Friday, December 31

I wish you would look past every
"It's okay, you can spend time with your friends, I won't disturb you."
"I'm fine, don't worry about me."
"It's okay, I know you're busy."
"I'm fine, you can talk to me later."
"It's okay, I was just wondering if you got my text."
"I'm fine, I'll just do something else while waiting."
"It's okay, I understand."

And realise that by that,
I do understand, it's just that I may want a liiittle more of your attention. Just a little bit more won't hurt right? And you know, if you show that you actually want to talk to me and made more effort in our conversations that would be cool, yeah.

Thursday, December 30

"'Cause honest opinion, he could/would have got whoever he wants but he chose you."

"Jealousy is one thing and being overprotective is another. Jealousy is when 1 is in love and wants him to be happy, but also wants him to be happy with you. Overprotective is when 1 wants to be in control of the relationship without caring whether he is happy or not as long as he is with you."

If a guy doesn't get jealous, then there can be 3 answers
1: He is just acting not to be jealous but actually is
2: I forgot give me a while to think
3: Like what I said just now, something is wrong
Ah I got 2
2: He doesn't get jealous because he trusts you and knows that you wouldn't go for other guys :')

Sunday, December 26

He broke up with you, right? After telling you he loved you and calling you pet names like baby and cutie? Yeah, I know he lavished you in compliments, only to put himself down so you would stroke his fake low ego. Did he tell you that you were beautiful? I bet he promised you a personalized song. Or maybe he’d always mention how he was lying in bed and wished you were there. He dragged “I love you” out of you, didn’t he? Yeah, don’t deny it. He would talk to you last thing at night and first thing in the morning. He constantly mentioned losing sleep over you, every night, but we both know he slept like a rock. He made you love pictures that were just sort of “bleh” before. Did you delete those pictures after he broke your heart? Yeah, me too. All of your friends hate him now, don’t they? Remember how happy they were for you? They warned you. Just remember, it’s okay to cry. And referring to him as “asshole” is perfectly expected. Because, trust me, you’ll end up talking about him just as often, if not more, than before the break up. There will be the “one time”s and the “I remember”s, and once you think you’re over him, watch out. You better keep your eyes closed in the hallways, because I promise you, the next time you see him, he’ll be all over some other girl. A little part of you will want to warn her, but nobody will blame you for hating her and for blaming her for your pain. Yeah, you’ll compare all guys to him, because aside from the man-whorish, heart-breaker thing, he was perfect. He was everything you had ever wanted. Or maybe you made that up. Maybe, the second he started to show interest, you made up this perfect guy in your head, and he just happened to be just like him. Listen, you will find the perfect guy for you just like everybody says you will, and it will be soon. Okay, so I didn’t believe it either, but I’m starting to.The most important thing though is don’t let him know he hurt you. Don’t let him know he could have you back in a heartbeat. Don’t give him that satisfaction. Make him think you’re completely happy. When he decides to wave at you like nothing ever happened, wave back, sure. But don’t smile. Make him think he meant as little to you, as you obviously meant to him.

(via whiteblankpagexo4)

Thank you, Esmeralda Noor :)

I still can't believe it. I'm not even.. happy. Not yet anyway. I feel satisfied, very satisfied, but I just don't feel.. happy. No idea why. Can't quite grasp it yet, maybe. Oh well.

So after results, went to OU with Mira, Seri, Nadd, Azraa and Ksherah. Did nothing much really just shopped and ate. It was nice though. Next time we go out (+ le tablem8s!) we go karaoke + movie + laser tag kkkkk. Wao so much money suddenly.

Went home at around 4 cause didn't have transport to go home anytime after. Took a much needed nap and got ready for dinner at Curve. Ate at Tony Roma's! Yummm. Went home and slept pretty early. Wait. Or did I sleep late? I swear I don't remember much from Thursday o.o

Next day (yesterday), basically shopped for school essentials. Bought exercise books at school, stationery and revision books at MPH.. I think that's it. Got a haircut too! Fixed my fringe and well got only about 1 inch of my hair cut off. Can't really notice the difference but I kinda like it :D

Went home and got ready for Marie's. SO CONFUSING LOL had to call her literally every 10 minutes for directions. It took me an hour to finally get to her house hahaha. Was the first one there so chilled in her room and hehe hijacked her Facebook, Formspring and Twitter.

Everyone else came soon after. Ate (the food was goooooooooood) and talked. And played Cooking Mama and nerf gun and camwhored. :D Fun, really ;) Tharma sent me home that night, thank you Aunty!

So today, ate lunch at home and left for Sunway Giza with the family for karaoke! It was much better than I expected. They had McFly and Busted songs ok aaah awesome.

Sang to Crashed The Wedding and I realised how much I miss these boys.

I can't believe the official music video isn't on YouTube aiyo what is this la. But they broke up before YouTube even existed I think sooo. Heh. I don't know anyone who likes them, even. So sad.

THEY ALSO HAD CAN I HAVE THIS DANCE LOLOL HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3 FTW. So syok sendiri sang that alone cause noone wanted to sing with. Nevermind.

:') !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I don't know why noone else likes this song. Lol.

Went to OU to collect movie tickets for Tron Legacy tomorrow, shopped a bit and had dinner at BBQ Chicken. Left at around 10.30, took a drive around Damansara Perdana before finally heading home.

By the way, I haven't gone home in ages. It's been over a month in fact. Since before we went to Australia, we've been staying at Wan's. I miss home. A lot.

The past three days have been pretty much great. Really. I hope the rest of the year will be like this, if not better. Can't afford to feel shitty or whatever when the year's so close to ending :)

It's 12.08am on Sunday right now and I think I should be sleeping soon. Tired, but.. Hm nah I'll prolly sleep late again. K bye.

And to those who celebrate it, hope you had a merry christmas! ;)

Wednesday, December 22

"I'm not sure I believe in the term soul mate, at least not in the way others seem to.
I think people come in and out of your life
and each and every person is meant to teach you something."

Tuesday, December 21

How much prettier can you get, Taylor Swift?

You came along and you changed everything.
Maybe there was once a time where whatever my friends thought played a part in my decisions, but that time has long passed. Everyone changes eventually. They changed, I changed too. I guess once I stepped back from that person I used to be, the one that lived for other people, I found out who my real friends were. All I had to do was look around, at who still remained. One flip through my phone contact list, I could already pick out who I would call, and who I wouldn't, who would answer and who would press ignore.

I was just, simply put, tired. Tired of making decisions to suit anyone other than myself, tired of being used as my so called "friends"'s stepping stones, just another person who they could use to get to where they wanted to be.

Once again, don't bother approaching me, asking who this is about.

If you play with fire, you'll be the one feeling the heat.

(via Nadiah Ramli)

I was enchanted to meet you

I'm not good with words. Looking back at my drafts, there are a few posts I've written halfway but never got around to finish and actually publish it. Not to mention how horrible my grammar is, therefore lack of confidence in blogging, heh.

So, PMR results will be out in two days. Nobody seems to believe me when I say I have zero confidence in getting straight As. Seriously. I really don't think I can get straight As. Of course I WANT the straight As, heck, if I could I would've worked so much harder if I knew I'd be feeling like this two days before results come out. I'm pretty sure it's the same for some (or most) other people.

Also, I have this feeling that karma's gonna get back at me for how I've been this year. Not the best person, that's all I can say. Especially for the past two months between PMR and results. Enough about that.

There's only 10 more days left in 2010. Time flies by fast. Wow.

So how was 2010 for me? Much better than I expected. Last year, all I could say about 2010 was "2010's gonna suck, PMR PMR PMR" But really, this year hasn't been all that bad.

I joined Nirmala's tuition. That's gotta be one of the better decisions I've made this year, if not the best. I met so many new people that I'm still friends with now. Close friends in fact, and I hope it'll stay that way for a long time. You know who you areee. :)

I learned to appreciate things better. It may not show but really, I do appreciate things and people more now.

I have learned to be more trustworthy. I admit, before this it was pretty hard keeping things to myself but sometime ago I went through my stack of magazines at home and there was one Smash Hits magazine issue from 2004 (I think). There was this Girls Aloud interview. If I'm not mistaken Nadine said something like "I keep secrets because I know how it feels when people don't keep mine. And I don't want to be the person who doesn't know how to keep secrets. So I believe that if I keep other people's secrets, they'll keep mine." Or something around those lines. I also have another reason why I think I can keep secrets now but I'd rather keep that to myself, haha it's pretty embarrassing.

Family? I can't thank them enough. For everything.

Friends? Well. Where do I start? I admit I haven't been the best friend to the ones who matter this year, and I really don't know how to explain myself for that. I've changed, I know. But not all for the worst. And there are some people whom I'd rather not mention their names, who just don't get that. Sure, I've made new friends. But everyone else has as well. And of course when you make new friends, you get to know them better and you talk to them more. Of course when this happens the whole "drifting apart" from your other friends happens as well. I'm tired of getting blamed for that. I know half the things that are being said behind my back. If you're really my friend, you'd understand. It's not that I don't care about you anymore, that's not even close to what I feel. I try to understand all of you, I swear I do. And drifting apart is honestly inevitable. Change is as well. But if the friendship you once had and hopefully still do have with someone is strong, that won't matter. 'cause no matter what happens, you'd still be there for each other, through thick and freaking thin.

I guess that brings us to how I've changed. Contrary to what most people believe, I'm not that open with my feelings as I was before. There are quite a number of people (I'd like to believe I trust) who I do tell them what's on my mind especially when I'm feeling like crap, but there's a whole lot more to that. I've never really told anyone everything about myself. Obviously there are some things you gotta keep to yourself, right? But what I mean is, I guess I don't trust anyone enough to tell them about how I really, really feel sometimes. Get me? No? I don't think so.

"Because at the end of the day, the only person you can trust is yourself."

True in some ways, but sometimes I doubt if I can even trust myself. And it's hard to really trust others because when you do, you're putting yourself in risk of getting hurt. In fact, you know you're gonna get hurt eventually when you trust someone, you know? But I guess even so, there are some people who are worth getting hurt for.

Damnit, I'm beginning to talk crap. Hahaha. What happened to talking about 2010?

There's really nothing much to elaborate I guess. Studies? We'll see how that goes this 23rd. Fingers crossed.

Monday, December 20

This is the potential break up song~

It's 9.05am on a Monday morning and

PMR results are coming out in three days.

I'm sorry, I just had to. How did I spend my weekend? Well tbh only Sunday's worth talking about as on Saturday I did nothing but laze around the house. As usual. Heh.

Sunday 19th December 2010

Woke up and got ready and by noon left for Prince Court Medical Centre in KL. The hospital's owned by Petronas and holy shit it's one of the nicest hospitals I've ever been to. Probably the nicest actually. We were there cause Ayah had to give some motivational medical talk to the medical students / students who just finished their SPM who wanted to take up medicine. Something like that.

His talk was pretty cool I guess. So many lame jokes I don't know where to hide faaace -.- There was this cute chinese guy (in a suit okay!!!!!! :D). I think he's mixed something heh heh he reminded me of Nicholas Hoult.

Oh yes.
But obviously Nicholas Hoult is better looking la eheh.

So after the talk left to Sri Kota Medical Centre in Klang I think cause Ayah had some patients to visit. Ate at the cafeteria and then left for Wan's.

By that time it was already 7pm and we had an hour to get ready for dinner at the clubhouse with Ayah's patient.

So blablabla, had dinner at Jojo? Some new Italian restaurant there. Food was good, people were nice. I think we stayed there til about 11pm heh. In the car on the way to Wan's Mommy told me that Ayah's patient is Tun Mahathir's son in law and the girl I was talking to is his granddaughter who is studying in Australia and has been studying there since she was 14, I think. Also, this other guy and his family who joined us for dinner is some big person at Naza? Yeah. And I had no idea o.o Pretty cool :D

I have a feeling today's not gonna be such a bad Monday. We'll see how that goes :)

Friday, December 17

#nowplaying Sorry's Not Good Enough

You're a dreamer and dreaming's what you do

Nadd, Mai, Neesha, Aliah, Neena, Aqila, Eli, Nad, Aisyah, Karyna, Me, Huda, Mira

2009, I miss

Thursday, December 16

We'll be a dream

Sleptover at Karyna's house last night.

We camwhored,

Lipsynced and "danced" to Party in the USA, recorded it and UPLOADED IT ON FACEBOOK woo!,

Went to OU and watched Hantu Kak Limah Balik Rumah,

Lol one of the weirdest Malay movies I have ever seen. I don't understand Malay humour.

Played Hotel 626 (and completed it!),

Ate Maggi and stalked people until 5am.

The next day (today!) Nadd came over. Stalked people some more, ate lunch and left for Sunway.

Met up with Nad YEAY. Karaoked for about 2 hours, sang to songs by Avril Lavigne, Simple Plan, Blink 182, Green Day, Taylor Swift etc. It was pretty fun hihi, lost our voices. Would've been sooo much better if the rest of le tablemates came though.

Walked around after that, and went home at about 6pm.

Had a good time

So tired. Gonna watch Pirates of the Carribean 2 with the cousins and siblings now.

I iz a happy gurl tonight. :)
Just kidding.

Monday, December 13

Nobody understands.

There are limits to everything.

I know you're pretty and everyone loves you and such, but it doesn't give you the right to discriminate other races / religions. Hurtful comments like that, keep it to yourself next time. I don't see how posting it all over Facebook helps. You're just triggering other people's anger, really.

Terasa a bit.

I'm jussayin'.

Sunday, December 12

'cause everyone's got troubles, that's the way the story goes

You don't have to have money,
To make it in this world
You don't have to be skinny baby,
If you wanna be my girl.
Oh you just got be happy
But sometimes that's hard
So just remeber to smile, smile, smile
and that's a good enough start

What I've been listening to lately.


Wednesday, December 8


I haven't blogged in aaaaaaaaaaages.
I don't think anyone's on Blogger anymore.
I don't even think anyone reads blogs anymore.

I'll be back, when I find something to blog about :P

Wednesday, August 11

Fred Weasley, to George Weasley:

Don't worry, George. I'm going to heaven. Guess how I know? Because we're the Holy Spirit! Get it? Because you're holey and I'm... dead. Please don't cry.

Saturday, August 7

HAHAHA Hilman found my diary from when I was 9 :')

Sunday, July 25


It's 7:48pm and I just got home.
So much for staying at home today!

Left for the tahlil at 10.30. It was at Shah Alam, I guess it was alright.
One of Mommy's friends' daughter is my classmate Natasha's best friend. Such a small world!
Left at around 2.30, then went to TTDI for a kenduri. It was supposed to end at 3, but ah what the heck, there was still (more good) food served. :D

We stayed there for just half an hour and made last minute plans to go to One Utama to catch Toy Story 3. YEAHHH I'm probably the only one who hasn't seen it yet. Unfortunately (but obviously), tickets were sold out. So we ended up watching Despicable Me :D Saw Asyraf there! He was queuing up as well to buy himself a ticket to watch Eclipse.. by himself o.o

I didn't really have high expectations of the movie because I didn't even plan to see it. I didn't even know what it was about. But people said it was good, and super cute.

Agnes is so cute.

Definitely a must watch.
Ayah bought Toy Story 3 on the way back SO YAY HEHE.
I had a good day. :)

But oh God. School tomorrow. Bummer.

One thought of you is all it takes to leave the rest of the world behind

Staying at home today!
I'm gonna study. :D

Ok wait no. Mommy just told me we're leaving for a tahlil in half an hour. Heh. What. :(

Saturday, July 24

Am I more than you bargained for?

So freakin' pissed too. :)

asdfghjkl Matt and Gordo


Hi Aqila, this is for you! :D

And yes Elynna, there you go! :D

HAHA such contrast in your taste for men.
(I wouldn't really call Bieber a man though, jussayin'.)

Hello Blogger, it's been so many months since I last blogged! :-) There really isn't much that has happened anyway.


A lot of things happened, good and bad. But heh, as expected from me, obviously mostly bad.
PMR is less than 80 days away, I've started studying but I just don't want to think about it. I mean seriously, it's enough having every other person remind me of it every single day o.o


PRS Gathering tomorrow! So excited. Many people are coming.. at least that's what we were told. I hope so laaah haih, and I hope everything'll turn out well :)

Of course, like in any other post, I'd talk a lot about school.
School's been cool :) I mean obviously there's the whole homework pile left undone at home for days and even weeks, but what to do? Haha. Trying to finish the syllabus for every subject before trials this coming 16th, and oh God, I'm scared. Why? Because June-August have always been the busiest months of the year. After PRS Gathering there's still Interact Installation to worry about and it's on the Friday before trials!


But I can't wait for puasa though, I don't know why.

Oh and, we had the Teknik Menjawab Soalan PMR yesterday and the day before. The Geography teacher was funny at first until she got.. well, freaky. And her voice resembled a witch's.

No, seriously.

But I guess it was alright. I didn't fall asleep for two days straight, I'm proud of myself. But my butt was aching like fuuuuu- -.-

I've been eating so much lately too! That's nothing new. But heck, I used to say no to the canteen food because half the time, everything's served cold AND THE FOOD IS SO OVERPRICED.

But what to do. My tummy damn noisy right?

It's getting late and I have to be in school by 7am tomorrow. Wow.
G'night then. x

Saturday, April 24

I've never seen someone with your body

Happy Belated Fifteenth,
Aqilah "Qeelah Bee" Azlan Baqee
Hehehehehehehehehehehehehehe hairflip fail!
Mai Najihah MKZ!
Omg, PRS Gathering last year. I miss :(
♥ ♥ ♥

Hope you two had a good one :)

So, April's nearly coming to an end. My oh my, what a busy, busy month. I guess so far it's been alright. But lately everyone's been so sad, upset, depressed and whatnot. It's not a nice thing at all. And it makes me feel so useless to not be able to do anything about it most of the time :(

Cheer up, everybodyyy
I love you all! :)

Oh aaand, Qeel wore her braces on Thursday! They're so pretty. I like! Semua different colours eheh it's like she ate Skittles and they got stuck to her teeth or something :p I mean...

Mid year's drawing near, I seriously need to start revising properly. It's like mini-PMR, damn! All schools in Selangor will be sitting for the same PMR subjects paper or something, shiiit I am scared.

Today's actually a school day, but since they're having MPPH today only those who are involved have to attend.
And I'm not involved, so what the heck, that's extra sleep for me hehehe.
(Not really, actually. It's 8:55am and I'm already fully awake -.-)

I like that Colby O Donis feat. Mizznina (from Teh Tarik Crew? o.o) song, I think it's called What You Waiting For. Such a happy song :D

More updates soon, I guess. Though there really isn't much to update!

Sunday, April 18

Credits to Ahmad Ihsan!
For more pictures by Ihsan, click here for the Facebook album of the event;
and here for other pictures! ;)


Tiring, tiring day. I suppose it went fairly well, thanks to everyone who came!
No, not you Nikhil. Leaving after the walk and before the performances to play basketball? Pfft. You missed the best part! All the performances were really great, hehe especially Caprice's!

Met lots of people too! Lovelyyy.

Being the emcee for the first time ever was pretty nerve-wracking. Luckily it went fine (with some pretty minor slips, of course!) with Elynna by my siiide :D

After cleaning up the school,-

Ok wait. I mean seriously guys can't you please be more careful with the drinks and food you buy and not like, oh I don't know, drop them and litter all over the place hence leaving a huuuge mess for all of us to clean up? And don't get me started with the goodie bags. Come on, you got them for free and you leave them on the floor just like that? :(

-left for Qeel's to get ready to go to Sunway, supposedly for her birthday celebration. Crammed in Qeel's Naza (don't mess, there were about twelve people in the care ok? ;)) for about 30 minutes or so, waiting for a certain someone (We still love you, Elynna!) to arrive. Ended up reaching at Sunway at 4, we were laaate cause Azraa booked a karaoke room at Ampsquare for 3.30. Mhm, sadly we had to cancel our karaoke session because A) The minimum time in the karaoke room is 3 hours, and we didn't have enough time; and B) It was pretty darn expensive per head if we didn't stay for 3 hours, hmm.

And so, ten hungry girls ended up eating late lunch at Carls Jr. I quote Karyna, "So yeah we went to Sunway just to eat HAHAHAHAHA -.-" Pretty sad, yet satisfying at the same time. Hehe.

Walked around, really had nothing much to do. Wanted to watch a movie but heh, as expected the queue to buy tickets was really long and again, we didn't have enough time.

It's so sad we didn't get to karaoke.
And Karyna was so excited to sing Baby during our supposed karaoke session!


Well, it was 6+ when we walked to and waited at the entrance. Huge mix up of plans and three hours later, reached Qeel's house. The rest went to dinner at Kokopelli, waited for Ayah to pick me up. He came at about 11pm, didn't realize I took a nap for that long o.o

Came home exhausted, obviously squeezed in some time on Facebook before heading to bed.

I suppose it was an okay day. ;)

And whose birthday is it tomorrow anyway?
I have no idea. :)

Thursday, April 15

You know you love me,
I know you caaare,
Just shout whenever,
And I'll be theeere

A job well done to everyone :)

Got a bronze for 1500m. Happy happy haaappy! Congrats to Pui San and Amanda for getting olahragawatiii :D

Tired. Not much to update. Homepage is filled with status updates by schoolmates about Sports Day.

I want to take a looong hot shower now, sleep then wake up three days later.
Just sayin'.

Wednesday, April 14




Monday, April 5


:) :) :)
Missing: Seriiiii. She was doing her homework. -.-

I love it when Azrianna brings her camera to school, and lately she's been bringing it every day! Busy girl :p

I'm glad March is over. I mean, seriously. Can't say it was the best month evaaa. I guess there were just more downs than ups.

And it's already April! My God, how time flies. And nah, in this case I don't really think it's a good thing. April Fools' Day was tons of fun though, what with all the really, really lame (so called) pranks that my friends and I played on each other! :D

As soon as I stepped into school that day I was greeted by Uma saying "Omg, hi Hanna! Eh look at your skirt o.o" Me, being the oblivious one who just woke up from a short nap in the car checked my skirt and that was of course followed by the infamous,


Hahaha, silly girl. :)

Wanted to go to Samad's IU Day on Saturday but had transport difficulties, heh. After class that day though, bumped into Faisal at GSC and well, queued up to buy tickets for my family to watch How To Train Your Dragon 3D the following night, and he wanted to buy tickets to watch Clash of the Titans with Shahmi. Aww, how sweet ;) Haha.

The movie? I THOUGHT IT WAS REALLY REALLY CUTE! Must watch :) Toothless is simply adorable :3 I kept thinking of Izzy and her cat though because she mentioned how Toothless reminded her of her cat. Well, I want a dragon. Someone get me one for my birthday? 0:) Hehe.

Since we still can't listen to the radio in the Alphard, we (as in Hasya, Mommy and I) decided to watch Friends instead! I love Friends

Got our overall March test results today and heh, I'm not so pleased about it. For the billionth time, why on earth is 85 only an A? :( Oh well. Plus, all my teachers have been talking about how this Mid year exam, all schools in Selangor will be sitting for the same PMR subjects paper. So I guess it's like a mini-PMR, ey? Hell yeah, I'm already scared. After Nirmala's "motivational talk" last Thursday, I know I should already start studying for PMR. We'll see how it goes.

Acara Padang was held today and I didn't win anything! :( Pretty upset, but oh well. Got fourth for long jump though which I think is okay, considering the fact that I was competing against Amira, Izzy and Farah, zz no hope already okaaay? Hahaha.

Thankfully managed to attend Interact meeting today too, just for 10 minutes though.

Camp is this Friday! Camp is this Friday! PRS CAMP IS THIS FRIIIDAAAAAAY :D So soon though. Pretty excited, definitely ;) I still think it's too soon, but what to do? Haha.

School is really tiring. I wish we had nap time at school.

Monday, March 15

*Chee Hoe sits beside Rashdan*

Hi. You used to be fat right?


Sunday, March 14

Ayah just texted me from downstairs, "Read ur status! ;p"


you don't know me

you don't even care
i'm not broke,
i'm just a broken hearted man

List 10 musical artists you like, in no specific order
(do this before reading the questions below).

1. Taylor Swift
2. Jimmy Eat World
3. McFly
4. Boys Like Girls
5. Maroon 5
6. Never Shout Never!
7. Jason Mraz
8. Green Day
9. The Afters
10. Busted

I need to like more female artists.

What is your favorite song of 8?
Wake Me Up When September Ends

What was the first song you ever heard by 6?
I think it was Big City Dreams :)

What is your favorite lyric of 5?
But things just get so crazy living life gets hard to do, Sunday morning rain is falling and I'm calling out to you :)

What is your favorite song by 7?
Love for a child acoustic version ♥ , hands down!
What is your favorite song by 9?
It's either You or The Afters. I can't piiick.

Is there any song by 3 that makes you sad?
Bubble Wrap :(

How did you get into 3?
I got really into it through Ira :D

When did you first get into 2?
I guess it was in Standard 4 when I saw Work on MTV or something. OH AND AND A Cinderella Story OST around that time as well :)

How many times have you seen 9 live?
Noneeee, but on YouTube they look like they sound good live :(

What is your favorite song by 10?
Meet You There fo' sho'!

Is there a song by 8 that makes you sad?
Weeell. I guess Wake Me Up When September Ends, in a few ways especially if you watch the video clip :(

What is a good memory concerning 4?

How did you become a fan of 10?
When I was a young girl... LOL IDK. But they were on TV a lot back then.

What is your favorite song by 1?
Tough. Buuut I'd have to pick Forever & Always (piano version). Oh oh and Untouchable. And thinking back, I love love love Teardrops on my Guitar!

OMG THAT'S ALL? Sikitnya questions :( LOL. Welllll. I actually wanted to blog yesterday about how exam week was and everything, but when I published the post, there was an error and when I went back, the whole post was gone. Everything. Well except the blog post title. Oh well. Too lazy to type it again, hmm.

Saturday, March 6

I was doing Nirmala's tuition homework when Ayah called me from downstairs because he had something to give to me.


His patient who works for Disney gave him a lot of free stuff!


Ayah got an Up watch, Hilman got a 2012 tee, Hasya got a This Is It tee, Mommy got a Julie & Julia apron. And nobody wanted the New Moon tee which also came with three posters- of Edward Cullen, Kristen Stewart and TAYLOR LAUTNER HEHE.

K just had to update about this bye!

Friday, March 5

I've been away for quite some time o.o I'd like to say it's because I've been busy studying for the upcoming March test next week but nah, not really, no. Compared to other schools, I should consider myself lucky that not that many topics are coming out for each subject but eeek, I don't knowlah -.- Halfway done with a few subjects, and yeah, after this post you won't be hearing from me till Thursday. Wait no, scratch that. I've got Japanese test on Friday arfgh !@#$%^&* :(

I didn't go to school today. That's the first time in three years. DAMN. There goes my full attendance certificate. Yeah, I do care about these things actually -.-

 Well, I had to go to school anyway this morning at 9 because Puan Hashimah called me and asked me to send the Post Its with all the Happy Friendship Week greetings for the doughnut orders. Was at school until about 12 and no, sadly my attendance was not taken anyway -.-
Why I didn't go to school? Woke up this morning with a swollen right heel. I could barely walk /: Went to the clinic today after lunch. Doc said I got the injury from the hard impact from when I landed long jump yesterday? And now I've to take two types of pills three times a day.

Those who know me well enough should know that I HATE PILLS. SO MUCH ARFGHHH :'(

Everything else is fine I suppose.

School's fine. Damn tiring.
Classes are fine. Theory exam on 15th.
Tuition's fine. So much homework also.

Yesterday, I asked Mommy how to solve a Maths question. And she said:

"Hanna, the last time I solved a Maths question was in.. 1988 o.o" -___________________-

I now know where I got my genes from when it comes to Mathematics, hahaha ;p

I guess that's it for now. I had been wanting to update my blog for quite some time already but I keep forgetting to (or rather, not having the mood to) every time I'm online. Oh well.

Bye, and wish me luck! :)

Friday, February 19

No retreat, no surrender.

Stayed at home yesterday. Left for OU at around 5.30pm.

Frankly, I enjoyed this movie much more than I thought I would. I guess it was because I didn't really have high expectations after what Elynna and other people told me how they liked the movie. Ashton Kutcher ftw! (Y) I must say though, every guy in the movie had their own charm. Nice :)

I'd like to say the same thing about this movie, but nah. I mean, it was good though! Funny too. But I guess I expected a little bit more. Logan Lerman though, oh my he's so fine. Look at his lips hahaha :3 Well I'm still not done reading the books, Hasya bought the whole collection yesterday and I have the e-copy too. The only thing is, I don't know when I'm going to start reading again. Nak buat homework pun susah -.-"

Oh oh! In between movies, went to the toilet and bumped into Qeel I really didn't expect her to be there! Hahaha. Apparently, she watched Valentine's Day in the same cinema I did! The only difference was, her showtime was at 9. Mine ended 15 minutes before, lol. Not only that, but her seating was the row in front of mine! Too weird, haha. Oh, and Iman told me that she saw me too! In fact, she was right behind me when we were walking out of the cinema after the movie. Haiyoyooo Iman, tak tegur, haha :p

Two nights ago, stopped by an orphanage near Sungai Buloh to send some old clothes and toys before having dinner out. By the looks of it, might be going again tomorrow morning, for the English assignment. This time though, might be sending old shoes, food or more old clothes. Pretty last minute actually. Seelah how, haha.

Might be my last update for the weekend. Bye :)

Last weekend of the CNY Break. Arfghhhhhhhh bye :(

Thursday, February 18

Stupid emo girl -.-" HAHAHA :D

Wednesday, February 17

& I don't know why, but with you I'd dance in a storm in my best dress


And I'm sure you do too. Unless you're Seri.

Wow thanks iTunes -.-"

Tiring day today. Woke up at 8:45, showered and went to McD Section 14 for the Interact meeting thing. Oh my God it was so cold -.-"
Mommy fetched me during lunchtime and we went to OU, bought tickets to watch Valentine's Day & Percy Jackson tomorrow at 6:30 and 9:30 (Y) That's about five hours in the cinema, skipping Nirmala's tuition for this! Hahaha :)

Funny thing is, bumped into Aleeza and Nad. We were all from McD but got to OU through different modes of transportation! Hahaha.

Walked around, bought a few things and left for Tesco at about 6pm to do some grocery shopping. Arrived home about an hour ago, it's 9pm now and I'm still sooo full from the early dinner at Kebab King just now. Ayah joined us, so yeay to that :)

Glee's started! But haih so lazy to go down. I'll just watch it online.

Tuesday, February 16

That summer radio, fireworks off the patio

Cause this is the real thing
Love changes everything
This is the night when every heart's exploding
The real thing
Slow down it's happening
'Cause you got time to burn in the heat of the moment

Cute song, I BLG :D

It's 11:33am on a Tuesday morning. Still haven't showered yet, what's the rush right? Hahaha. Staying at home today. I don't mind though, I kinda like staying at home.

Well, yesterday was good :)

Happy Sweet 15th, Natasyah Heri! :)

Hope you liked the gift Elynna and I got you :D

Not in the mood to blog today. So lazy ugh. K I'm tiiired. Off to bed :D Hehe bye.

Sunday, February 14

Yesterday was lovely :) I'll just blog in bullet form today:
  • Woke up and cleaned the house a bit.
  • Went for tuition till about 5:30. Ksherah is so lame I tell you.
  • Ayah sent me to Elynna's after. The food was gooooood. Karyna, Qeel, Seri, Mar and Syairah were there ;)
  • Went online and webcammed with a few people. Lol, Karyna was eating Kinder Bueno and Chamee was like, "Karyna, stop eating -.-" NICE ONE (Y)
  • Qeel's parents fetched her at about 8:15. After she left, Karyna, Elynna and I walked past R's house and shouted his name.. several times. Then we ran away. Oops :p Karyna had to go home not long after that, Elynna and I stayed outside.
  • Heh Faizal, "Why don't you sleepover? The garden is big." Ummmm.
  • We decided to pay Qeel a visit at Kokopelli, which wasn't even a 2 minute walking distance away from Elynna's house. Sorry for disturbing your family dinner, Aunty & Uncle :(
Ummmmm Elynna -_-
  • Well, I had to go home about 20 minutes after that, and hey, Ayah and Mommy decided to have dinner at Kokopelli as well! :D
  • The food was goooooooood. We sat at the table beside Qeel's, HAHA. Qeel and I signed that big book thingy near the counter, look what we found?
So much love for this HAHA! :D

LOL Aisyah! Found a few others too, like the time we celebrated Kaii and Lissa's 13th Birthday and had lunch at Kokopelli, that time though it was when Kokopelli was based at Section 11. Good times :)
  • Qeel went home and not long after that we did too. Before that though, stopped by Starbucks for "dessert".
  • Kamil was there with his stepdad! Qeel wasn't -.- Missed her by a few minutes I guess. Well, played I Spy with the familyyy Haiyo they are so lame I tell you, especially Ayah -_- Well it was tons of fun, laughed so hard until we cried.. Hasya was so hyper oh my God.
  • Left an hour later, it was about 11pm. Right when we were about to leavelah Aisyah, Amir and the rest of their biiig family came. Nice timing :( Lolz.
Most probably will be staying at home today, helping around the house and stuff. Daaang. Well

Happy Chinese New Year
to those who are celebrating,
Happy Valentine's Day! :-)

Now isn't this photo just extremely appropriate? ;)
Credits to Ungku Nadia!

Saturday, February 13

As strange as it seems, she's the one I'm afterrr

Can't seem to upload any pictures today. Screw you Blogger.

I'm two days late, but

Happy Sweet 15th,
Shahirah Alyssa! :D

Well, the past week had been extra tiring, no kidding. I mean, yesterday, I actually slept in class. Holy fuuu-
Sorry, Pn. Nitce! And we were learning Reproduction, and yes, I slept. Like whaaat? I guess I wasn't feeling so good.
Come to think of it, yesterday wasn't really a good day for me. To start things off, I slept at about 1am the night before, completing my homework etc. And yeah, I slept in class. Nope, I didn't bring my pocket money. Nope, I didn't bring water / food. Yeah, I was starving.

What else? Well, during football, I banged the left side of my head on the goalpost. !@#$%^&*. It still hurts, tbh. Especially my left ear. Still feels numb. Ugh.

It rained at about 5pm, but we still continued playing. Didn't bring my boots though. At 5.30pm, walked to the main gate from the Astaka. As I was going down the stairs, on the third/fourth step or so, I slipped and fell on my butt at the bottom of the stairs.. That's like falling down four/five steps or so. !@#$%^&*.
Gah, screw it lah. Accident-prone k.

Moving on,
Hell yes, the much anticipated CNY break is heerrreeee. One week off from school, omg

I. Need. To. Catch. Up. On. My. Sleep.

Like seriously. I know my bedtime really isn't that late, but heh, I just get tired easily I guess.

Plans for today? Major spring cleaning, tuition at 4, and hopefully Elynna's house after. Good start to the year of the tiger (y)

Later then :)