Monday, March 30

Sceptic glances

Happy 80th Birthday,
Wan Ahmad Amin Jaffri!
or better known as;

May you be blessed with happiness and health throughout the rest of your life;
We're all hoping for the best :)
Lots and lots and lots of love.

I'm down with a terrible flu - I've been sneezing all day. Really. In fact, I just sneezed a few minutes ago.
School today was fine, Seni notebook was a total mess. I'm re-doing it now, in fact. Sticking to the orginal theme, though. Stephanie had her violin in class today. She played a song for us :) My God, what's not to love about her?
After school, had Acara Padang from 2:30 - 5:30. Spent most of those three hours talking to Farah and Mai :) Ooh and; I got first for lontar peluru! Wheeeeeeeeeee

Izzy got first for both lompat jauh and lompat tinggi! A lot of Yellow House members got top three for their respective events. They're so good this year; it intimidates me. I missed Interact meeting just now, damn. My co-curricular marks won't be full. Already missed Taekwondo once, and now Interact? Not good. They had a quiz just now, and everybody gets two project points for just handing the paper in :( Ah well.

Waited outside school at 5pm, Mommy came at 6:15pm. While waiting, I talked to Aqila, Angela and Aisyah. Angela was pretending to be a bimbo, how typical -.-
"Why is it that idiots always have to be associated with blondes?"
Good question.

I don't feel the need to blog so often anymore. I'm the only one who reads my posts anyway, HAHA.
So much for long posts! :/
Piles of homework to be done by tonight - might be staying up late. (I'll probably sleep as soon as I post this entry)
Q : Why did the blonde walk pass the pharmacy so quietly and carefully?
A : To make sure she didn't wake up the sleeping pills.
Haaaa :)

Sunday, March 29

Spring flings on an August day

This was sometime in April last year, at Nad's house :)
I remember Nad's cat bit me three times, and we were eating Rocky. Ingat? :')

Saturday, March 28


Is there anything worth blogging about anymore?

It's 10:04pm now, and finally Earth Hour is over! It was fun while it lasted ;) Took a late shower, at around 8:17pm or so and as soon as I stepped out of the shower, Hasya switched off the lights -.-

Was wearing a tee and towel and went downstairs very very carefully as Hasya only used the torchlight for herself. My phone light wasn't strong enough. Button and Benji were so quiet o_o Ayah was doing his article downstairs at the living room, and Makcik Dar was lighting up candles. She cooked dinner with the lights off! ♥ :D I played with the candles while waiting for Mommy to come home from her Blogger gathering and the hospital, to visit Aunty Ieja. I love fire. Safe fire. So pretty. Took crappy pictures using my phone.

Hasya, Hilman, Ayah and I went outside for a while. Most of our neighbours switched off their lights. Cool 8) I think Genting Highlands did as well. I mean, they should. God knows how much electricity they use every night just for lights.

Got bored waiting for dinner so I went upstairs with siblings to go fetch the guitar. Button's cheeks were bleeding! :( She looks so... Unhappy :| Benji was being a nuisance and kept on disturbing her and she kind of purred. LOL.

After getting the guitar, sat at the living room with Ayah. He was and still is working on some article about heart disease and cancer. Hasya, Hilman and I took pictures of ourselves. Potential camwhores. The three of us also tried to play the guitar. Mommy came home soon after :) DINNERTIME!

Highlight of the night. It was fun, even though it was like any other family dinner at home - just with the lights off. The five of us were still eating dinner when the clock striked 9:30pm, but heck, who cares? Left the lights off until Mommy finished eating. She wanted to see Akademi Fantasia o_o

Oh, and bowling? It was okaylah. Class was okay too. Ate lunch at Chilli's with Nad, Nadd and Aunty Jenn. Went to Sunway after that, thank you Mr. Tan :) Went window shopping / shopping. Had RM20 with me, what's the point?

I suck at bowling, and Elynna rocks at it. Saw Siti Nur Suliana, haven't seen her for six years! She's a very very good bowler, she even has her own bowling ball and shoes. Wow.

I want to major in a sport like ice-skating where I can go to the rink and show off my own skates! D: HAHA.
It's hard to open up and talk to people like you.
Ayah came at 3:30 or so. Heh :) He didn't bowl, though. Something about a backache and him not being able to bowl.

"I follow your footsteps, I can't bowl!" -__________-

Ayah sent me to Handball at 4:45. Reached Sri Aman at around 5:25 maybe, they were doing fitness. I don't quite know how to explain it. We played futsal after that :) Been so long since I last kicked a ball. Aqila's so scary when she's chasing the ball and Izzy being her usual self, keeps on falling down :P She also managed to knock a table down. Yes, a table. That girl ah :)

Waited outside until about 6:15. Sent Mira to her grandma's and went home. So tired. Went online for an hour or so, took a shower. Then, yup. Earth Hour.
Is it okay if I ask for a better Sunday?
Tomorrow, I'll be waking up early to fetch my passport. I'm so not looking forward to Monday. Can't weekends be extended by a day, maybe? 8 days a week.

Not in the mood to blog properly. Screw long posts.
"Do you think true friends are make belief?"

Friday, March 27

Spelling Bees

Freakin' adorable, to say the least.

Books aside, Hello there, Weekend!

When was the last time I blogged? This week's been eventful! I don't know where to start. I'll try make it short.

Nothing much happened on Monday and Tuesday, on both days after recess, we were busy practising our script in the hall for the much anticipated competition the next day;

Wednesday, 25th March 2009


Truth be told, I really didn't know what to expect of Catholic High. Never once have I passed the school, so I assumed it was some remote school hidden somewhere behind buildings. I was partially right. It's placed behind two blocks of shoplots, but it's not what I'd call remote. Er, student population of more than 3000? And many on the waiting list? Remote, my ass :( The school is simply huge. It has three halls (that I know of), and I'm not surprised if all three are equipped with air-conditioners as the hall we used for the competition was, to my delight, air-conditioned. I'm not sure how to describe the hall, but it's pure amazing (and big!). They've got four curtains on the stage, in two shades of blue and another two in different shades of red. The field is big, and their bookshop resembles an actual bookshop, if you know what I mean. It's located right beside the canteen, my oh my, do you really want me to get started on that? It deserves a paragraph of its own.

First off, the canteen food. They have a wide variety of choices ranging from snacks to tummy-filling meals - safe to say, all priced below RM2. I can't help but compare their selling price there and at Sri Aman. Wait, here's something from Angela's blog :

"They sell many types of finger food like sausages, nuggets, fish balls, fried crab sticks and many more for RM 1 per stick. Our canteen sells those too, but the food is colder, smaller and shorter. Our school sells 5 halved fish balls for 1 buck. They sell way more for the same price. And then, the popcorn chicken. One cup roughly the size of the cup they use to serve fries in our school of WARM and appetising popcorn chicken costs 1 buck. We pay 1 buck for a bunch of COLD, wilted fries. As for the sandwiches, I admit to paying 40 cents for one slice of buttered bread with a piece of cabbage in between served in metal trays. Oh, imagine how elated I was to find 2 slices of bread with sardine on one of them and scrambled eggs on the other! I felt so stupid for supporting my canteen food at that point.

Finally... DRINKS.

They sell fresh juice. We sell 250 ML bottles of juice for RM 1.80. They sell unopened 600 ML bottles of root beer for RM 1.90. We pay RM 1.20 for a cup of diluted root beer of the same brand. They sell packet drinks at RM 1. Our canteen sells them at 50 cents higher."

Yes, I know, I can't come up with my own version of price comparison :D Here's the link to the full post by Angela Chong Wan Zhen :) She's good with words, eh?

The food and drinks sold at Catholic High are so reasonably priced; I guess it has something to do with the amount of students studying there. They probably get more than RM3000 profit per day, no? Just assuming as I think it's crazy for one to not spend money there. I bought potato wedges and chicken popcorn for RM1. They were hot, too. Two slices of sandwiches for the same price. I spent RM2 at Catholic High 8) Yummy. Oh, need I mention the fact that we took up quite a lot of Ksherah's camera memory and battery to camwhore endlessly throughout the whole day? Girls.

Oh, right. However, the main purpose I was at Catholic High was not to survey the school or the canteen food. The choral speaking performances? Hm. La Salle, Taman Sea, Catholic High. 3rd, 2nd, 1st place respectively.

SMK (L) La Salle was good, they talked about language. English vs. Manglish and yes, their jokes really were funny. Even their entrance was unique and good. Their conductor was given the title as Best Conductor - his tight pants probably did the trick.

SMK Taman Sea's composition was very, and when I mean very, I do mean VERY similar to ours. Even their greeting and ours were nearly the same. Sigh.

Catholic High. No comment :( Their sound effects were magnificent and they were so loud (God knows how many times they rehearsed in that hall) and clear. They talked about war. Yeap, war. Smart, man, their choice of title.

There are other performances that I vaguely remember, just not so sure of the school. I swear to you, we weren't that bad okay. We were loud. Bah.

What an angel.



Thursday, 26th March 2009


You have no idea how happy I am. I actually got an A! It's a really low A, like, 80% -.-

As pathetic as this may sound, yes, getting my Japanese results really did make my day!


Friday, 27th March 2009

I completed all my homework that was due today! *Applause,
Gotong-royong was actually really fun, to say the least. Left Bilik Jahitan A "sparkling clean
", as promised ;) Sang old songs with Aqila, Karyna, Pik Leng, Angela, Aqilah, Seri and Jo Ee. They're cool ♥

Seven colours of the rainbow, just for kicks. Never knew how to differentiate indigo and purple.

Went to the PRS room half an hour before school ended, cleaning window panes with Aqila. Laughed about all the motivational posters on every wall,

"Di mana ada kemahuan, di situ ada A One!"

Smart. PRS meeting was alright, I left early for a little bit of Blue House training. I GOT MY FIRST LETTER FROM MY GA! You have no idea how happy I am :')

Had handball today too, the weather was so hot. So, so, so hot. Was tiring. I got in the team! Yay. Anyways, Mommy's meeting ended later than it was supposed to, she fetched me at around 6pm. While waiting, was talking to Izzy, Shiro and Iqffa outside school!

"You tau, dia ajak I main rugby!"

Hehe :D Ooh, and I'm starting to like cats again. Munchkins, winks.

So many things make me mad nowadays.

Sunday, March 22

Easter Eggs At Best


So this, you see, is how you keep nice toenails. I broke the record at MCKK for wearing sandals the longest, for two and a half years.

Oh, so that's why you stopped playing rugby?


I thought you said it was because you were smaller than the other players by the time you were 16?

Well, I wasn't small... My friends just got bigger o.o


Is it better to be hot or cool?


Mommy, she looks weird lah, it's like she picked two sizes bigger for those jeans!

What do you mean she looks weird? She is weird!


Hanna, Pluto isn't a planet anymore right?

I think so, 'cause it's too far away from the rest of the planets and it's too small or something.

What do you call it eh? There's a name for it...

It's called *something scientific*. *Starts explaining about that something scientific*. So, *talks about some other stuff in the Solar System*. Here, it's all in this book.


I love playing Badminton with Hilman and Hasya 'cause I'll actually win. Playing it with Mommy, on the other hand...

Cannot! Hasya was in the way!

5 minutes later,

No! Hilman was in the way!

She won anyway :(

I love family days.

Button's getting restless in her cage again... Pity her. I bet she misses her babies. She claws everywhere and even has some dark bruises around her mouth and body. Everytime Benji approaches her, she gets shocked and hides away from him. He probably wants more babies. I love seeing hamsters sleep. Adorable. Button's fur is all messy. She looks like a stray hamster (?). Mommy and Hilman tried touching her, she bit them. Hamsters bite?!

Who knows a place where I can get lessons on how to take care of hamsters?

Hamster Care 101, anyone?

School's tomorrow. Hasya told me to wake her up at 4:45am. She's gone comepletely mental o_o
Yay! I hope there's
Interact meeting tomorrow. I need a Maths tutor. Hm.

Ah yes, another movie to add on to my list; He's Just Not That Into You. It's based on a storybook by Greg Behrendt. Guess who's in it? Jennifer Aniston, Drew Barrymore, Scarlett Johansson, Justin Long, Ben Affleck and some other stars I'm not quite familiar with. Wow, imagine how much these A-list actors get paid? I think the movie's a lot, or a bit like the movie Cinta. Nope, I haven't seen that movie yet but I heard it cost tears. I love movies that cost tears. Makes it worth the watch :)

I don't want to cram up my archives, I'll start blogging once in two days or so, if I can manage :|

Friday, March 20

These words are my own, from my heart flow

Before I start on anything, click the link up there ^ Forgive me for my poor choice of colours, haha. I could change it to red and white... Whatever. I got it from Elia's MSN PM. So, do your part and read. Seriously. A lot to read, but it won't be a waste of time.

Okay, so. Long post ahead - don't say I didn't warn you ;)

Hello, Blogger! I've been away for quite some time, eh? Two days. Not really. I have been going online every day since I last blogged but alas, was too lazy to update on what I've been doing. So, let's see:

Friday, 20th March 2009

  • Choral speaking at school

It was alright, went through Angela's iPod and found pictures from 2008, and 2009. Memories :') I don't remember much on what happened during the two long hours of practise, heh. Mommy came at 10:45 or so to pass the cakes from Baker's Cottage - It's a last minute thing, really. I forgot to remind Mommy that I had to bring tummy-filling food to Aqilah's place the night before.

After practise, Azraa's mom was kind enough to send Aqila, Angela and I to Aqilah's house as Azraa had to drop by anyway, so, thank you so much, Aunty!

  • 2 Hormat class party, Aqilah Azlan Baqee's place in SS1

The three of us were the first ones to arrive, and the moment I set eyes on Aqilah's Guitar Hero set on Wii, I asked her for permission if we could play whilst waiting for the rest to come. Aqilah, being the good host she is, said, "Omg playlah!" Hehe. It was Aqila and Angela's first time playing Guitar Hero with the actual instruments, so after an attempt to pass a song or two, they became addicted... Just like me. It took us, probably more than 20 times to pass the song One Way Or Another by Blondie. Even on Easy mode! The drums were tough, but we did it in the end!

I sound like we went on an adventure in the woods or something, haha.

We played other songs after that, and Eye Of The Tiger is probably the easiest song to play on all three instruments (Guitar, bass and drums) with Stephanie playing the guitar, yeah, she arrived at Aqilah's place around 15 minutes after we did. Stephanie is seriously excellent at everything she does, but more to that later.

Everybody else came at around 12 plus, and since Aqila, Angela, Stephanie and I already had our many gos at playing Guitar Hero, we gave up the band set to whoever who wanted to try to play/sing. Hanisa has a really nice singing voice.

Fortunately, since Aqilah has a piano at home, it was Stephanie's time to shine! She played us her piece which she played during the international competition; yes, the one that she won 4th place worldwide. Her fingers were so fast, I can't really describe it! I recorded her playing, it's in my phone, but the first thing Stephanie said to me before she played was, "You record, but don't post on the internet ah!" Haha. Next, she played My Heart Will Go On, or more famously known as the song from Titanic. I swear to God, she made me close to tears. I'm not kidding. The way she plays, wow. And the music... Wow. Yes, I recorded her playing it as well. Someone requested she played that Beauty and the Beast song, and so she did. At one point of the song, Angela said to me, "Are you seriously crying?!" -_-" Sigh, no words, and really, no words at all can describe how beautifully Stephanie plays the piano.

Did I mention she has also completed her diploma in violin? Or maybe she's in Grade 8, I'm not so sure but yeah. Still, she's just fourteen and already majors in two orchestra instruments!

We were thinking of songs for Stephanie to play next, and Aqila asked me, "Can I'm Yours be played on the piano?" to which I said back, "Of course not, kan semua guitar?" Silly, silly me, how I could doubt Stephanie like that -.- We asked her to play I'm Yours, and she said, "You mean this song right?" And started playing it. Amazing. She also played River Flows In You by Yiruma, after she listened to it for the first time. Playing by ear, perfectly. I wish I could do that.

It's hard to get over the fact that we have our very own pianist in class, so I asked her to play some famous composer like Mozart or Beethoven's piece. She played both. I'm jealous.

The pizza arrived soon after, so everybody flooded outside to eat. Karyna came shortly too, whilst Stephanie was still playing the piano. She brought spaghetti along with her, Seri and Husnina got a ride from her too. Now, about Aqilah's house. I don't think I've said how pretty and spacious her house is, right? Yep, it is. Very, very cozy. She keeps rabbits on her backyard, and her grey rabbit keeps sniffing the other rabbit's butt, LOL. Anyway, back to Aqilah's house. The outside is mostly covered with grass - the kind of grass, like, carpet grass. The expensive one right? Yeah. She also has a pond and a fountain-like thingy. Ooh, and a frog lives in her pond! Anybody willing to transform it into a handsome prince? Or was it a toad, that the chick kissed?

No comment about the pizza. How can anyone not love pizza, right?! It finished real soon and so everybody ate Karyna's spaghetti. Yummy!

I guess the rest were tired of playing Guitar Hero, so, next, they played American Idol on Wii! It was around 3 plus that time, so Seri, Aqila, Siti Sarah, Karyna, Aqilah and I went upstairs in her room to pray. Pik Leng tagged along as well, so yeah. Aqilah's room is supercool, superspacious and filled with supernice stuff! Her bed is so high, Seri had problems getting on it, HAHAHA. So yeah, after praying, we stayed in her room for a bit, going through her stuff (with her permission, of course). We could hear Niraanjana singing Unfaithful downstairs, so us being busybodies and not wanting to get left behind with all the fun, went downstairs to where everybody else was.

We ended up being contestants in the show, ooh and Thivya sang My Heart Will Go On! Lol. The song selections were impressive as well, a lot of songs from the 21st century! :p I sang I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing by Aerosmith, obviously the class sang along! So yep, I made it to the semi-finals! Woot! Aqila made me sing Irreplacable. NO COMMENT ON THAT, HAHAHA the song included mostly screaming from all of us, but Alhamdulillah, I got 0% lousy :') I guess the Wii was on for too long, because suddenly the game stopped working. I hope it's alright now, sorry Aqilah!

I forgot what we did next, I think we went outside and ate some more. So much food was served on the tables, macaroni, spaghetti, doughnuts and such. Much to my delight! 0:-)

Mommy fetched me at 6, and off we went home. What a nice day I had, with classmates. Thanks Mommy, for letting me go. And thanks, 2H, for making my day! :)

Oh, and we've compiled our very own mixtape! More of a playlist, ah whatever.

Part I - Guitar Hero World Tour
One Way Or Another - Blondie
What I've Done - Linkin Park
Beat It - Michael Jackson
Eye Of The Tiger - Survivor
Livin' On A Prayer - Bon Jovi
Feel The Pain - Dinosaur Jr.

Part II - American Idol
My Heart Will Go On - Celine Dion
It Ends Tonight - The All-American Rejects
Lips of an Angel - Hinder
How to Save a Life - The Fray
One Way Or Another - Blondie
Too Little Too Late - JoJo
Unfaithful - Rihanna
You're Beautiful - James Blunt
Glamorous - Fergie
Put Your Records On - Corinne Bailey Rae

Saturday, 21st March 2009

  • Friendly handball match at SMKTTDI

Ah yes. Okay, to cut it short (since I typed a lot already about the class party), U15 lost 9-8 and U18 lost 7-5. Hey, who's complaining? It was really fun, being my first match and all. Good exposure! :D Besides, it was just a friendly, right? And the SMKTTDI players were nice, I hope we were too towards them. It was tiring, and what's worse was I had to go to OU right after for class.

  • Class, lunch and movie at One Utama

Mommy fetched me at around 11:30, and off we went to OU. Elynna was to meet up with her sister, so we gave her a ride as we were going there anyway. We changed quickly in the toilets, cleaning up as much as possible. I got a new teacher! Saufee, his name, if I'm not mistaken. Anyway, since I was literally starving, we decided to eat lunch somewhere. Hasya wasn't there to join us since she went to Disney On Ice -.- And Ayah was somewhere outstation, Beijing, I think. Hilman and Mommy wanted to eat at Yoshinoya, but since I wasn't really up for noodles, I asked if I could buy a burger and a drink from Burger King. Oh, and I bumped into Sofia, Sabrina and Hazwani too! They were with their friends ;)

Okay, back to food. Mommy said I could, and after I bought my mushroom burger (what's it called eh?) I saw Elynna eating with her sister. Elynna invited me to eat lunch with her, and so I did. Talked about some stuff and Elynna's sister showed me a picture of Elynna sleeping, HAHA. Oh, and she suddenly said this while we were eating,

"Elynna, this morning I went through my phone and I got a notice that said my phone memory was nearly full. So I went to the Gallery and found more than 50 pictures of you. Explain."


Alright, after the five of us (plus Hilman and Mommy) were done with lunch, Hilman, Mommy and I headed to GSC to catch a movie whilst Elynna and her sister went bowling. Movie of choice was none other than Hotel For Dogs. It's a cute and witty movie, highly recommended for "kids" like Hilman :p

  • Swimming class at Sri Cempaka

Sent Hilman for class at Sri Cempaka, where we met up with Hasya, Qaisara and Harisa. While they were swimming, I was playing some race car game on Hilman's PSP. I lost every race. Whatever.

  • Dinner at Wan Nyah's house

Ooh this was fun. The food cooked and served was scrumptious. Especially Aunty Zizi's hot pudding. I was finishing my Agama corrections most of the time, and thankfully, I'm done with that already. Wan Chu was talking about how she has a friend whose daughter studied at Sri Aman for a month or so and went off to a "better" boarding school in Perak. The girl complained to her mom that Sri Aman was filled with non-tudung wearing girls who cared nothing more than money. And we were boastful, not to mention hostile. Okay, big Ouch. Anyway, I sat at the same spot that night, when I ate and when I did my homework. So, cousins, aunties and uncles came and went thoughout the night. While I was doing my homework, the older cousins (who were done with their SPM) talked about their results. Funny.

"Siapa sini pass Add Maths?"

I went home at 11 plus, cause Ayah was too tired. Slept right after.

  • Hamsters

All seven of them... Dead. I guess since it's Benji and Button's first time having babies, they don't quite know how to take care of them poor little pickle-looking baby hamsters. Sigh. Heathcliff, Daae, Raoul, you'd have to wait. Insya'Allah, next time, the hamsters to come would be safe and healthy in the blue cage downstairs :)

Oh, last night, when I came home, Benji's hand was stuck somewhere between the grill. I can't quite explain, but poor poor creature, when Mommy helped it set its arm free, Benji was limping and his body looked tired. I hope he didn't break his arm...

The stairs fell off too. So Button was stuck up there on the second floor the whole night. The both of them didn't eat or drink, while I had some yummy pudding... Guilt. Yikes.

School's starting soon! Excited, but lazy at the same time. It's feel-good Sunday today, also known as family daaaaay! Hoyeah :)

Have a great day today(!)
Turning a year older has its pros and cons,
And I hope for you,
You'd get the best of those pros :)

Is it just me, or do I not make any sense at all?

Thursday, March 19


3OH!3 :] Tribute to Mira!

Can I have everybody's attention please?


Button gave birth to seven small hamsters last night. Sadly, two died today. They probably got stepped on or something :(

I hope the other five survive. They are so adorable. So, so, so adorable. And tiny. Like, this big. I've yet to name them! After knowing which is a male, which is a female of course. I've got a few names in mind. I think Heathcliff from Wuthering Heights is a cool name, despite his character in the book. Daae is also another pretty name for a girl, and yes, she's from Phantom Of The Opera.

Great, Hanna. Name your five small hamsters after characters from classics.

Raoul, anyone? :D

My mission today is to complete all my homework, including my theory. I've completed most of it anyway, much to Hasya's surprise.

"You've finished your homework?! HAHAHA LIARRR!"

Hm. So hard to believe, is it? Tomorrow, I've got choral speaking at school again and the class party at Aqilah's (!) Yes, I'm excited. Planning to finish off Slumdog Millionaire with Aqila, heh. The lead actor is cute, in a way! :)

Off to finish off my two summaries, Agama corrections, BM Komsas and Maths equations now!
Have a good Thursday. The last one we'll get before school reopens!
(Obviously; but let's not be a killjoy, eh? -.-)


Tuesday, March 17

extremely westernized

Honey(s), I'm home!

Spending the night at Kai's was fun. Yes, that explains my one day hiatus from Blogger. Anyway, I shall now story you about my stay at Kai's and the stuff I did :)

Oh, my theory exam? Alhamdulillah, it was alright. I managed to answer most of the questions, but answering the meanings of the Italian and French terms was just hell. Ugh. I never did like those.
At about 11AM, Mommy sent me to Kai's, which wasn't too far away from where I took my exam, in BBBS. I was the first to arrive, and the two of us were waiting for Elynna, Lissa and Elia to arrive. In the mean time, we ate lunch, and caught up with each other's lives and talked about the ups and downs of it lately. Even though I managed to make that sound ridiculously cheesy and cliche, it was cool talking to Kai like that after so long :)

Elynna came an hour and a half later than when I arrived, and we played Kai's brother's Guitar Hero World Tour on the PS3. Oh boy, it is probably the best game I have ever played :p Besides the fact that I downrighteously suck, it was fun having a go at embarassing myself by singing, playing the drums and playing the guitar. We also surfed YouTube using the PS3. Hooodamn, watching videos on her huge flatscreen is amazing o.o Sorry Sorry by Super Junior is so catchy! The music video is so... :')

Lissa and Elia came about four songs later, and off we went to Holiday Villa in Subang! ;)

There, we swam, went in the steamroom and bowled. Ah, and had "tea", or whatever you call the meal that you have between 5PM and 6PM. I suck at bowling! Obviously Elynna was the best, hands down. For swimming, we only stayed in the pool for a mere half an hour, since it soon started drizzling and off we went to the steamroom! Now that was really relaxing, minus the fact that for the first 10 minutes, I had breathing difficulties.

Went back to Kai's right before Maghrib, fulfilled our prayers and got ready to go to Kai's dad show in Hartamas. Kai dressed up as a guy (for fun) as we had quite a lot of time in our hands before we had to leave, and I swear to God she looks hot o.o HAHAHA. Seriously, she even wore her platforms that made her taller by 4 inches. As if she isn't that tall compared to the rest of us already :(

Reached the Groove Junction in Hartamas at around 9PM, with Kai's family friend(s). Uncle Zawawi was to perform really soon so we took our seats and, well, yes, pretty much enjoyed the show. Truthfully and honestly speaking, Kai's dad was really good! He had about 5 to 6 people at the back playing other string and woodwind instruments, so that really made his performance more awesome. Of course, us being girls, we took lots and lots and lots of pictures in the bathroom! Oh, and yes, at Holiday Villa too. Elynna, Elia and I even took a video of ourselves doing this... dance? I don't know, but it looks hilarious with our pokerfaces and bulging eyes :D

I think we went back not too long after midnight, and by then I was already super exhausted from all the bowling and swimming that day. Unfortunately, I was the first to sleep that night, at around 1.30AM. I woke up the earliest that morning too, and found out that whilst I was sleeping, the rest ate pizza with Uncle Zawawi -.- They ate Japanese bread with the pizza toppings (Melted cheese and all!) and apparently it melts in your mouth or something. Oh my, (!)

I was at school today from 9-11, with Elynna, Aqila and the rest of the choral speakers! It was okay, I guess. My tummy grumbled throughout nearly the whole time and I was pretty sleepy, too. At 11:30, Aqila's granddad picked us up and sent the three of us to Kai's house again. We couldn't enter her room and Kai and Lissa were blocking the door and we had to go in through the toilet, if I'm not mistaken -.- Watched a bit of Twilight with Aqila, and Elia went home soon after that. Ate lunch at Kokopelli Section 14. Elynna walked home after that as her house is only three doors away! :) Played Guitar Hero again when we got back to Kai's, and frankly, even though I am completely aware that I suck at not only singing, but also both playing the guitar and drums, I have to admit,


I don't think I'll be posting photos, heh. Not too sure where my phone USB cable went.

Suddenly lost the inspiration to blog :o
The rest of today was okay. No comment! :p

It was nice to see Mommy and the rest after one night xx
Toodles, expect more soon!

Since Lissa and Kai blogged about this, I might as well too :

On the way to Holiday Villa, Elia kept getting missed calls and SMSes from Syed Ishak. He was being reaallyyy annoying, so Elynna and I took Elia's phone and, well, replied his SMSes in one go.

"Alo? Apa lu mau? Leave me aloneee. Go awaaaay. U are not Danial Hafiz. You dono how to spell his name oso. He cute... U not. Uhukzzzz"

Or something along those lines. I think, and hope, the message is still in Elia's Sentbox, HAHA.
Yes, he claimed he was "Daniel Hafiz". Seriously, at least spell his name right. Lol. Ah well.

Monday, March 16


Yes, I know, you've been waiting for this day :p
"7 more days 'til my birthday!"
"3 more days 'til my birthday!"
"I'm an idiot for counting how many more days 'til my birthday."

Have a good day, Angela!
I lalalove you :p

Yikes! A mere 8 hours before my exam!

WELL DONE, LEE CHONG WEI! You've made Malaysia proud :)

More Malaysians watched the football match(es) last night compared to Lee Chong Wei vs. Lin Dan ;p

Sunday, March 15

He's cool :')

HAHAHAHAHAHA, don't ask why we brought that! The lead singer signed it and Aqila was... Overjoyous! Over the moooon! :D
I cool. He cool. We cool 8)
Heh ;p

The wicked bassist with wicked hair! :D

The lead singer of OBS :D

I uploaded this cause this was one of the clearer ones! Urban Attitude :)

Part of the crowd when OBS was performing :) For some reason, this picture amuses me. THE LIIIGHT!
The three winning groups for the dancing category! :)

A CHS student and Qistina from Sri Aman! :)

Melissa Tan sang Home by Michael Buble! :D

Kaii, I'm yo' biggest faaan! Kaii sang Medicine Man by The Hush Sound :)

And first to perform were Hot 'N' Cool! :D

The Epiphany - Bringing It Up A Notch

I'm currently listening to Northern Downpour by Panic At The Disco. Been listening to it for approximately 3 times already.
The song is so sad, the melody itself makes me close to tears :(

"You clicked your heels and wished for me"

Deep lyrics. I have yet to find out what they mean, though :p Mira and Nadd once told me, but I don't remember much of it.

Now, for the ICC update! It was superfun. Last year's was okay, this year was the bomb. Exaggeration, but you get my point. Hani Madu and Henry Golding were the emcees. Hani Madu sounds like just as she does on FlyFM! Yes, I know, obviously, but yeah. Henry has an accent! Something about just got back from someplace or something. "ICC boleyyy!" I don't remember.

The performances were really good as well. For the singing category, all winners were from Sri Aman! Well done Kaii, Melissa Tan and Novia Chua! The three of you sang really well :)
As for the dancing category, Hot 'N' Cool won third place, and yes, all of them are from Sri Aman too! Aisyah looked really pretty with her hair and all :)
Urban Attitude won 1st runner up, yes, they were goooood as well! Munira, Amal, Fahimah and some few others danced in the group  - from Sri Aman! Hell yeah! :p
Bunny's group, King's Cross won overall for the dancing category! Well done! Their dance was really good. They deserved to win :) Elynna and Lissa's dance was cool too, with the pokerface(s) and all, but unfortunately they didn't get top three ;| It's okay! It's all about the experience, right? :)

Yes, now, as nearly everyone has concluded about the winners of both categories - is it just me or did any of you notice that every winning performance included at least one Sri Amanian? Hoooyeah :)

The grand winner gets RM1000 in cheque. Tell me, is that a lot or whaaat?!Now guess who or which group won the overall talent competition?
None other than King's Cross! Congratulations!
Also, I saw on the ICC Concert website that they donated RM500 of the whopping amount to the Golden Child Project. That is just plain generous :]

Mia Pallencia performed as one of the guest artists, her guitar was unique o.o She sang well too, and at one point she called her brother onto the stage, and they sang Lucky together! So sweet, I liked her performance :)

Caprice performed three songs or so, and his entrance to the stage was... different? In a good way! :) Yeah, he was cool! I liked Fantasy Girl - for some weird reason Mai and Aqila were headbanging to it, so Fiona and I joined them! HAHA. Oh, and Fiona! She cut her hair short! Cuteee! I miss her :]

One Buck Short were the last guest artists before everyone went home. I HAD FUN! Eli, Nad, Mira, Fiona and I went to the front, quite near the stage but more towards the right side. I tried taking some photos too, but most of them turned out unclear. Heck, I took 199 photos yesterday and only 20 or so were satisfying -.-

After the 10th annual ICC Concert ended, Aqila, Mira, Nadd and I went somewhere near backstage and "bumped" into the lead singer of One Buck Short. What more do you expect from us if not to ask for a picture and an autograph? :D Oooh! And lucky for Mira and Eli, they got to meet the bassist! Mira even got his autograph :( The bassist has radical hair. He jumped a lot too! Now he, is beyond wicked. HAHA.Went to Nad's after that, ate Maggi! Nad's terrapin, Terror, is so cute! Everytime I motioned towards the glass it's hide its head in its shell :D It's got long nails too o.o Talked to some randoms on MSN, sent Nadd home at around 6:30 and went home right after :)

Had Ayah's birthday eve dinner last night. The people present were none other than Mommy's closest friends. Yeap, the usuals :D I slept at around 1AM, whilst everyone else was still downstairs, talking or watching TV. Ehm, Liverpool and Arsenal! Both won in one night. Like a dream come true :p

Today was more of a birthday lunch for Ayah - this time, a bit of Mommy's side came and the whole of Ayah's side were present :) Not a perfect family gathering, I've been longing for one of those. I'm not sure how, but the tiramisu cake that Aunty Lynn bought for Ayah got mushed, how... Tragic. The cake tasted reaaally scrumptious, probably the best cake I've ever tasted!

I've got my Grade Four Theory Examination in BBBS tomorrow, with Seri - Wish us luck! And I was actually hoping to have a late night tonight :(

Pictures will be posted in the next post.

You'll Never Walk Alone

ALRIGHT LIVERPOOOOOL!In yo' face, Daniel :)
ICC update soon! I've got quite a lot to post about that, heh ;p

Oooh and the main reason I wrote this entry is to wish a very


My faaaaaaaaaather!
May you be blessed with everlasting happiness and an awesome first daughter ;p

Probably not the best photo to post up, but ah well, who cares? :p

Saturday, March 14

graphic shotsss

THERE YOU GO! Pictures from the pig drawing competition; or more formally known as the E M W W S Championship! LOL.

Say hello to Benji and Button! Nope, I don't know which is which. I'm not even sure if the two pictures above are the same hamsters o.o Anywho, I think Benji's sick, but getting better. All that fat hamster ever does is sleep and eat. He doesn't even eat properly!

Friday, March 13

of muffins and sleeping bags

No offline messages from Angela today :|
Let's all rise and sing the Happy Birthday song for

Leong Pik Leng;
as she turns fourteen today!I loveee you Pik Leng, and I'll get you something for your birthday soon :)
The Big One-Four, on Friday the 13th!
Don't fret on that, I can safely say everything went well today! :)
Pik Leng! Is the one between Karyna and I :) That's Yasshene at the back by the way, and Karishma in red ;)
I don't know how to post birthday wishes on Blogspot anymore. I mean, I can't think of any other ways to wish those who're celebrating their birthdays on that day. Sucks to repeat the boring, old "Happy Birthday, *insert name*!" Oh well.

Today's the last day of school before the March holidays! Even if we only have break for a week, it'll still give me time to complete my two English summaries, Agama corrections, KH assignments, Science reports and Maths exercises! I probably have some more homework to do but I haven't gone through my books yet. We had students from Hong Kong and Singapore visit us today! I don't know much about that though. After recess, I had choral speaking at the Astaka. No comment about that. I still hope I get to be a speaker :) Being compared to Farhanah is so... Yeah. She pretty much lowers my self-esteem, especially academically.

PRS meeting was fun! We did two modules today, I forgot what the first one was called, but all members were divided into two groups and were asked to sit in two separate circles. It's like the name chain thing we did during orientation Form 1 last year - but some changes were added to the game. Instead of introducing yourself as, "Hi, I'm Hanna", you've to add a line or word or adjective before your name that begins with the first letter of your name. My choice was "Hi, I'm Help me Hanna!" Please don't laugh. It was pretty much all I could think of. So the name chain ended up like, "Idiotic Ilana, Leprechaun Latifah, Help me Hanna, Hyper Hidayah, Eccentric Esmeralda, Nerdy Neena, Neat Nadiah, Marvellous Maryam, Naughty Niraa, Nice Nurain, Naughty Nina, Row row row your boat Riyana, Animal lover Azrianna, I am terrified of turtles Ilani, Nutty Nisa, Fo' sho' Fatin and Shuckalucka Syafiqah. Did I misspell anyone's name or forget anyone? I am terribly sorry o.o

After the first module, we proceeded to playing Human Knots. Sounds familiar? Mhm. All of us, in our respective groups, had to close our eyes and stretch our arm(s) out to the centre of the circle. We had to grasp the first hand that makes skin contact (but cannot be the person next to us) and yes, we ended up... Entangled? Intertwined? LOL. It was fun though, God knows how long it took us to unknot ourselves (lack of a better word, damn, my vocabulary). I got a reply from my BA today! Yay :) Sadly, I still don't have a GA yet :(

PRS meeting/module(s) ended at 2:30PM today, and I was told by some people that handball was cancelled. Hung around in the canteen for a while with Angela, Eishatur, Mira, Nadd, Aqilah, Syaqira, Pik Leng and Niraa. We drew more E M W W S pigs! :p I started saying random chinese words to Angela, and she then translated them into grammatically correct sentences. I said,

"I agree that green grass' main purpose is to hug hamburgers."
"I went to a little pig with green legs."
"Angela's pet pig called Green Pig jumped on a baby."

CLASSICAL! Had some laughs about it. It was then Eishatur's turn to say something random, and she said:

"You went to my grandmother's and smiled creepily like *insert name here*"

HAHAHAHA. I love school :') Niraa taught us how to say "I love you" and "You are very sexy" in Tamil! HAHAHA.

Anyways, I didn't have a ride back, as I didn't have any coins with me and neither did Aqila. So we both stayed back doing our homework, and watched Elynna's dance group practise for ICC tomorrow. Then, Izzati and Shiro showed up with a tennis ball! They suggested we play dodgeball (!) but then we ended up playing a bit of football and handball with a ball that was left in the middle of the field. It was fun. Highlight of the day, for sure! I tried being goalie (Rusty at it already) and then tried to shoot. Pathetic attempt -.- Suddenly, Izzati said to me, "You know, there are many worms here. Here." She then handed to me a worm that was wriggling helplessly in her hand. I... Squealed? Screamed? Whatever.

We got bored soon after. Izzati and Shiro were squatting down next to each other, searching for worms. Seriously -.- They played with the mud using a stick hoping that a worm would wriggle out and start screaming at them for disturbing their habitat or something :p What's funny is, Shiro then took out a Mickey Mouse hand sanitizer from her pocket and offered some to Izzati, and Izzati said, "My hands are dirty. Can I have some? A bit only." So yeaaah, after their hands were considered clean, they played with mud again -.- Geniuses, I tell you.

The four of us walked around the field, with nothing to do. We practised throwing the ball at each other, but that was pretty boring as there was only the four of us! When we got to the softball field, we kind of camwhored with the net they had there. Guess what? There wasn't even a camera to take our sad, sad pictures :p It was tons of fun, though. Posing like nobody's business, in hope that someone would show up with a pretty DSLR and snap a picture or two for us. Suddenly, Zalikha showed up with her dad's Nikon DSLR and was like, "Do you want me to take a picture for you?" :')By then it was already 5:30PM and we packed our bags and went to the front gate. Aqilah and I talked to the guard in Tamil! Who wants to have a good guess on what we said to her?! ;p Slept in the car on the way home, and by the time I woke up it was already 7:10 :O Nice.
Hope to have a goooood Saturday tomorrow. Who's in the mood for ICC?! :-)

Thursday, March 12

polyester shirts?

Angela's offline messages to me are so... Interesting. Always in capital letters, and yeah she pretty much shouts at me in real life anyway. Click to enlarge!

Before I start off about my day, yes, I'd like to blog about Stephanie Tan Jia Yi!
Another average fourteen year-old, right?
NO. Oh my God, she's one of the most talented musicians I have ever met,
She told me last year that she has a diploma in piano, and is Grade 8 in violin.
If that isn't amazing enough, she has performed at many important functions and events, like...
Okay so for that, go to Angela's blog to read more about her functions :) She's in my link list by the way. Angela, I mean.
This year, during one of the Monday morning assemblies, Stephanie's name was called out by the emcee. She won top five in some international musical competition, and if I'm not mistaken, there were over 200 contestants! Around the world! Including some number of contestants from big countries like America! So tell me, Stephanie. How do you do it?!

Yeah. Stephanie is humble. Not once have I ever heard her talk about her pieces or music unless somebody asks her. Even then, some questions she refuses to answer. Not to mention, she's also ridiculously smart. A genius, she is. My point is, we're all very proud of you, Stephanie! Especially 2 Hormat!

Oh, and I'm sorry but I still have a bit to write about choral speaking :$
I got in the school team! I think. I'm not sure. When Puan Puteri didn't announce my name just now, I felt pretty down but then she said, "But we're keeping Hanna as conductor."

I know I should've been happy, right? Wrong. I was scared. Scared shitless, I tell you. I'm not kidding. 'Cause before Puan Puteri asked everybody to gather around her, Tasyah said that if the conductor isn't Farhanah, they refuse to accept the new conductor etc. And 25 out of 35 of the students participating are from 2 Amanah. Can you imagine?

But seriously. I also heard from some people, that 2 Amanah wanted all their students to be in. I know, it was a huge class effort and that was why they won. If 2 Hormat won, we'd want the same too. Of course. But look at it this way. The inter-class choral speaking competition is OVER. Now, Puan Puteri and Puan Christina are picking students for the school team. 2 Amanah should be honoured that we will be using their script. It is now no longer their script only, but ours too. Some outstanding students from other classes, like Aineena, Aqila and Angela, they deserve to be in the school team. Can anybody else agree on that? So what's the big problem? It now has no relation whatsoever to 2 Amanah. It is now the school choral speaking team, and like Farhanah said, "We have to work together as a team now, and not fight over some petty thing." Gosh, I love you, Farhanah. Such a good leader.

Anywho, I won't be the conductor, much to 2 Amanah's relief. Farhanah will be conducting, and hopefully, since she is now the conductor, I will be kept in view to be part of the speakers. I really do hope so. Remember, I hatehatehate keeping grudges. I rarely do. So why can't we get over this thing, right? Let us all be rational and think about others, and the school. Doesn't that sound sensible?

Moving on, (finally!)
I've posted a letter to my BA already, after much delay. Was supposed to put it in her envelope since Wednesday, but yeah, procrastination at best! ;) My GA still hasn't written to me yet :(
For some reason, I look forward to the weekly PRS meetings we have every Friday!

I got my Agama test paper today. I was hoping for better, but I'm cool with my results! 44/50, hell yeah!
Jo Ee took a peak at 2H's Maths results. I'm not looking forward to that. I kind of already know what I got, sigh. When are we getting our Science papers?! I'm curious to know how badly I did. Hm.

Ooh! Highlights of the day!
Puan Nazirah didn't come to class today, as she was busy with SPM results and all. Oh, congratulations to all those who did well! Okay so anyway, yeah a relief teacher came in, and yes, we were allowed to do our own work. Aqila sat down next to me, and said,

"Hanna, I dare you to stare at the time for two minutes and not look away."

After 15 seconds...

"I'm bored already."

That was how bored we were in class. Yes, I lasted two minutes staring at Aqila's watch! Angela was constantly rubbing it in my face, "Oh, look, Hanna! What are they doing back there? Looks like so much fun. I'm thinking of joining them, would you like to come with? Oh, right! I forgot! You can't." So smart.

After that, we were thinking about what else to do to waste our time as we had 15 more minutes left until BM ends. So, we drew optical illusions. Or something like it, anyway.

"E M W W S"
I'd like to post some pictures, but I'm not sure where the camera is. So maybe later, (riiiight).
We had a competition on who could draw E M W W S best, it's like there's a specific arrangement on where to write E, M, W, W and S and when you join the letters together, it somehow turns out to be a pig. Eishatur won first, Angela second, I won third and Aqila won the consolation prize! HAHAHA, Aqila even drew that prize giving stand where the first is in the middle, second is at the right and third is at the left. She drew stick figures, and for consolation prize, she drew herself with a sad face. Super cute!

Angela, "Time flies when you're drawing pigs." Some of our pigs even looked similar to chickens, roosters, ducks and fishes -.-

Ooh then, Sophia suddenly approaches our table and said to Angela,
"When you come to my house, do you want chicken or beef?"

No response...

"ANGELA, can you please stop focusing on your pigs for one second and answer me!"


Oh, and next week on Friday, (yes I am fully aware that there's a one week break next week) 2 Hormat will be celebrating our 1st runner up title in the choral speaking competition at none other than Aqilah Azlan's place! I like 8) It'll be like a potluck thing, and there'll be pizza! Alrighttt :)

Wow. Uber long post tonight. I crammed in, like, 5 to 7 topics -.- Thanks to whoever who read all the way to here. HAHAHA, I doubt anybody did - except me, as after I post this I'll be re-reading my post to check for any spelling errors (I'm hopeless at grammar).

"Good morning, selamat pagi, vanakam, and xiao an"

Just another Xanga icon to enlighten this post,

I like this, for some reason! :)

PS: Happy 15th, Kudrat! :)

Wednesday, March 11


I didn't IM her the changes. I was sick in bed, but I'll rant about that later.
Oh well. The inter-class choral speaking competition is over and done with. (!)
2 Amanah won first place followed by 2 Hormat! 2 Erat won third.
Well done to 2 Amanah, I really really liked your performance and I am not kidding :)
I was told by Aqila that 2 Hormat was behind 2 Amanah by only 2-3 marks. Wow.
I'm still thankful that we won 2nd, though!
I really wasn't expecting that as a lot of people forgot their lines, thanks to me.
No, really. Safe to say, I was practically mouthing all the right lines at the wrong time. So much for memorizing the script, huh?
Choral speaking. Over and done with, right?!

Moving on,
Before I start rambling about anything else, I'd like to wish a very Happy Birthday to
Wan Kaiyisha Zawawi
Alissa Nassihin Nazeri!
Both of you turn thirteeeeen today! Warm wishes and good luck in performing during ICC this weekend. All the best! :)

Where was I? Right. If you recall, I mentioned (or rather complained) about how everybody was falling sick this time around, no? Hm. During tuition last night, I suddenly felt so dizzy and unable to talk or pay attention to what Cikgu Razman was teaching in front. Oh, and be warned. I will not be exaggerating one bit, okay? I really was feeling unwell up to the point where I could not even look up. I buried myself in the exercises that we had to do until the end of the lesson. I seriously thought I was going to faint -.- As soon as the clock struck 10pm, I was suddenly okay! Or so I thought. Waited for Ayah downstairs, he arrived shortly after and as soon as I got in the car, I felt dizzy again! I managed to take a nap on the journey back home, though. Apparently even Ayah and Hasya are sick, and two of my classmates are as well! Weird. It's probably the fever month or something. When I got home, Mommy made me eat something before having to swallow some pills. And let me tell you,


I don't know how to swallow them. Never was able to. So yesterday, I had to swallow two. Imagine the fun I had? Pft. Okay so here's the thing - I very smartly chucked the first pill in my mouth and starting munching on it, like it's some chicken drumstick or something, in hopes that if I succeed in breaking it to smaller pieces, it would be easier to swallow. But hm, trust me to come up with smart alternatives! It tasted like... BLEEEECH. It tasted like medicine.

"Ayah and Hasya were feeling better on Monday night and throughout half of Tuesday. However, by the time they came back from work and school respectively yesterday, both were having slight fever again, and aching joints. The bug seems to be making its comeback every other day it seems. And this time around, Hanna pun dah start demam.

She looked pretty pale and was not her usual perky self when she got back from her tuition last night. Gave her a couple of PCM (which she had difficulty swallowing, as usual :) Hilman and Hasya are much better at taking pills whole compared to their Kak Long actually :) Anyway, after having her supper, she went straight to bed. I told her that she should not go to school if her fever were to get worse, but she insisted that she had to go to school as they were having the inter-class choral speaking competition today and she was the conductor for 2H.

Hmmm...all three of our kids are like that! They never want to miss school even if they're sick! It's good I guess...But, that would mean that they can be guilty of spreading all the bugs to their friends at school! Sigh...

They follow their Ayah. Cannot stop working. Throughout his waking hours, he would be working, working, working."

Copy-and-pasted from Mommy's blog :)
Miraculously, I could swallow the second pill! I swear to God, that was probably my first ever pill I was able to swallow all this year (so far) and last. Great achievement. Dragged my lazy ass upstairs, changed into my sleeping attire, and before I knew it - it was already 5am! Woke Hasya up, packed my school bag, and my first thought before entering the shower was - "CHORAL SPEAKING OHMYGOD!"

Bathed, got ready, and only went down at 6:45. Straight away went into the car, and off I went to school. Reached my second home (LOL) at 7:25am, phew. I'm so, so, so, sorry, Hasya. You were late to school today... Because of me :( HAHAHA :)

Everything went well today, I guess. No comment.
Went to Taekwondo after school, boy, it really is tiring. After Taekwondo, Aqila and I headed to the canteen and sat down where Karyna's bag was. After some time, Angela, Mira and Pik Leng joined us at the table. We were talking about butterflies, and suddenly the mashed potato on Aqila's fork (yes, fork) that she was about to eat dropped on the table.

Here comes the over-dramatic-plus-very-much-exaggerated-part.
Credits to Angela for all the words which you are about to read ;)

While observing the mashed potato, Aqila had the sudden urge to start blowing it.
Hanna then felt the burning need and desire to join Aqila in blowing the mashed potato.
*Both starts blowing*
They then realised how ridiculous they were behaving at that moment. They stared at each other in the eyes, and could feel the sparks and electric currents passing through. With butterflies in her stomach, Aqila said-

"Why are we blowing mashed potatoes? We're so... weird"

Yes, I actually wrote down in my notebook what to blog about today, and Angela helped me with the above conversation :)I got my History and Geography marks! I'm completely satisfied with both, actually. I mean, yeah. Will try harder next time! Especially for History :)

I can't think of anything else to blog about anymore. This post is getting way too long already. I hope there's handball tomorrow. Cheers :)

Monday, March 9


I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW. This is my God knows how manieth post for today.
Cut me some slack, it's the last day of the weekend! Yes I know it's a Monday, but we had today off, no? ;)

Carrie Underwood singing America's National Anthem at an NFL game. I hate people with beeeautiful voices. I feel like, stab-

Never mind :) Aunty Adik gave me a link to Demi Lovato singing the National Anthem at another NFL game, and I seriously didn't know she could sing so well! Her voice, is like, damn.
I've also been YouTubing other artists singing the National Anthem at other NFL games. Like, Kelly Clarkson! And JoJo! And Christina Aguilera!

And all of these videos gave me headaches heartaches :( How is it that they sing so well? How is it fair that America's National Anthem is so difficult to sing, especially for people with bad voices like me?
(Yes I know I'm not even an American citizen :$)

I'm watching Josh Groban sing now. AAAAAH ♥ ♥ ♥
Off to YouTube agaaain! Taylor Swift hehe :]

You raise me up,
So I can stand on mountains! :)

I'd like to go to an NFL game someday. It looks so... I don't know, cool? :-) Super big stadiums with the huge national flag spread wide across the stadium. Sigh, dream big, Hanna. Dream big.

I lovelovelove Xanga icons :)

there's no need to complicate

Taken from Mraz's blog!

Okay, I know I've been blogging a lot. So bored at home, and I've been cleaning my room okay! And doing my homework :) Anyways, Eli has a new blog, everybody! Click here to read :)

What have I been doing online? Well I'm currently on Jason Mraz's official website, and nobody ever told me how cool it is!


"That's why they call me Information Jaaaason!" Super cool.
"Don't believe anything you read on this Bio page. This biography is unauthorized. Get to know me, read more. Read deeeeeper. Print this bio page and paste it in public toilets." What's not to love?!
"Links. Links. Links. Linksss. L-I-N-K-S. You got the links. These are the links. They are my friends. Click the links. I got the links. Yeaaah, I thought so. Linksss." :') Genius. A webpage that speaks.

You've to see for yourself, seriously.

that's my philosophy

One of the perks of having winter :) FYI, I get all / most of my icons and photographs on this blog from Xanga, I subscribe to the users and get daily e-mails containing all the icons. So, yeah. Credits to the respective Xanga bloggers.

So, when he told me that he was not going to review his patients today, I was thinking, "Joy, joy...Happy, happy! Maybe we can spend more time as a family today? Maybe go for an outing somewhere?" But alas, the only reason why he's not going to the hospital today is because he's not feeling well. He has a temperature and an upset tummy. He even threw up early this morning. Poor thing. So, today, it's my job to review him instead. Hehehe! He must be feeling VERY sick, because as far as I could remember, even when he was sick before, he would still go to work!

Not only that, Hasya is also not feeling well. It's probably the same bug. But, so far, only her body is dedar, and she just feels generally unwell. No vomitting, no upset tummy, etc. I pray that both Ayah and daughter will be okay by the end of the day, insya Allah.

Picked from Mommy's blog. Seriously, what is it with everybody feeling unwell lately? Even Mira's at UH now, visiting her uncle who's a patient there. Plus, there's school tomorrow. I might catch their (Ayah & Hasya) fever. Even then, I'd still have to go to school anyway. Choral speaking competition this Wednesday! So soon. Haven't even revised the lines yet. Haven't even started on the facial expressions, in fact! Sigh. Ooh, not to mention, I'll be getting most of my results this upcoming week. Grrreat. Exactly what I hate most about post-exams. I've already done my KH corrections - will be doing theory now, and maybe for the rest of the day -.- Four sets of questions per book, and I've got like, 2 books left to complete before Wednesday.

"Ah, the joys of life"
-2H'09 Choral Speaking Script.
Do your part and save Mother Nature!
Thanks Nad!

another late night call telling me you'd be away

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What I Want For My Birthday List
List ten things that you want for your birthday, doesn’t matter whether the things that you want is possible or impossible to get. Tag ten people to do this afterward.

1. All racism and wars to end.
2. Tickets to an awesome concert somewhere overseas.
3. Plane tickets to go to that somewhere overseas :p
4. Happiness.
5. World peace.
6. More freedom.
7. More savings.
8. Usual birthday celebration & catch a movie, :)
9. Gain more trust from everybody.
10. More storybooks.

I tag noone.


Why's everyone getting sick? Get well soon Benji, sigh xx
You know things get rough when noone cares.
I miss you, yes I still do. Where've you been? :|

Sunday, March 8

dance hall drug,

Hello there everybody, meet Ira Marlina Handajani :)

It's been so long since I last talked to you properly,
Yes I honestly do miss you lots!

Remember in Standard 6, we were both obsessed with Boys Like Girls?
Martin Johnson! Paul DiGiovanni!
You used to send me tons of their external links, to Flickr, Wiki, Google, Blogs, you name it.
Oh and remember in Standard 4, you and Nadd were obsessed with MCR?
You two told me you were related to Mikey and Gerard Way!
Then, late 2007, it was my turn to discover my huge liking towards them, and you used to send me Mikey's pictures on MSN, and search for Mikey icons on Photobucket.So many memories I have shared with you, all locked up in a tank, filled to the brim with happy moments :)
I love & miss you, IRA!