Saturday, February 28


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So much for not being able to attend Sara's birthday do at KL Bird Park today. Sound exciting? Hasya and Hilman had fun. All I did there was highlight important points from my History reference book -.- Couldn't participate in the bird tour around the park as I had to leave early, to go to OU, as mentioned earlier in the previous post, for class. Ate tuna and egg sandwiches, and talked to Mommy and her friends to pass time :) After class, walked around OU, and I practically wanted nearly everything in sight. All of which got a big fat No from Mommy >;]

By 1pm, we had to go to Aunty Abid's place in Villa Damansara. The initial plan was to meet up with Hasya and Hilman there, and send them to chess class in TTDI. Some complications occured and Hasya and Hilman ended up cancelling class as they were still at KL after 1:30PM.

More boring updates to come! Sorry for the abrupt ending -.-

I'm so bored. Aren't you?
Will be revising until late night probably. Yay.

can't you see what i see?

Biased people are so... Biased. Handball was okay.

I'm so sleepy, Mommy picked me up from school just before six just now, and then drove to SSP to fetch Hilman. Dropped by at Wan's to fetch Hasya and went home. Bathed, prayed, ate cereal (?) and headed to OU to get Sara a birthday present as it's her birthday party tomorrow. Sadly, I won't be able to attendthe birthday do as I've got class at OU, heh. Kind of wanted to go to handball later today, but Mommy said no to that so yeah. My plan for today is to get up early, and STUDYSTUDYSTUDY! March test is this upcoming week and I haven't touched my KH Form 1 syllabus yet. Oh yeah, at OU just now we went to MPH to buy some revision books, and I managed to get hold on Marley & Me! Finally. The first few pages made me laugh heh. Anyways, I saw Mira's dad too. At OU, I mean. MPH to be specific. He said Mira was piercing her ear somewhere, and he was looking at things while waiting. Lol. Had dinner at The Chicken Rice Shop, then walked to Parkson to buy Hasya new clothes as she outgrew most of her clothes. Damn, she will for sure be taller than me, therefore I will be the second shortest in the family once my siblings and I have reached adulthood! I'm taller than Mommy, heh >;]

To be frank, I'm pretty nervous for the test next week. Yes, I know it's just a test and there shouldn't be anything to worry about, but well, that's what you get from a worry-pot (er?) like me. I'm going to do a little bit of studying before I head off to bed, let's hope what I revise tonight will stay in my head 'til tomorrow morning.

Where does an astronaut keep his lunch?
In his launchbox!

HAHAHA full credits of joke to Madihaaa ;)


Thursday, February 26

Today went fairly well! PJK was rather boring though, and we had free period during BM and Geo, both of which Sarah and Stephanie spent tutoring Aqila and I Japanese. Credits to Seri too for teaching me how to read currency! Heh. After school, I attended an hour of Japanese class, and left early with Nadd, Seri and Aqila for Sri Aman Idol. Missed Kai's performance and was pretty bummed about it. Heard she did quite well. All 7 contestants (I missed the first three) were really good, and I had fun singing along to some songs even though I don't know most of the song lyrics. Saw a few familiar faces from outside school, but the hall was pretty dark so I wasn't sure who I saw exactly, and I kept tripping. Ah, and yes, Novia won the overall competition! Her voice, is in one word : Amazing. She sang a Celine Dion song and hit every high note really well too. I went home at 6, took a nice shower and got ready for Science tuition with Aqila at Puan Fifi's. Arrived early, and managed to revise most Agama topics that are coming out next week. It's getting pretty late, I think I should pack my things for tomorrow and have a good night's rest. I'm not sure myself, but I think I was in a bad mood today. Weird thing is, I talked a lot too. And sang... But to myself, in class. Of course, singing in class without Seri is like, uh, insertsuitableproverbhere. Damn that girl can sing. And whine. HAHAHA. Night :)

my little windmill

And that's Kai there, the one in the shadow (?) :s

For the first time in my life, I arrived at school late yesterday. 7:32AM to be precise. Wrote my name in the latecomers' book (or whatever you call it), and was told by a prefect to pick up rubbish and throw them away as a punishment. The whole time I was thinking, "Oh damn I don't want to get demerited." Call me a loser, but yes. Later on that day, during recess, Aleeza told me that all latecomers for that day were excused as it was raining quite heavily that morning. I wouldn't know, I fell asleep in the car throughout the whole journey to school! From what I was told, Ayah misplaced his Smartcard, and had to que up for the toll thing as he payed with RM1.60 in note (and cents?). And under the flyover near on the way to OU, there was an accident that caused road congestion. Heh, and yes, I'm one to come up with 1001 excuses :)

Handball was fine. Taekwondo, tiring, no doubt. I didn't get my uniform yesterday as they brought for me the same size as Seri, and answer me, WHO'S TALLER, SERI OR ME?! :P Seri will so kill me if she reads this. Moving on, I think all Form 2 classes have started practising for the inter-class choral speaking competition this upcoming month. I'd like to say my class has too, but being the lazy-ass I am, have not bothered to ask all students to line up at the front of the class, in their positions, to start practising. Ah wells. March test next week, I'm going to do some serious braincramming this weekend. To recap my Form 1 chapters that I have already forgotten. Heh. It's 6AM now, I'mma go memorize my BM oral. Gr.

Still haven't decided yet on how I should end every blogpost. Hm.

Tuesday, February 24

love remains

Slumdog Millionare was nominated for 10 Oscar awards whereas The Curious Case of Benjamin Button for 13. If I'm not mistaken, Slumdog won 8 out of the 10 nominations the movie received. I don't think Benjamin Button won that many, heh sadly. Three maybe? I'm not sure. Not the major awards though, those went to Slumdog. Very nice.

Karishma said Slumdog's a really good movie, should see it sometime. But I do think that Benjamin Button should've won for Best Achievement In Cinematography. And the make up, hodamn. The late Heath Ledger won for Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role! If only.

Had sukantara today, I failed (lack of a better word -.-) the long jump. Batal. Gr. I just realised (not really) that Aqila and I are in the same co-curriculur activities, and same class etc. as well! Except that I'm in Blue House, and she's in Red. I think Yellow House will definitely rise this year. Seriously, so many of them are good in sports, especially the 100m sprint.

Cynta came up to me today to ask for my signature. I'm sorry that I'm mean. At least memorize your etikas. Or objectives. Or peranans. Or sifats. Anything.
I sort of re-orientated Aqilah Dayana. She was much better this time, and memorized a lot more. Yay. Oh my God, I'm mean.

I've tuition at eight, I'mma pack my things now :) Going home tonight, yay! Home sweeeeet home.

Monday, February 23

the night will go on,

I miss this :')

For some reason, I was really tired at school today. I'm sleepy right now actually. Thank God for the satisfying amount of homework given, I think I'll be having an early night. Peaceful too, if God wills.

Am finally done with the choral speaking composition, until Oh shit, I just remembered, I haven't photostated 32 copies for the class yet -.- I'm hoping with all my, er, heart, that the photostat shop in front of Wan's place is open at night. I heard there's a 24-hour photostat shop somewhere near here. Seriously, who's sane enough to stay up all night waiting for customers to come in the wee hours of the morning to photostat their junk? Still, very handy though. Angela and Nad got nominated to be a prefect! Well done to them and to the others who got it too ;) I don't think Nad will take the offer though, since she's already in a lembaga. Angela, on the other hand, I can definitely imagine her being a prefect. She said just now she's not willing to be a prefect, with the probationer stages and all. Ah well. It would be nice to see some new prefects form Form 2 heh :)

My first PRS probationer (after the meeting on Friday) came up to me after school just now. Talya, her name :) She was okay, friendly I guess. But, um, how do I say this?

She only knew my name because she looked at my nametag.
She did not know my post or my class.
She did not memorize anything from the etikas, peranans, objectives or sifats. (Lol plural)
I asked her what her favourite number was, and she said 12. I asked her to find 12 things about me :) 5 from Eli, 2 from Nad, and the other 5 she has to find out herself. >;]

I know I'm being mean, but well, I'm happy she spelled my name right! I'm definitely going to re-orientate Aqilah Dayana. I hope she at least recognizes me this time.

I like sleeping at Wan's house, because I get to wake up at least 30 minutes later than usual, which is 5:30AM. I don't know why, waking up at 5AM is actually a lot earlier than when I'm supposed to wake up.


I wish there was a photostat shop near our house.
There is. Many.
I know! Hahaha.

Sunday, February 22


Last update for the weekend.
This conversation came up during dinner :

Oh, Qaisara will be joining you two for swimming starting next month.
Since Alia went to Australia and Nadia went to England, Hasya and Hilman dah takde kawan during swimming kan?
Yeah, Hilman especially.
Aren't you friends with anak Uncle Zul?
What's his name?
You don't know his name?! What kind of a friend are you?!

:') I suck at choosing colours that match. Can't wait for Ayah to come back on Tuesday. Will be sleeping at Wan's tonight and tomorrow night, as it'll be easier for Mommy to send Hasya and I to school.

Get well soon Mommy xx


Nad sent me a link on MSN to one of my Friendster photos, oh dear God, how embarassing.

Laugh all you want. I know I did. HILARIOUS!
We looked so different, look at my nooby face.

Saturday, February 21


Just came back from Mira's aunt's engagement. Before that, had class and ate lunch at BK with Nad. Went to Wan's to change into our baju kurungs, then left for Mira's grandma's place in Kg. Tunku. Nad, Aqila, Mira, Mira's relatives and I helped with the dulang hantaran and I was the first to go, and ohmygod I was so nervous, and was fairly convinced I'd trip and fall like I always do. Thank God, nothing bad happened. The rest of my time there was spent talking to Nad and Aqila, and a bit of Mira as she was busy helping her mom and talking to her cousins. We prank called a few people, and I made new friends! With three small boys, aged 4, 5 and 6! Ian, Imran and Danish! All of which have British-like accents and are ridiculously adorable! I even took pictures with them ;p I told them ghost stories about grocery shopping, and they were "scared" so they cuddled (or rather jumped on) with me! :D I love kids.

Ants have attacked this laptop. I can no longer feel assured that nothing will happen to the laptop while I'm not at home, or away, as I came home today to see lots of ants surrounding the bedlamp. I placed the laptop somewhere near there before I left this morning. It's not like I ever bring food or drinks to this room. Weird.

Don't you just hate the latest Messenger? I keep on getting disconnected! Seriously. Every 2 to 10 minutes, no exaggeration. Ah.

We can't sign you in to Windows Live Messenger
There might be a problem with your Internet connection. Make sure your computer is connected to the Internet.

Click Troubleshoot to try and fix this problem.

Excellent. I seriously miss the old MSN where the display pictures were on the right, and I know I can just download that version again but oh well, I'll just bear with this.

I know I've started to talk about irrelevant stuff on my blog, but in case none of you have noticed, it's to make my blog posts look longer. Hehehe. -.-

I'm off to eat dinner now. Going to a birthday do in KJ later, and will be sleeping at Wan Nyah's in Keramat. Have a great weekend, all!

Friday, February 20

ever fallen in love

Before I lose my juice for blogging, here's my update on what happened this past week;

Friendship Week 2009, 16th February - 20th February. The week's been fun :) Thanks for the gummy worm apples, and Happy Friendship Week to all! Homework is surprisingly decreasing, I don't think I was assigned any homework yesterday, besides KH. As much as I myself am surprised to say this, I quite like KH now! Hm. All I've to do over the weekend is complete my Agama notes, and some Maths equations. Had handball three times this week, on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. It was reaaally tiring and fun, to say the least. Went for Blue House Practise yesterday, before handball. Had the weekly PRS meeting before that too. Today I'll be having class, and after that will be going to Mira's aunt's tunang. Will be going with Nad, and Aqila will be there :]

Honestly, I don't remember much about what happened. I'm so lazy to blog now, to sum up the five days I haven't been blogging. Maybe I'll blog every day then, and spare 30 minutes of my sleep / homework time to blog. Ah wells.

Wait for another update.
Lol -.-

Monday, February 16

i'm tired of magazines

World Maths Day. Is. So. Much. Fun. Probably the best homework I've ever been assigned, in my entire life. So intellectual. So educational. So cool :')

Sunday, February 15

lost and insecure

It's February 15th;

Have a blast on your birthday (:

"January flew past so fast. Let's sit back and relax, and hope for a better February, filled with laughters and jokes and fun along the way (PLUS HOMEWORK)."

Remember that? Prolly not. So far, so good. February's been nice to me. From playing catch in class to singing and screaming in the hall yesterday, form 2's great! I'm trying to be optimistic here, or rather, "SANGUINE". Lmao ;) I'm going to get some shut-eye. Long day.

Saturday, February 14

piggy bank

Google love :) Neat, no? Oh, and the convo below, LOL Seri's cat sat on the keyboard. Cute! Ah, and Barney. Barney, oh Barney, how do you do?-.-

Come to think of it, I had a good day today. After recess, everybody gathered at the hall, and sat according to our respective house colours :) So far, Blue House is in the lead followed by Red, Yellow and Green. Had cheering competition, ohmygod that was fun. Sang, (or rather screamed and shouted) clapped and... Roared? You can say that. Before school ended, we had to sing our school song, then Negaraku, and weirdly, we sound better than we ever did during Monday morning assembly! Seriously. Anyways, when I got home, I ate lunch and blogged a bit, slept until about 6pm (man that felt goooood), woke up, and attempted to do Geography :) I've already done a bit though. Mommy and Ayah went out just now, and left me money to order Dominos. I ordered too much! Guess how much we have left, here at home?

Half a double decker large pepperoni pizza
Half an extra cheese aloha chicken pizza
Garlic bread
Kaya dessert pizza

And Dominos put me on hold. My new name is Hanna Aizal, btw -.-
Anyways, if you're hungry... Do drop by. We have pizza :)

my poker face

Just had my lunch, had a nice shower and am now onlining whilst lying on my bed. Am exhausted, but had fun today. I got top 100, better than I expected, heh :] Congrats to Pui San and Nad who got 2nd and 9th place respectively. After school which ended at 1, I stayed back for a while to help Mai, Aqila and Elynna with the Friendship Week banner. Couldn't find them, they were in the hall and by the time I got there it was already time to go home. Hasya and Hilman had their prize-giving day today, congrats to you two too :) So what am I going to do today? Sleep, finish as much homework as possible, and watch Australia. Pretty bummed since Aqila told me it lasts three hours, and some parts are boring. Oh well. Benji and Button are both sleeping, wow. I'm still not allowed to touch them... Damn, so tempting. Apparently, they have yet to recognise my scent (Lol -.-) and get used to the new environtment around here (the family hall). Well, I'm off to sleep now. I need my fair share of sleep too. Good day, all :)

Friday, February 13

happy working song

Click for larger view. Everybody, meet my robot friend, Wilma >;]
Poor soul. Hahaha.

Tomorrow there's cross country at school. Yes, I actually aim to get Top 100 this time :| Bought running shoes for RM50 at Bata just now, pretty neat. At a cheap price too ;)

So it's Valentine's Day already. I expect nothing of my today, except to finish up the choral speaking composition for my class with Angela & Aqila, and of course, cross country. History notes as well, damn. I hate doing notes.

Today I stayed back for PRS meeting, helped out with the apples, wrote down the messages and such. Sweet :} Oh, and the Form 2s did the Friendship Week 2009 banner. I must say, it's pretty! Kudos to Mai and Elynna mostly. I spilled some paint on the apple. Darn it. Thanks Ungku Nad for the cupcakes, really! They taste, in one word, goooood.

The last two periods of today, Group A had KH in the Bilik Masakan A I think, and for once, I enjoyed class! And I now understand what teacher is teaching, thanks to... Teacher. As you can see, I'm pretty much blogging about random stuff at the top of my head.

OH AND YES, yesterday (or rather on Thursday), Mommy came home with two hamsters! Syrian hamsters. Named them Benji & Button, Benji's the boy (short for Benjamin ;p) and Button's the girl. I'm still not sure which is which, though. One exercises too much and the other poops and sleeps too much. According to Wiki, a Syrian hamster has a lifespan of about 2-3 years. Let's hope it'll make it 'til after my SPM :)

What else should I put in to make this blog post seem long?

Oh, handball and Japanese class! They still clash, so that sucks. But I'm starting to like Japanese class more now, and handball's fun. Handball's also scheduled to have training on Wednesday, so I'll be skipping half of Taekwondo (DAMN, I can't bully Seri :D).

Don't I sound jolly and hyper today? Well, I've been using more emoticons than I normally do, if anyone noticed. Anyone? I guess not. I wonder why, though. My iTunes' been playing a lot of McFly, and it's on shuffle. Reminiscing back to early last year and late 2007 when I pretty much was obsessed with McFly, and MCR :) Mikey freakin' Way! Dougie freakin' Poynter!

I like Katy Perry's song, Thinking Of You. The music video is sad, and it reminds me of The Ghost Of You MV, heh, Hilman and I cried :')

I think this entry's about to reach it's end. More updates after cross country! Hopefully :)
Have a good day everyone!

Monday, February 9


Just a short update - Went to OU, watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button today. Though some of you might think it's a darn boring movie, I'd have to disagree. It's a sad, meaningful movie - which lasted nearly three hours, but made me cry nontheless. Brad freakin' Pitt, so freakin' awesome :) And the parts where he grew younger until he looked as if he's 17 years old, boy oh boy, the wonders make up can do to you. Amazing. Initially, I wanted to watch Bride Wars but when I tried booking tickets last night, well, it was fully booked, GSC and TGV. I'll prolly end up buying the DVD anyway. So I've still got some homework left to do, I hope to have an early night tonight. Have a good Tuesday, everybody :)

Sunday, February 8

you said so

Xanga's got some pretty cool icons.

COW and chicken?

Pictures from Thursday; dissecting a cow's eye. They're not in order, though.

Friday, February 6

of bird nests and bruises

Why, hello there. Went to the Interact Probie Seminar at school just now, saw a lot of my ex-schoolmates. They're all so... Tall. Haven't seen them in ages. Made one or two new friends as well. I suck at making new friends, it's the whole awkward thing yknow? I don't know what to say :/ The seminar ended at about 1pm and the Interactors and probies had to help with arranging the chairs back in the basement (?) under the stage. I was hungry, tired and hungry. Headed to the canteen after that and shared food :) Mommy fetched me at 1:30 and I ate lunch with her somewhere. Then, went to Puan Afizan's for Science tuition with Aqila :D Just reached home. I'm sleepy, I think I'll be sleeping early again tonight. I don't miss out on much anyway. Going to catch up on homework tomorrow, and Friends ): Oh and, I saw Pink Panther 2 just now as well. The whole cinema was full, and it's the uber big one (cinema hall I mean). I guess the movie was okay, though I prefer the first movie. I don't know what to blog about now, and Karyna's been demanding for an update. I'll post about the cow's eye after this :) Yes, Angela, it deserves a post of its own.

Sunday, February 1

surprises let me know

Je voudrais apprendre à parler français. Sexy langue, vraiment.
O tal vez español. Todo fresco lengua extranjera.

Google Translate, in one word, rocks.
And I think the pictures above from Friends are pretty.
Got them off Flickr.

Happy 14th Birthday, Shahmi Shafie Apdal :)
January flew past so fast. Let's sit back and relax, and hope for a better February, filled with laughters and jokes and fun along the way (PLUS HOMEWORK).

what is the matter with you?


Hello there. I was supposed to wake up at 7AM today, I'm not sure why my alarm didn't set off. Mommy came in the room around 7:24AM to wake me up, and well yeah I rushed. Left home 15 minutes to 8, and miraculously I reached school in time for handball. Walked to the field silently with Mira and Nad. Was seriously sleepy, and when I talked I was... Croaking. Slightly, anyway. Voice got better after 10 rounds of half the field. Who am I kidding? I couldn't breathe. But yeah, after a few gulps of water I was good to go. I didn't even eat breakfast :( Mm so yeah, in conclusion, handball was tiring. Really tiring, and I hope I burned at least a quarter of all those calories I gained this past one week. It was fun though, it was the first exercise I've had all week. I got home to Wan's, bathed and slept 'til about 2. Woke up, got ready, and Karyna fetched me at 3 to go to Fariz's for his birthday. It was okay I guess, I ate a lot, since I didn't eat breakfast or lunch. Hanged out with Karyna, Elynna and Aisyah. I was the last one to stay dry and yeah, the boys poured a bucket of water on me with my phone in my pocket, it is now not functioning properly. Sorry, Fariz, for being a killjoy at your party but I guess I was PMS-ing just now -.- And yes, I'll get you a birthday present soon. Left right before Fariz blew his birthday candles. Got home at 7, got ready for a tahlil at Section 19 Shah Alam, left at 10 and got home at 12:30AM, after dropping by at Wan's to fetch Hilman and Hasya. I'm still tired, but I'm catching up on a few episodes of Friends before I sleep. I'll be spending my day today at home, finishing homework and watching more Friends. Ah, and sleep. I'm in need of sleep. Dark circles under my eyes, blech. School's on Monday, sigh. Enjoy your last day, everyone :) Next school holiday's in March. Two weeks. Bliss. Pure bliss.

Hanna Haizal
I have no idea whether or not to sign off with my name at the bottom of every post or not ^o)