. Really.

    I'll miss how Jannatul whole-heartedly volunteers for things that nobody else wants to do, i.e. group leaders for class projects, big roles in dramas (narrator for History drama), and so on.

    I'll miss how Hanisa is really good at Arts, and how she's really polite about everything. And by that, I mean everything.

    I'll miss the Kooldawgs. Each and every one of them.
    -Karyna for her stupidity (HAHA) and non-stop rantings about cheer,
    -Jasween because of the way she talks and tells her stories,
    -Yasshene's stories, they're so funny and sometimes so ridiculous. I can also always depend on her to help me out with something... It usually involves walking with me to the staff room to see a teacher :p ,
    -Pik Leng because I can always depend on her to do things, and her loud KP voice is... (Y) ,
    -Atikah because of how naive and gullible she is about everything. She's so sweet, never tells lies and nice and optimistic about everything. And no, Atikay, you will not get a virus if you send a Poke on Facebook.,
    -Susan because of how "manly" she is, and how annoyed she is by me. It shows! :p
    -Karishma for probably being the most sane of the Kooldawgs. I got closer to her this year after a year in Form 1 of not really talking so much, I remember in Std 5 and 6 we used to sit beside each other and well, talk about anything and everything ;)

    They're always the noisiest in class and no matter how many times I tell them to shut the hell up, truthfully they're the ones who make 2 H as it is. Noisy. They contribute the most noise and bring in most of the fun.

    I'll miss how calm and composed Alya is, and how she's probably one of the most matured ones in 2 Hormat :D

    I'll miss Jo Ee, but I'll get her next year so whippeeee! I love how she's an absolute genius in Maths and teaches Angela and I when we don't understand, and how she claims to not give a damn about studies but is super smart even if she doesn't study so hard -.-

    I'll miss Thivya, and how she thinks she's so cool about everything. Hehe. Don't worry Thivya, because yes, you're cool :)

    I'll miss how quiet Stephanie and Sherene are in class. Whenever I see Stephanie, Sherene is almost always beside her. Stephanie's violin and piano-playing... Wow. And Sherene's church singing voice is actually really, really, really nice.

    I'll miss how Arial studies so hard, she makes me feel guilty. Really! We've been classmates for two years as well and next year she'll be in 3 Hormat, sigh. It's okay. There's still Science tuition, right? :)

    The thirty-one people that I'm blessed and thankful to have as classmates this year. Loves.

    We were meant to live for so much more

    My blog seems to lack photos. I'm sorry! I'm still searching for the USB cable to transfer the photos from the SKBD Thriller Nite (there aren't that many), Flyniversary, SSP dinner, last day of school/netball tournament and my birthday dinner at Wan's.

    Happy Birthday Nizam and Uncle Ramli MS! :D

    Thanks for all the birthday wishes on Facebook, MySpace and MSN, through calls and texts and in person :) And thanks for the card and singing Happy Birthday to me, 2 Hormat :)
    So I'm finally fourteen. The day I've been waiting for for the past 11 months. Whoop! Officially into my second year as a teenager.

    As said before in my previous post, spent the last day at school at Sri KL for the netball tournament. Before we left, though, I got to see my classmates one last time during the announcements. And even then not everybody came yet. Sigh. So sad. Hugged everyone I saw, then left for the canteen for breakfast with Elynna (Lol, I make this sound as if I'm leaving for another country and won't be back for another 15 years -.-)
    Settled in the bus, and by 8am we reached Sri KL. The school compound is... Whoa. They have three canteens, one swimming pool and God knows how many courts for sports like netball, basketball, soccer, etc. Saw Fiona, Tsara and Li Sar! :)

    We played four matches, I think. We lost three :( Ugh, it sounds pretty bad doesn't it. I have nothing to say to defend myself though, lol. The score was 11-0 for the match we won though, so I guess that's alright. :D Heh.
    I think the eventual champions were Samad. We left halfway during the finals(Samad vs. Sri KL Super Juniors) and at the time Samad were leading 3-2, if I'm not mistaken.
    We got fourth place, though! That's something, right? :)
    Had lunch at (one of) the school's canteen(s) before we went back to Sri Aman.
    The team sang Happy Birthday for moi in the bus, hehe thanks so much I was speechless though, really. Grinned like an idiot -.-
    Sadly, reached school at about 2:30-3pm. Didn't see anybody I know in school besides Adline, Elia and Aisyah. Went to the staff room and straight to Puan Fify's table to see what class I'll be in for next year.

    3 Gigih.

    Okay, fine. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little disappointed. In fact, my instant reaction was more of something like, "Omg no no alamak how now omg omg omg o_o"
    I guess it's okay though. Because 13 students from 2 Hormat will be in 3 Gigih next year, and another 15 will be in 3 Hormat. It's sort of even. And plus, I'll still be classmates with Seri and Qeel :)
    Yes, I know I shouldn't be complaining because I'll eventually adapt well to my new class etc, but still I'll miss having people like Angela, Aqila, Eishatur, Yasshene, Karyna, Pik Leng, Husnina, Siti Sarah, Stephanie, Atikay as classmates. So mhm, I feel your pain, Elsa!

    I've been classmates with Angela, Arial and Husnina for two years now, and I really will miss them a lot D:
    It's okay (I think). There's still recess and it's definitely not the end of the world just because we'll be separated into different classes -.-
    Besides, I'll have Farhanah as a motivation to study supeeer hard for PMR :)
    Which reminds me... Has anyone started studying for October 2010? o.o
    I'm trying to, I swear. I'll start this weekend...

    Anyway, Mommy fetched me from school and we went to Wan's. As soon as I stepped inside I could hear Aunty Adik cooking in the kitchen. Mmm.
    Took a nice hot shower then went online. Never before have I felt sleepy going online (it's the only thing that can keep me awake all night, my loyal companion in the wee hours of the morning! :D) so I took a short nap downstairs. Woke up, helped out here and there and by 8.30pm,

    Dinner was served! :)

    Aunty Adik cooked fettucini carbonara, jacket potatoes and roast chicken. As usual, the food tasted great :D So thank you, Aunty Adik for the birthday dinner and album, thank you Aunty Lynn & Uncle Suffian for the clooothes, thank you Wan for the boooooks, thank you Aunty Rubiah & Pak Long for the wallet hihi and thank you Mommy & Ayah for everything
    All in all, had a great day yesterday :)
    And today, it's Jason's turn:

    Happy 14th Birthday, Jason Leong! :)
    As Asyraf says it, "You're one of us now!"

    Oops. Totally forgot to blog about the cookout on Monday. Well. It was funnn! Yasshene couldn't make it because she had severe diarrhoea, boooo :( So it was just Elynna, Aqila and I. Millions of thanks to Elynna though, because she did most of the work! I'm sorry!
    The country that we were supposed to base our cuisines on was France, so we cooked orange chicken (It's actually roast chicken cooked with orange juice and butter, mmm), French onion soup and chocolate mousse! Elynna actually translated everything in French and even made a menu, so kudos yet again to her!

    Piano practical exam most probably today. Yes, I know, it was supposed to be last week, the week before, etc., it just kept getting postponed! Ugh. I kind of hope it is today though. I want to get it over and done with ASAP :(

    Bye now!

    Monday, November 16

    Player from the 'hood

    I miss this, this was fuuun :)


    *calling Wan using the public phone, waiting for her to pick up
    My grandmother's caller ringtone is an Erra Fazira song.
    Omg, my grandfather's caller ringtone is Lady Gaga's Love Game.

    HAHAHA (Y) Iman's grandfather rulez.

    Friday, 13th November 2009

    Went to SKBD's Thriller Nite. Honestly, it was really impressive for a primary school production. The hall decoration, sound system, lighting, yeah all that. I was reaaally tired though so I think I fell asleep for a while. It was really blazin' hot in the hall too, so yes, got uncomfy after some time. My favourite performance was this girl (I think she's about Std 5 or 6) who sang Ben and Mambo Italiano whilst playing the keyboard. Her voice was (Y) !

    Saturday, 14th November 2009

    I lalalove youuuu! 7 decades old, wow...
    It sucks that I don't have a picture with you yet :(

    Spent the afternoon at MPH reading the Jean Ure books that were on the racks. I miss those times in 2005 when everybody owned at least one Jean Ure book and we'd read it together in class...
    (Okay fine, I'm lying. I don't think any of us read together in class but I'm sure everyone owned at least one! Aunty Lynn confiscated my Sally Tomato because of its inappropriate content, I never saw it again)
    Anyways, bumped into Fiona, Farah and Imran. Apparently Jim and the Seans were there (at OU) too.

    Hasya and Hilman didn't have swimming class due to the heavy rain, so we went straight to Jaddati's house. Spent most of the day there, it's been some time since we last visited her. After Maghrib, Amir, Kak Aliaa, Angah and Abang Fahmi came to fetch me to go to OU for the Fly.FM Flyniversary. I didn't really plan to go, but Kak Aliaa and Amir were going, so what the heck, right?
    Angah and Abang Fahmi didn't join us though, they were too tired from playing paintball the whole day.

    Met up with Kak Aliaa's friend Faris who brought us to the VIP section. Well, truth be told, I was pretty much jakun with Amir there because it's not always I get passes to these things, even if it's just Fly.FM. Give me a break :P
    Bumped into Nad, Mira, Asyraf, Adriana, Sarah, Hazwani and a few other people... Couldn't hang around much though. If we (as in Amir and I) went out of the VIP section, it would be pretty tough for us to go back in because we're underage and we didn't have our passes with us. -.- The guards didn't question my age though. They probably thought I was 20. :(

    So yes, was with Amir throughout the event. I thought Faizal Tahir's MJ tribute was the best. Really. Called Mommy so she could listen to him sing. Called her again during Bunkface's performance. Their performance was good too!
    Flyniversary ended around 11:30, had transportation problems 'cause Angah was too tired to fetch us, so we waited for Mommy to pick us up. Met Bunkface for the first time... Shut up I know it's not such a big deal okay! But hehe, yes, jakun again (: Mommy fetched us soon after that, had McD for supper.

    Kak Aliaa and Amir stayed here for the night. Watched Jennifer's Body 'til I fell asleep halfway. I guess I was just too tired. *yawns.

    Sunday, 15th November 2009

    Got ready and by 1pm Ayah fetched Hasya, Hilman and I to go to Hartamas Shopping Centre for Harris' birthday party. I swear I've been to Kidzone at least six times for just birthday parties for the past two years -.- Walked around with Aunty Adik and found really cool Pat Says Now computer mice. My favourite:

    Hehehehehe. But it was too expensive, so I didn't buy it :( Also came across earphones that cost about RM600. Wow.
    Wan and Aunty Lynn bought me books and clothes, I am satisfied! :D Around 5pm, rushed home with Mommy, Hasya and Hilman and got ready for the SSP dinner that night, decided to wear the kebaya that Aunty Lynn gave me. By the time we reached Wan's house, Karyna, Nad, Aqila and Kaeshini were already there. Pak Long fetched us and we reached the (oval-shaped!) hall at about 7:45. So many people came, nearly 800 if I'm not mistaken. o.o

    My thoughts about the dinner? Well... We mostly camwhored. Really. At the stairs, in the hall, outside, in the toilet, well everywhere! :D Will post pictures on Picasa soon, I think. I need to find the USB cable first though -.-
    Everyone (meaning Aqila, etc.) went home and by 11:45 I was alone and friendless :( HAHA. Not really lah, but yeah. Ayah left me there because someone collapsed in the hall and he had to take him to the hospital. Not really surprised...
    Sometime during the event a miscommunication occurred that caused me to be left alone at the hall with noone to send me home o.o That pretty much pissed Ayah off, I guess it was my fault. I dunno. In the end, Pak Long sent me to Wan's house where Mommy was waiting for me :) As soon as I got home, slept 'til morning. Didn't even pack my bag yet...

    Monday, 16th November 2009

    Happy 13th Birthday, Jes!
    Happy 14th Birthday, Amiza!
    Happy 14th Birthday Ananie!
    Happy 17th Birthday, Millie!

    Had netball practice first thing in the morning. So tiring :( Not used to this yet, heh. It was raining cats and dogs (I am officially cool for using that term) and by the time practice was over, everyone in class finished eating and were talking and taking pictures already.
    Played Shit, Bluff and Mafia- my first time playing the latter two! Hehehe. Fun games, really. Aqila killed me in Mafia. I'll never forgive you for that, I swear :(
    Did a 30-second speech before the bell rang- inspired by Seri. Ugh. Cried a little... Couldn't help it. So weird, really! Sigh. I hope I'll be in the same class as most of my classmates this year :)

    Netball tournament tomorrow. I am scaaared :(

    Friday, November 13

    Apple on a stick

    Azraa Ayesha,
    "Everyone's scared of Syaza. Why is everyone scared of Syaza? Why can't everyone be scared of me?!"

    Never before have I met such a lame loser like Azraa :P

    Open day went well. I dropped my position in class and form from finals last year but I improved from mid-year. I thought Mommy would be a little disappointed though, but she seemed okay. Bloody C for my Japanese though, I swear that killed my report card :(
    Bought new football boots last night. They're a lot like Syaza's and Nysa's. I hope I won't be too rough with them and cause the soles to break and leak, like what happened to my previous ones...

    Class party and IU cookout on Monday. A lot of food involved, mmm.
    Football friendly with the staff on the same day too. I don't think I'll be going 'cause of the cookout, and the next day I'll be participating in the netball tournament, don't ask why, I only got to know today o_o The U15 team didn't have enough people so Syaza, Elynna, Shiro and I were asked to join. I miss netball, I haven't played in two years though. I don't know how this is going to work.
    And, netball training is a lot more tiring than football.
    You know what sucks, though?
    I was really looking forward to spending the last day of school at, well, school this year. My birthday, mah. Shut up, for the past seven years my birthday had always been either
    a) during puasa
    b) during school holidays.
    Oh well. You win some, you lose some, ey? :D
    Probably going for futsal tomorrow with Elynna, Azraa, Melissa, Sarah and Syaza. I don't think I'll be going to FlyFM though, boo. I want to watch Pisau Cukur or 2012. Or any other good movie available. Probably going to after class tomorrow, don't know with who yet though. Anyone?


    Wednesday, November 11

    86400 seconds in a day

    Today, I will blog in bullet points:
    • Farah joined us for football today. Bruises everywhere, including a huuuge one on my tummy o.o Okay, fine. It's not that big but it's quite noticable.
    • Refer to the photos above; credits to Adline. Karyna, Adline and I "vandelised"Azraa's school shoes. Notice that her shoes don't have soles (?) anymore, hahaha.
    • Completed KH's coursework with classmates after recess. My hands hurt :(
    • Tomorrow. Open day. Ugh.
    •  I think Romeo and Juliet have cool surnames. Montague & Capulet. Claaassic (Y)
    • The first thing Aqila and Seri said to me when I entered class was, "You didn't wear sunblock again. Am I right?" :(
    • Ayah's at Kuching right now, I don't know why. So, Mommy will be sending me to school for the rest of this week (there's really only two days left), and we'll be staying at Wan's. Yay. 
    • Had a PM war with Karyna. I think I won.

      Sorry it looks weird! Can't be bothered to adjust the margins so it looks neat -.-
      Then suddenly...


    Tuesday, November 10

    Hi Karyna! I know you're reading this too ♥

    Izzy's idea to take this photo, photo taken by Izzy, photo edited by Izzy, Izzy is a genius :D

    Having football practice every day for the whole of this week. From 7:30am, to 2pm. Not that I mind. There's nothing much to do in class anyway, except talk with 'em classmates.

    Five more days of schoooool. Only five more days of school :(
    Five weeks of holidays. Only five weeks of holidays :(

    Still reading Romeo and Juliet. Sure, the language is pretty hard to understand, but it's awesome to know that this is where all the "forbidden love" shit began. Recommended (Y)

    Monday, November 9

    Thank you, You. :) 

    Sunday, November 8

    "BITE ME!"

    Had a video call with Jonny on Friday night. He still sounds the same o.o

     And Seri is a Loser :)

     My weekend? Let's start with Saturday. As usual, attended guitar class at OU at 12. Usually after that, Mommy and I would fetch Hasya and Hilman from chess class then go home. Today though, made last minute plans to stay on at OU to watch a movie with Elynna, Qeel, Faisal and Hazman. I was obviously the first there so decided to wait for them at GSC. Before that though, bought Romeo and Juliet at MPH

    Hazman came with Haris and Meor at about 1:30, Faisal came around that time as well. Elynna came at 2 -.- We walked around for a bit, and met up with Iskandar, Rafiq and Ayie, was it?
    (Nope, I didn't know there was going to be so many people.)
    There were no good movies to watch. Actually, there were a few but the showtimes were too late. We walked from the new wing to the old wing and vice versa a few times. Bumped into a lot of people including Nadd (At MPH! She was with Anisa, whose brother Amirul is sooo cute!), Sarah, Hazwani, Hari Ram and Hazeeq Mikhail (who Iskandar apparently knows, what a small world).

    Stopped by McD's, BK, Starbucks and Auntie Anne's to grab something to eat. Around 4pm, Qeel finally came and we decided to go bowling. Actually, only Iskandar, Hazman, Elynna and Rafiq bowled. Imran and Faisal's friend Nazmi joined us soon after that, didn't get to meet up with Farah though, I think she went home already.

    Got home at around 6pm, thanks Mommy! Watched Up with the family, such a sweet and sad movie.

    Pictures (arranged in random order):

    S-S-S-SUNDAAAY! :)
    Just got back from futsal with the football team. Went with Aisyah, Izzy and Puan Fify after tuition. Hazman and his friends (who were at OU yesterday) were there too. Same crowd, really. Faisal came as well but he left when I came. I've got no pictures with me, am waiting for Qeel to upload them on Picasa. So, yes, Qeel. Hurry up -.-

    Puan Fify (referring to the boys),
    "They all ni darjah berapa?"
    Planning another futsal outing during the holidays. (Y)
    Apparently we're going to know our 2010 classes this year, before the holidays. Oh my God. I'm so scared.