Saturday, April 18

Spirit Up!

I really like this flag, it's pretty! And from the back it looks like "URIE" Hint, Yuray :p

Who's gonna win this year?
Who, who, who?

Yeah man, Biru got first again! Third year in a row, alright! Very big thanks to Dian, Vishnu, Fifi, Thabeena, and all the other seniors that made Blue House win agaaaaain! Competition this year was pretty darn tight, though. Sports Day was held at Stadium MBPJ, if I'm not mistaken. It was awesome, mainly because I don't usually go to stadiums and the atmosphere there was just...


Hahaha. Kawad went well, we got third, I think. It was actually pretty fun! Yeah! Our mascots wore really cool outfits and the flags were well painted and all. We were good to go! :) We were just four marks away from Yellow House! Ah, yes. Well done to Yellow House for winning both kawad and aerobics. Not forgetting, a very big congratulations to Nursyazwana Izzati for getting Olahragawati Kelas 3! :) Also to the other athletes who got a placing in their events :D

After weeks and weeks of training for handball and Sports Day, what do I get in return?
Terribly sunburnt and a painful sorethroat, of course. Skin tone got darker by like, three shades. No kidding. It was all worth it, though. I was literally shouting and screaming my heart (and lungs!) out during Sports Day, I lost my voice by the time I was done with kawad (which was the first event for the day, okay :D)! Speaking of which, you have no idea how tiring it is standing still for nearly an hour whilst the V.I.Ps read out their speech, et cetera. The sun wasn't even properly up yet and I was already sweating like a pig! Nadd said Blue House's kawad was good, synchronised steps and all. Oh my, I wish it was recorded on tape or something, seriously. I'd watch it over and over again. Maybe not literally, but you get my point.

Come to think of it, I don't know where I got my Blue House spirit from! I was cheering like mad, maaaan I love Sports Day(s)! :D

Handball was fun, even though we lost on the first day. I don't remember what schools we lost against but we did win one match out of three, though. The score was pretty close too. We won 3-0, and the matches we lost, the final score were both 2-1. The next day, we went to support the U18 team. Since the U15 team weren't competing on the second day, Aqila was studying Science whilst I was studying Geography Form 1! I've got around 30 more pages to cover by mid next month. I'm already scared for midyear. Hell yeah, I've been studying, alright! Oh and on the second day, since we didn't have to train, U15 played basketball since they had a basketball court there, HAHA :D

Mai's birthday is this Wednesday. I won't be able to post a blog post on that day, I don't think :/

Happy [Advanced] 14th Birthday,
Mai Najihah Meor Kamarul Zaman!

You're a great friend, I don't know what I'll do without your daily happy screams and shouts at me

Enjoy your Sweet Fourteenth! Yeap, just another seven months for me. Patience, Hanna. That's all it takes.


Today is Amalina Rahmat's birthday, so yes,


Oh, and also, tomorrow, the 19th of April, is none other than Aqilah Azlan Baqee's birthday! Aaaand Minnurllah's! So, Happy Advanced 14th Birthday, the two of you! Sadly, I don't have any photos of neither Aqilah nor Minnurllah. So yeah :/

For English yesterday, we watched a bit of Phantom of the Opera in the Bilik Tayangan. The movie's nice lah! :D And Opera Ghost is way way way more better looking than Raoul -.- PRS meeting was alright. Fatin organised a treasure hunt for this week's module! It was honestly pretty mind-boggling, but oh-so-fun (and tiring!). Elynna, Sabrina, Lanee, Siti Syahirah and Riyana were in my group. Team PURPLE! :D And yup, we won first! Got chocolates, hahaha Yeaaaaay :]

Went for a day out with the orphans today, from Rumah Juara :) I missed SSP Sports Day, sigh. Wanted to see my ex-schoolmates. There's always another day, right? Hasya got fourth for her 200m and 1st for her 4x100m, and congrats to Green House for getting second! Super proud :) Red House as usual got first. Anyway, back to the orphans! :] My partner was Trishna, and our orphan's name is Asha (Assha, Aasha, go figure.). She's around 10 years old and was very friendly for the first, like, three to four hours. Then she started asking for so many things and I literally didn't have enough money, okay! But she was so good-hearted because everything she asked for, she took another one for her sister, Nisha :)

Ayah sent me to Rumah Juara at around 7.20am, we were the first ones there. After everyone else arrived, Ayah drove off and yep, left for Lake Gardens! :D I made friends with the famous Steven Kong! And Kevin :D Nice boys. We reached Lake Gardens at 9am, and after sorting out our partners and food et cetera, we were given an hour or so to round orchid park. Asha likes the colour purple and refuses to look at any other flowers besides the ones in purple! No, really o_o She's really supercute lah. I'd like to see her again, she said her name's Asha Gandhi (or was it Gindhu, or Bindhu? :s). After the orchid park, all of us gathered at the entrance before walking to the deer park, which was pretty stinky so I didn't enjoy it as much. Most of us were crowding under the fan, haha! Kids are so hyped up, I mean I guess the orphans don't usually go out so it's really exciting for them. But really lah, so tiring okay chasing after Asha o.o

I wanted to drop by Planetarium but I guess we didn't have enough time :/ Next, we went to the bird park! This took the longest time as we went for the bird show which was just okay. The birds weren't really well-trained yet I assume, cause most of the tricks came by as failure. Everyone was so jakun with the birds they have there, and this conversation took place :


Eh omg what's that ah?
It's an ostrich, turkey and emu combined!
It's an emu lah.
No it's not, more like chicken! 
It's the Southern Cassawary :D

It was definitely not a chicken, it was like, 20 times bigger okay. And I don't know who said it looked like a chicken, probably Asha or Nisha.

Overall, I had a greaaat day today :) Nice experience, you know, day out at Lake Gardens with them kids :) Before we left, had a small picnic beside the bus and my mat served its purpose! Haha. The food was good, honestly. Fried mee (Y) My God, I'm so full. Didn't take many pictures today as Mommy took the camera for SSP Sports Day. I'll try post some pictures if I can :) Tonight we're going to Aunty Onair's house again! Bring on the swimming pool, yo :)

Yeah, I know, I'm typing anything and everything I can think about. I'm just so happy! For no apparent reason. I won't be updating much until after midyear, which ends right before PRS camp. I'm superduper excited for camp! Seriously cannot wait. Oh and it turns out, my GA isn't who I thought she is! Hurrah! I don't wanna know who she is, hahaha!

Oh, and recently, Wan had to undergo surgery. On Thursday, yeap, the same day as Sports Day. There was something wrong with her spinal chord. Alhamdulillah, she's alright :D Her surgery was scheduled at 6pm and when it was time for her to go, suddenly Wan started crying and everyone else did too o.o Except Hasya, and Qadri who was sleeping. Heh ;) Stayed at UH until about 11 something. The lift at UH is so bleepin' slow, we had to wait for more than 10 minutes for it -_-

I guess I should stop now. Don't expect regular updates from me until about a month or so!

Friday, April 10

We sing, we dance, we steal things.

I like the colours :)

Got my PRS badge and handball jersey today! Yay! Took class photo and photo for handball too. I had fun during our candid shots for class photo. For the first one I had Aqila on me, and for the second candid photo, Pik Leng was on me HAHA. My Geography teacher gives a lot of homework :( I'm starting to understand Maths better now. Please, oh please. Better results for midterm. Straight A's? Insya'Allah :)

During kawad practice earlier this evening, Ellena Razif came again, this time with four other seniors! Haha it was fun, the field was muddy and wet :D So far, so good. I'm tired. Ah well :) I've got nearly six pages worth of Geography notes to finish by tonight. Not forgetting the exercises we have to complete by tomorrow. Will be burying my head in books soon.

Pik Leng, Hanna.

Pik Leng? Hello? Hi, for Geo notes do we have to do Bab 7?
Oh siapa cikgu you? Puan Gohilah eh?
Pik Leng? Do you know who this is?
Syaheerah kan?
Omg serious?! Gila lain suara you! Macam lelaki! I thought you were Syaheerah!

I've got a cool talking voice HAHAHA. Having sore throat, it hurts to shout but who cares?! Go Blue House! Spirited, bersemangat? Hell yeah. I really should give up blogging altogether. I'm blank, can't think of anything to blog about. Yet I always have the urge to click that stupid NEW POST button every time I sign in Blogger. Pfft.
Oh and, I promise I won't eat in class any more, Seri :(

Aqila, Hanna

You emo ke?
No, why?
You're not singing.
Omg a'ah la, I think I'm emo right now.
Thought so.
*starts singing

Oh, had handball practise again today! From 7.30 to 8.30 and 11 to 1. Aqila was in the sports equipment room just now, weighing herself and she had this superfreaky look on her face, she was laughing to herself. Nad and I were scared, seriously. She looked like she was possessed. Hm, honestly, now, I'm not sure whether I like handball as much as I used to! Getting shouted at by the seniors is plain scary, even if it's for the better. I think I've mentioned in the previous post how pathetic I am at shooting right? I've improved! I was goalie for about 5 minutes just now until I let in two goals. My God. That bad ah?

I seriously hope Blue House improves by Sports Day. I like Yellow House's Aerobics and Red House's kawad. Haven't seen Green House yet.

Down by the padang where everybody is,
We are the
Blue House girls,
Cheering like this, say:

Blue, blue, blue, blue, blue!
Blue, blue, blue, blue, blue!
We are the best in Sri Aman, yeah!

So irrelevant now

Hasya's birthday celebration went well. Aunty Adik's friend, Trina came. I like her, she's funny :D Oh and, Aunty Adik spent the whole day in the kitchen, cooking. She cooked everything that was served, except the birthday cake. Pizza, roast chicken, baked potatoes, potato wedges, lasagna, mushroom soup, pear pastries, you name it! Kudos to her :)

Kawad's going okay. Yesterday we learned our tabik hormat, still getting there. Had handball too, from 7:30 to 10. After school, we had practise again, from 2.30 to 5. Since I had to make time for Japanese class, kawad and handball, I ended up going only after 4 something. How was practise? Haha it was alright. Oooh and, we're getting our PRS badges today! Yay! For some reason, that makes me happy :)
I want to go out tomorrowww :(
I don't get enough sleep nowadays. I KNOW, I have been saying that a lot in my previous entries, but it's true! I spend most of my day in school, okay. From 7:15 to 6 nearly every day. And going back to Damansara takes about 45 minutes, due to heavy traffic in the evening. My, oh my. Midyear is this 11th May. Now tell me, isn't that too soon?! I have to catch up with my studies.

Handball tournament is this Monday. Hopefully, if we make it, it'll last 'til Wednesday. And the day after that is Sports Day! I can't wait.
Oh, Izzy has really good table manners. She dabs her mouth after every bite, and she's so proper when she eats. So feminine (Y)

Class photography session is today. Yay, again!

It's 6:18am now, and I'm thinking hard of something else to blog about before I head off to school. Oh, shoot. Screw that. I haven't even packed my bag yet (!)


Monday, April 6

You can have whatever you like

I hate Mondays. I can list down a few people that do too. Aqila, Zaki, Angela.

*Aqila drops her stationaries,
"I hate Mondays!"
*Hanna drops her pen and loses it somewhere :( ,
"I hate Mondays!"

10 minutes later, on the way to the Seni room, Angela forgot to bring some stuff.

"What do you hate most?"
"Mondays -.-"

Haha but I guess today was alright. My God, just when I thought my eyebags can't get any more worse that it already is...


I'm assuming it was raining cats and dogs last night 'cause the field today was - No, not muddy. But so wet! Puddles everywhere! Tons of fun. After a while, the field got a bit messy though, in the sense that the puddles were all dirty  I hate trying to shoot for handball cause I'll always miss, and I think my class is filled with brainiacs. I don't, I repeat, I do not want to know what position I got in class. My CGPA so bad lah. Same as Izzy though. Ah well, I'll just have to study ten times harder for midyear :) And it's really just around the corner! Mid May. Dang.

Homework is just another form of self-studying :)
Tuesday was fine, tuition was the best! Hahaha :') I like my tuitionmates.
Blue House practise also was okay, our kawad is improving like this much! Ellena also came to synchronize our steps etc. :) Staybacks aren't that bad, it's just the completing homework at the end of the day that's simply tiring. I've got class tonight, and I've completed my theory homework, like, a full seven days ago! Jyeah!
Also went for So You Think You Can Dance 2, mainly because I want to see Seri dance and the entrance was free! Seri was so cute :D The performances were pretty okay too, if only the music was louder though :/
Aqila, "We have to dance to Sway"
Hahaha :')

Today is a special day :)
Hasya Sofea Haizal,
You turn ten today!
Happy birthday to you,
Thank you for being my breathing alarm clock every morning ;)
Sure, you whine like almost every day.
You're hell annoying when you want something.
You rub it in my face when you get something better than me.
But heck, that's what sisters are for!

Birthday celebration tonight, I cannot wait! Good food, here I come!
Squeezing in three days worth of blog posts, heh :]

Sunday, April 5

When you hold me in your arms

Amir Arshad Rosli. I swear to God, he's just inches away from being taller than me.
Tihani! Super cute!
Bracef-a-c-e! :D
Potential camwhores yet again :p
HAPPY 80th JADDI! Little ones blowing out the candles :)
Jaddati; Jaddi ♥ ♥ ♥

Come on, Blue House,
Let's make 2009 better with us Blue House members crowned champions for the third year in a row! Where's our spirit, girls?!
Come on, don't make it hard for our president. It's tough handling 1/4 of the school, what more with the decorations and such.

Birthday celebration for Jaddi last night went well. We ended up sleeping there as Ayah was too tired to drive home. I love family gatherings! Watched Confessions of a Shopaholic. Amir was the only guy watching. "Kenapa dia nak sangat scarf tu?!" Hahaha! It's a nice movie, I wasn't really paying attention though as I brought my homework there again.

Fetched my passport today! :D I look ridiculous. Aunty Adik called and asked if I was free. She was on an Archuleta hunt! She really wants to go to his concert this Saturday, and I obviously want to tag along! So we went to OU, checked Tower Records and sadly enough, TICKETS : SOLD OUT! Two days ago :/ Aunty Adik then called some of her friends and asked if they knew where to get the tickets. All sold out you know :( So, since we were both hungry, we ate at Carls Jr.! The hand dryer is wicked cool; must try! It's so cold too, and it looks kind of like a toaster :p I was so full when it was time to go home. I had fun, walking around from Old Wing to New Wing and back :D If only we had more cash on us...

GIRLS. Typical ;)

If McFly ever comes down to Malaysia, I'll be sure to go. That is; with Mommy's permission. Please? o:-) Tom's voice is musical. Danny's too. Hearts!
So hold me close and say three words like you used to do, :)
I can't believe I've neglected Dougie Lee Poynter for two years! I'm sorry :'( Hahaha!

Oh Dougie


Seriously, spare some time to watch this ! It's flippin' cool! Found it on Tasyah's blog :)
I like the bridge :D
He also did violin and/or viola covers for some other well-known songs, even Your Guardian Angel!
Amazing, simply amazing.
Go drbilderburger

Saturday, April 4

Sing me a song

HAHAHAHA, frog life cycle! Nope, I did not get this from Xanga. Had to do some stuff for Geography and well, yeah.

Haven't been blogging for two to three days. I've been sleeping early too. What a good girl I've been :) Hahaha.

Today, woke up at 8:30, showered and accompanied Mommy to the pasar at TTDI. She had to buy some groceries for tonight's dinner at Wan Nyah's - celebrating Jaddi's birthday. She sent me to SMK Sultan Abdul Samad after that, for their International Understanding Day. It was pretty fun! Especially since Fiona was there, she sat with us the whole time :D Left early though, for class. Hasya bought me Kite Runner! Thank you ♥

Uncle Suffian called when we just left OU. He asked if Hilman was interested in following him to the Formula One race in Sepang. Hilman being, well, Hilman, said "Should I go bowling or F1?!" -.-" Last minute change of plans. Ended up going to the race, lucky boy. I remember in Standard 1 or something, Ayah and I competed on who could take the best pictures. Neither of us got a picture of any of the racers -.-

Yeah, sent Hilman to Wan's house and changed into a different attire for a bowling birthday party in Tropicana. I sucked for my first five tries and after that I actually improved this much! :'D I even got a SPARE!
It was 3:30 when Mommy sent me to Wan's house again, to get ready for a handball match at Sports Plaza. Aunty Adik sent me as Mommy was busy with some stuffs. Reached Sports Plaza early, and waited for Aqila to come. Mira came soon after :)

Should've known better than to reach at four :( Started playing at five, Malaysian timing mah. I won't even try to recap what the score was, we were that bad! Can't blame us, we played against U18 Damansara Jaya boys! Fast some more. Tall also :( It was fun though, and the place was ridiculously hot. Sent Izzy, Hana and Sarah to Jaya and SS1 before heading home. Took a nice hot shower, and here I am now! Blogging in the comfort of my own room :D

So what's been happening lately? Had Blue House practise thrice these past five days. Kawad's actually okay, but noone really cooperates. We're so soft, and Yellow House is now first! This is bad for us. Great for them, obviously. Nyeh. Taekwondo camp and PRS camp are both on the same dates! Of course if I had an option I'd pick PRS, hands down. But the thing is, the Taekwondo camp's compulsory for all above Green belt. Nyeh; again.

I think Kiss Me Thru The Phone is a cute song! The chorus, mostly. I also think T.I is cool :D
Blog posts getting shorter, aaah! Not much of a big deal but for me it is. I can't remember anything funny that anyone's said lately :/

So problematic ah me. Is it just me or does anyone else notice that I've been speaking a lot of Manglish?! o_o
I really have to start studying for midterm. So lazylah. Enoy your Saturday night, all!My blog so dead. Die die die,

Friday, April 3

Little One


Have a greaaat day today and may you get lots of presents from people, and yes. We all know you want money! :p

Best of luck in everything you do :)

Lotsa love,
Hanna Suhaila :)

Wednesday, April 1

They taped over your mouth

Happy Belated 14th Birthday,
Shashee Varman Pathavachalam!
You're fourteen already! So fast!
Just another seven months for me :)

Happy 13th Birthday,
Ungku Nur Nadiaaa! :)

Happy 15th Birthday,
Zaki Aiman! :)

Happy April Fools' Day

Did you manage to pull a prank on anyone? :-)

Karyna, "Jasween, you're so pretty! APRIL FOOOOOL!" Hahaha!
Seri, "Modem tu untuk apa eh? Clip dekat telinga eh?" HAHAHA!

I like both my GA and BA! Both are super nice ;D When I reply their letters, though, I tend to write a little bit too much, heh :p Speaking of writing, Cik Thana was a relief teacher for Science period just now. She called the AJK English (Alya) up front and before I knew it, I have to write an essay for the school magazine o_o Not just me, though. Thivya, Angela and Alya as well. Their essays would for sure be chosen, so why should I bother, right? It's not like I haven't enough homework already. It's due tomorrow, I think. Sigh. What should I write about?!

There's a friendly match at OU this Saturday. We'll be playing against Damansara Jaya boys, doesn't it sound like so much fun? Hahaha Aqila thought of a few strategies in class just now :p Oh and next week we've also got a friendly against Sri Permata, if I'm not mistaken. We've lost once already to SMK TTDI (Just by one mark, okay!), let's hope it doesn't happen again! :o

Blue House's third, after Red and Yellow. Seriously, what happened? :( On the 14th of February, we were first! We won the best cheer! And most of the runners in P3, P2 and P1 were from Blue House, correct? During Handball just now, saw the kawad participants of Red House practising. They're good. And apparently they've got some sort of secret weapon? What is this?! :/

I guess I shouldn't be worrying too much, ey? I'm in kawad, by the way. Yeap, practise under the hot sun three times a week until the 16th of April. I'll just have to bear with it, Insya'Allah everything'll be fine :) I hope my skin doesn't get too dark though, I mean it's bad enough already, what more with weather nowadays -.- I really have to congratulate Yellow House. From fourth place last year, to second! Wah.

I've to pass up my Agama notes and exercises by this week, six flippin' topics! Procrastination kills.
Now, off to something random :
The sky was so pretty just now. Really, really pretty. It was around 4pm when I went to the field after Taekwondo, and it was still blazin' hot then. 15 minutes later, the clouds were blocking the sun, I looked up and Wow. I don't quite know how to describe it without sounding like someone who's never seen clouds before -.-

I'm still sick :( It's getting pretty bad, my flu. I've stopped sneezing; and am now coughing. Now that, is worse. I've got a sorethroat and I can really pull off a guy's voice, no joke. This can come as an advantage, lol. I want to be better by tomorrow, for Blue House practise! I mean. I don't want my flu / fever to be contagious, do I? 0:-)

Yeah - another update just because. I read through some of my archive two nights ago, and yes, I actually laughed to myself when reading some of my earliest posts. Sri Aman's canteen food is oh-so-expensive :(

Izzy's always so happy these days, so cute! Haha! I rode her bike for a while just now, it's been some time since I last cycled :) I want to watch Talentime after class this Saturday, anyone? :)