Saturday, October 31

To feel your pain, you feel mine


Just got back from Mira's aunt's wedding. It went well (Y) They played nice old songs, like Kenangan Terindah which had a lot of people singing along to, including Jes. Speaking of Jes, I asked him why he doesn't bond with his older cousins. His response? "They're all much older than me la. Mira doesn't talk to me anymore. But, I remember, when we were small, I once slept next to her. That's about the closest relationship I have with my cousins." Aww :) Yes, Mira, I did post that on purpose hehe. So, bonded with Aqila and Neena mostly. Mira was busy helping around with her cousins, so yeah. Played Bounce on Neena's phone, who remembers that game?! Oh aaand we made a new friend! Kinda, sorta. She's Mira's mom's friend's daughter, her name is Azra Balqis. She's nice, and speaks with a slight accent. If I'm not mistaken, she stayed at England for four years before this and just came back last year. Oh and, the food was really good too. I was about to go for my second round until I saw the kuih lapis, honeydew and watermelon. I lurve fruits and kuih.

Anyways, on to other things. I feel like watching old Disney movies. Seri, the Disney freak she is, sings the songs to all these movies in class and mhm, I can actually hear her voice in my head right now. So freaky.
Movies like Beauty and the Beast, Peter Pan, An American Tail, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Pinocchio, Alice in Wonderland, Lady and the Tramp, The Sword in the Stone, The Junglebook, The Fox and the Hound, The Little Mermaid, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, The Lion King, Mulan, Hercules, Tarzan, Home on the Range, and so on; oh, I miss. Really.

I also miss old Nickelodeon shows like Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Rugrats, Kenan and Kell, All That, Hey! Arnold, Rocko's Modern Life, As Told by Ginger, CatDog, The Wild Thornberrys, Aah! Real Monsters, etc. So sad that there aren't shows like that anymore.

I'm sleepy. Night.

P.S. Played Speed at school today. Aqila pwns me. :(

Thursday, October 29

The party don't start 'til I walk in,

The second star to the right

Was with Lissa, Kaii, Elynna and Aqila :)

The friendly match against MKIS went pretty well today, we lost 3-0 but it's okay! :-) The girls were super nice. I didn't play though today :( Which is a good thing, or the score would've probably been worse hehe.

Had drama practice before that too, probably the most productive one we've had. Continued with props and rehearsed more major scenes in the drama, hopefully everything goes well. Brought my metronome and exam pieces too, practiced "for" Seri today. Thank you :)

Looking forward to this weekend. Please turn out good. Looking pretty bad already though. Aunty Adik invited me to catch Yuna on Sunday, turns out Kaii's brother Rendra Zawawi's performing too. Most likely unable to go, it's fine though. Will either be going to Terry Fox Run with some of my friends or tuition with Aisyah and Arial on that day instead, I'll probably end up choosing the latter, haha. Starting Form 3 Science. Wish me luck!

I feel like watching A Walk to Remember and crying buckets of tears tonight. Maybe later, after doing all my homework due tomorrow? Hm.

Wednesday, October 28

"You go toilet never wash hand right?"

Credits to Asyraf Nasir!

Perjalanan Cinta untuk Dikenang

Aunty Adik cooked dinner last night, mm, She cooked roast chicken, fish pie (Seri I think this is the one you were talking about!), and burgers! Really nice.

Anyway, school today was fun! We didn't really learn. After recess the Form 1 and 2s had to gather at the gallery for some BM drama thing all of us only got to know about yesterday. So yes, my class' initial plan was just to do a spontaneous act based on the BM proverb "Bagaimana acuan begitulah kuihnya". Then we saw other classes prepared with costumes and props, so mhm we felt pretty... Bare. 15 minutes before our performance, Eishatur, Aqila and I decided to change the whole drama completely o.o Since we had no chance to make the drama funny, we opted to make it sad instead. Aqila suggested we do something like A Walk to Remember, hence the post title. Our drama was called "Perjalanan Cinta untuk Dikenang." :D Karyna was Landon Carter, and I was Jamie. Of course, when you plan and "rehearse" a last minute drama 10 minutes before your performance, things tend to go haywire ;p Thank God, it wasn't so bad. Karyna was all



Turns out, we got 3rd place! We were so shocked o.o 2 Bakti won 2nd and of course, 2 Amanah 1st. They were reaaally good though! So mhm congrats (:

No Japanese tomorrow, yay! There's drama practice / a football match tomorrow. Playing against MKIS girls. They look reaaally good, yikes.

So mhm off to do Science notes now, night Blogger


Just look at him ♥ 

Tuesday, October 27

Okay. Cooled down a bit. School today was pretty fun. Was supposed to watch Saw with ze classmates but the player couldn't play the DVD, so we watched some Form 4 history thing instead. Got our Maths paper back, I'm pretty satisfied. ICTL was fun as well, for the first time this year our class got to use the new computer lab, because 2 Gigih didn't show up, I'm not sure why though. Did a lot of Facebook / blog stalking with Aqila, Seri and Aqilah :) Oh, and Aqila brought her copy of next month's Astro Guide, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are on the cover. Kristen as usual looks pretty whereas Robert... No comment. They even had a centrefold (I think) spread okay, with another huuuge picture of them. Dude. He doesn't shave. It's just not right.
Moving on, Japanese exam was so difficult, I don't really want to talk about it, heh. Finally though, finals are over for me! No more tests to sit for for another five months. Oh Thank God. Will start tuition for Form 3 this year though, I'm okay with that I guess.
Had drama practice today. We're not that bad, really!

A Walk to Remember
Landon Carter is Love :)
And Switchfoot's cover of Only Hope makes me melt.



At least they spelt my name right.

Monday, October 26


To kill a mockingbird

Omg, y're 20 years old. Wow.

So, I called her just now to wish her happy birthday, and:

Y: Mm. Okay.
H: You know it's your birthday today kan?
Y: Yeah. Okay.
H: Omg, don't be so grumpy on your birthday la. Be happy! :D
Y: Go die lah! Haha. Good night.

Finally. After four shit games.

School tomorrow. Nights :)

Sunday, October 25

Burning bridges, making wishes

Helped Mommy do grocery shopping at Tesco, accompanied Ayah for the MM interview thing, gathering at Azraa's.

Overall, had fun today :)

And then I felt the ghost's icy grip tighten around my neck.

Today, I taught Elynna how to printscreen. I also fed her cereal :)

Life's a game but it's not fair

Who remembers this? ♥ :)

Was supposed to go to Sunway with LPL and Karyna heh sorry :( Next time? :D

Got my contacts after class today, then went home for lunch. Sent Hasya and Hilman to swimming class, then went to One Utama again because Mommy didn't get enough tupperwares (?) She was at Parkson, and I was at GSC queueing up for MJ This Is It tickets. Surprisingly they weren't sold out. Will be watching it on the 1st November, yay!

Fetched Hasya and Hilman then went to Valencia to get Mommy a place to put all her tupperwares... Or something like that, I dunno. Got home by 6, showered and got ready. By 8, left for Eli's, thanks Mommy!
The food was soo good, really! Talked and laughed, and by 10.45, Angah sent Balqis and Eeqa home, then sent me home. It was a nice ride, thank you! :)

Saturday, October 24

Get low

To the window, to the window!
To the wall, to the wall!
To the sweat drop down my balls!

"Embedding disabled by request."
Watch watch! :)

 Angela told me about Lucas Grabeel starring in a vampire musical (ala HSM) called I Kissed a Vampire. Bloody sexy I tell you. Even Drew Seeley looks good.

Should be pretty awesome. Rock musical, yo. Right? The girl's kind of annoying though.

Karyna, Yasshene, Pik Leng
Muka Karyna je nampak, HAHAHAHA!

Karyna Kewldawg ♥

Meet Karyna Illiyyiana Suhaimi

Okay so, I met Karyna in Tadikum...
...Wait. I don't remember much of my Tadikum years. But I do remember that Nadd, Karyna and I were like. A "gang". You know? ;)

I asked Nadd if she remembers any "memorable/embarassing moments" that involved Karyna. And...

HEHEHE. I bet we were cute. I mean. Yeah. Just saying (A)

So, in Std 1, we were in the same class. The three of us! :D
I remember we'd always sharpen our pencils and colour pencils together at the back of the class.
I also remember I sat next to Kuhadev. I think it was because Karyna sat next to Nadd and I had noone to sit next to.
(But Karyna says I sat next to Nadd and she sat next to Shakinah 'cause she didn't know who to sit next to. Same difference.)

Then in Std 2, we were in different classes. I got closer to Ira, and Karyna got closer to Nad ;o
I was deported to Kazakhstan for a year, so Karyna and I lost contact. (I'm kidding, by the way. I don't even know where Kazakhstan is)

When I came back in October 2004, Karyna was in 3 Mawar and I was in 3 Melati. And Oh My God, I'm sure none of you will ever let me forget this:
"I'm wearing a haaalf-singlet!"
"I have a sponge in my shoe!"
Pfftch :p The year ended pretty quickly, there was only two weeks left until school holidays anyway.

The next year, I was in 4 Melur and Karyna was in 4 Mawar. I didn't talk to her much then.
(Unless I did but I don't remember.) However, I do remember that Karyna absolutely loves Girls, and bought a new pencilbox every weekend or something, no? ;)

We were in the same class though, in Std 5. 5 Mawar! Oh joy.
I still remember, we were the noisiest class and it was always the prefects that got blamed. Towards the end of the year, everyone was like obsessed with "Welcome to the Black Parade" :o

Omg, Std 6. I was in 6 Mawar, Karyna in 6 Melati ;o In fact, everyone was in 6 Melati! I had Nadd and Eli though, (and Ashraf, Danial, Hakim too)
Karyna was too cool for me, I was too lame for her :(
(Yes, of course she told me to write that. HAHAHAHA)

We were both accepted into Sri Aman (I was obviously overjoyed at the time HAHA), she in 1 Fasih and myself in 1 Bakti. Again, we weren't so close laaa ;o I do know as a fact though that she absolutely loooves Roxy & Diva (; And, last year was the year she stepped into the world of cheer.
Karyna loves cheer. More than she loves Roxy & Diva. Imagine that!

2 Hormat :) I got closer to her this year, and not just her though. With quite a number of other people too :)
I guess you can say this year's been pretty awesome for me. Even in school! Without Karyna, seriously, the class would be so quiet. Take today for an example. It's not always you get that type of silence in 2 Hormat. And that's a bad thing ;p
Cheer 09, Shout Awards, World Stage. Hehe. That was fun. Ordering McD in the middle of the night at Nad's, classic. Though it's just McD... Dude. It's not just McD. It's McDelivery! ;)

I lurve Karyna, don't I?

Mhm I guess that concludes my post. Longest one in ages! Yes, I know I just started blogging again yesterday and all my posts were short. So. Yes.

You feel me, dawg? :)

Friday, October 23

Feel the rain on your skin

Oh come on, I bet I wasn't the only one who didn't know! :(
Thanks Mira. 

School was pretty boring. Not many people came. Got our yearbooks though! :) Had Sarah tutor me Japanese just now, exam's on Tuesday. Then finals'll be officially over for me :D

Had lunch at Oldtown White Coffee with Mommy and Hasya just now. As soon as we reached Wan's, slept 'til 6pm. I love sleeping.

I mentioned something about watching The Proposal last night. I ended up only watching halfway, fell asleep :( So far, so good...

...Okay fine. The movie's really good. Will be watching it again tonight.

I really want to watch 500 Days of Summer. The last time I saw Joseph-Gordon Levitt in a movie was ten years ago, in 10 Things I Hate About You. And that was nice. I'll probably just wait for the DVD to come out.

Going to take my shower soon. Still pretty sleep, mmm. Fingers crossed for a good weekend!

Who's with me? :D

Watch. You judge. Sorry ah bro.

I was watching TV with Wan last night,

*Wan flips the channel to some Malay drama with Aaron Aziz
H: Cerita apa ni, Wan?
W: Tak tau, Wan baru bukak. Ada Aaron Aziz.
H: Ooh Aaron Aziz! Hot :D
W: Hot? Apa hot-hotnya? Bukan cool ke?
H: Eh serious, he's hot.
W: Ish. Are your friends crazy over him too?
H: Er? I don't know. I don't think I've talked to them about Aaron Aziz before.
W: Oh, tak hot la tu.
H: Why?
W: Yes lah, he has to be a "hot topic" to be "hot" kan?

I love my grandma :)

This is my last resort

Taken from :)

It feels good to be back.

I'm probably the last one to blog about this, but:



Well, we all know what's next. That's right. I won't mention it here- not just yet. Go fig.

All the papers were... Okay. Except History. 'Nuff said. I hate History, I'm sorry. It's sad that I didn't get much of my parents' genes. I mean, dude. My mom likes BM and History, and my dad thinks Maths is easy. Now that's not fair.

Did I mention that it feels sooo good to blog again? o.o It also feels weird. I don't know what to say.

Unlike most people, I'll still be going to school after this. Mainly because there's only three more weeks of school left, and I want my full attendance certificate! Will probably catch up on my sleep at school, since it's 2AM now and I will be watching The Proposal (finally!) once I'm done blogging.

Talked to Mira on the phone for three hours just now. I seriously didn't notice, it felt like 20 minutes! It started with Mira telling me how she has to sit for four papers tomorrow, because she didn't come for two days. Something in her tummy is swollen, I hope it gets better! :) Anyway, I don't think it's fair for her to sit for the papers if her marks aren't going to be counted. Oh wellz.

Oh, I'll be attending the SSP Alumni Dinner with Nad, Karyna and Kaeshini. Is anyone else going? :D

It's getting late. I've got a date with Ryan Reynolds, so I better get going. Hah.

Sunday, October 11


Will start updating again after finals, hopefully.
Speaking of finals (yikes!), good luck everyone! :)

-Watch this space.