Friday, February 19

No retreat, no surrender.

Stayed at home yesterday. Left for OU at around 5.30pm.

Frankly, I enjoyed this movie much more than I thought I would. I guess it was because I didn't really have high expectations after what Elynna and other people told me how they liked the movie. Ashton Kutcher ftw! (Y) I must say though, every guy in the movie had their own charm. Nice :)

I'd like to say the same thing about this movie, but nah. I mean, it was good though! Funny too. But I guess I expected a little bit more. Logan Lerman though, oh my he's so fine. Look at his lips hahaha :3 Well I'm still not done reading the books, Hasya bought the whole collection yesterday and I have the e-copy too. The only thing is, I don't know when I'm going to start reading again. Nak buat homework pun susah -.-"

Oh oh! In between movies, went to the toilet and bumped into Qeel I really didn't expect her to be there! Hahaha. Apparently, she watched Valentine's Day in the same cinema I did! The only difference was, her showtime was at 9. Mine ended 15 minutes before, lol. Not only that, but her seating was the row in front of mine! Too weird, haha. Oh, and Iman told me that she saw me too! In fact, she was right behind me when we were walking out of the cinema after the movie. Haiyoyooo Iman, tak tegur, haha :p

Two nights ago, stopped by an orphanage near Sungai Buloh to send some old clothes and toys before having dinner out. By the looks of it, might be going again tomorrow morning, for the English assignment. This time though, might be sending old shoes, food or more old clothes. Pretty last minute actually. Seelah how, haha.

Might be my last update for the weekend. Bye :)

Last weekend of the CNY Break. Arfghhhhhhhh bye :(

Thursday, February 18

Stupid emo girl -.-" HAHAHA :D

Wednesday, February 17

& I don't know why, but with you I'd dance in a storm in my best dress


And I'm sure you do too. Unless you're Seri.

Wow thanks iTunes -.-"

Tiring day today. Woke up at 8:45, showered and went to McD Section 14 for the Interact meeting thing. Oh my God it was so cold -.-"
Mommy fetched me during lunchtime and we went to OU, bought tickets to watch Valentine's Day & Percy Jackson tomorrow at 6:30 and 9:30 (Y) That's about five hours in the cinema, skipping Nirmala's tuition for this! Hahaha :)

Funny thing is, bumped into Aleeza and Nad. We were all from McD but got to OU through different modes of transportation! Hahaha.

Walked around, bought a few things and left for Tesco at about 6pm to do some grocery shopping. Arrived home about an hour ago, it's 9pm now and I'm still sooo full from the early dinner at Kebab King just now. Ayah joined us, so yeay to that :)

Glee's started! But haih so lazy to go down. I'll just watch it online.

Tuesday, February 16

That summer radio, fireworks off the patio

Cause this is the real thing
Love changes everything
This is the night when every heart's exploding
The real thing
Slow down it's happening
'Cause you got time to burn in the heat of the moment

Cute song, I BLG :D

It's 11:33am on a Tuesday morning. Still haven't showered yet, what's the rush right? Hahaha. Staying at home today. I don't mind though, I kinda like staying at home.

Well, yesterday was good :)

Happy Sweet 15th, Natasyah Heri! :)

Hope you liked the gift Elynna and I got you :D

Not in the mood to blog today. So lazy ugh. K I'm tiiired. Off to bed :D Hehe bye.

Sunday, February 14

Yesterday was lovely :) I'll just blog in bullet form today:
  • Woke up and cleaned the house a bit.
  • Went for tuition till about 5:30. Ksherah is so lame I tell you.
  • Ayah sent me to Elynna's after. The food was gooooood. Karyna, Qeel, Seri, Mar and Syairah were there ;)
  • Went online and webcammed with a few people. Lol, Karyna was eating Kinder Bueno and Chamee was like, "Karyna, stop eating -.-" NICE ONE (Y)
  • Qeel's parents fetched her at about 8:15. After she left, Karyna, Elynna and I walked past R's house and shouted his name.. several times. Then we ran away. Oops :p Karyna had to go home not long after that, Elynna and I stayed outside.
  • Heh Faizal, "Why don't you sleepover? The garden is big." Ummmm.
  • We decided to pay Qeel a visit at Kokopelli, which wasn't even a 2 minute walking distance away from Elynna's house. Sorry for disturbing your family dinner, Aunty & Uncle :(
Ummmmm Elynna -_-
  • Well, I had to go home about 20 minutes after that, and hey, Ayah and Mommy decided to have dinner at Kokopelli as well! :D
  • The food was goooooooood. We sat at the table beside Qeel's, HAHA. Qeel and I signed that big book thingy near the counter, look what we found?
So much love for this HAHA! :D

LOL Aisyah! Found a few others too, like the time we celebrated Kaii and Lissa's 13th Birthday and had lunch at Kokopelli, that time though it was when Kokopelli was based at Section 11. Good times :)
  • Qeel went home and not long after that we did too. Before that though, stopped by Starbucks for "dessert".
  • Kamil was there with his stepdad! Qeel wasn't -.- Missed her by a few minutes I guess. Well, played I Spy with the familyyy Haiyo they are so lame I tell you, especially Ayah -_- Well it was tons of fun, laughed so hard until we cried.. Hasya was so hyper oh my God.
  • Left an hour later, it was about 11pm. Right when we were about to leavelah Aisyah, Amir and the rest of their biiig family came. Nice timing :( Lolz.
Most probably will be staying at home today, helping around the house and stuff. Daaang. Well

Happy Chinese New Year
to those who are celebrating,
Happy Valentine's Day! :-)

Now isn't this photo just extremely appropriate? ;)
Credits to Ungku Nadia!

Saturday, February 13

As strange as it seems, she's the one I'm afterrr

Can't seem to upload any pictures today. Screw you Blogger.

I'm two days late, but

Happy Sweet 15th,
Shahirah Alyssa! :D

Well, the past week had been extra tiring, no kidding. I mean, yesterday, I actually slept in class. Holy fuuu-
Sorry, Pn. Nitce! And we were learning Reproduction, and yes, I slept. Like whaaat? I guess I wasn't feeling so good.
Come to think of it, yesterday wasn't really a good day for me. To start things off, I slept at about 1am the night before, completing my homework etc. And yeah, I slept in class. Nope, I didn't bring my pocket money. Nope, I didn't bring water / food. Yeah, I was starving.

What else? Well, during football, I banged the left side of my head on the goalpost. !@#$%^&*. It still hurts, tbh. Especially my left ear. Still feels numb. Ugh.

It rained at about 5pm, but we still continued playing. Didn't bring my boots though. At 5.30pm, walked to the main gate from the Astaka. As I was going down the stairs, on the third/fourth step or so, I slipped and fell on my butt at the bottom of the stairs.. That's like falling down four/five steps or so. !@#$%^&*.
Gah, screw it lah. Accident-prone k.

Moving on,
Hell yes, the much anticipated CNY break is heerrreeee. One week off from school, omg

I. Need. To. Catch. Up. On. My. Sleep.

Like seriously. I know my bedtime really isn't that late, but heh, I just get tired easily I guess.

Plans for today? Major spring cleaning, tuition at 4, and hopefully Elynna's house after. Good start to the year of the tiger (y)

Later then :)

Sunday, February 7

"I owe a lot to my parents, especially my mother and father." -Greg Norman


Form 1 :)

Chamee says:
*whats the first thing you would do when you are in trouble?
Hanna Chong says:
*It depends what type of trouble. which one are you tlaking abt?
Chamee says:
*like in a dark alley where someone is trying to kill you
i would scream like a girl so that when a man hears it, he will be like i have to save that damsel in distress and eventually he will found out i am no damsel i am just chamee


Hanna Chong says:
*Are you busy? /:
*Or do you not want to talk to me? D:
imperfect boys with their perfect lives says:

Ummm this girl ah -_-

Chong Serey, the indestructable apple, says:
*Hanna I am a lonely girl, please talk to me

And yes, sadly she only talks to me when she is lonely. :(

School tomorrow (!)
It's the last week before the week-long CNY break. Oh hot damn, I can't wait for that.

Not that I'm doing anything exciting anyway. I've still got tuition (I think), I won't really have transport to go anywhere, I'm very sure I'll have loads of homework to complete. But still. It's a week off from school, no? :)

Currently listening to songs from BLG's first album. I really do miss fangirling about BLG / McFly with Ira. And yes, I do miss Ira dearly. When're we going to meet up again?! :(

As predicted, I haven't finished my homework yet. I'm halfway done though! Struggling with the public speaking script that apparently everyone in my class has to do. Sugar and Spice of Life.. K so what do I write about that? I've got nothing. Nada. Nil. Zilch! Hahaha. We'll see how things go. (Isn't that what I always say? -.-)

Oh and. I should've asked Nad or Azrianna to take a picture of my rashes or something. Would've been nice to keep as memories for the years to come.

"I remember when I was Form 3, my whole body was suddenly full of rashes and everyone started putting ice on me..."
:) :) :)

So long live the car-crash hearts,
Cry on the couch all the poets come to life,
Fix me in forty-five :)

I'm not Fall Out Boy's biggest fan but yeah I'm upset about their break up. Damn.

This was during Fariz's birthday party last year. And yes, this time I actually do remember that I've uploaded this before! :D

I love this picture :)

Aquaria KLCC, 2007! I remember meeting Qeel & Tasyah there, didn't exactly know them yet though. :)

So much love for this picture. HAHAHA

Saturday, February 6

Conggang-congget LMFAO

Hanna Chong says:
*What's wrong w you girl? :P
CILI SOS says:
*hot like a cili sos

Ksherah is Lame

So much love for these two peoplez :)

Just got back from tuition. I love tuition.
Had Merentas Desa today, the minute I reached the finishing line I felt rashes on my arms, terrible terrible rashes. Really. Both my arms were covered with them. Went to the St. John's room and as it turned out even my neck and tummy were covered in rashes. I resisted the urge to scratch, damn that was so effing tempting.
Thank you so much to everybody who helped put ice hehe. Especially Angela, yeah :)
By Recess, the rashes got better and when I checked my tummy, the rashes kind of formed the world map. How cool is that?! HAHA.
Well for Merentas Desa I managed to get fourth place, better than I expected, so yes I'm thankful. Alhamdulillah :) And congratulations to Pui San!
As of today Red House is in the lead (by nearly 200 marks o.o But it's okay, it's alright, come on Blue House fight fight fiiight :)), Blue House is second followed by Green House and Yellow House. Bring it ooon.

I know I should be starting on my homework now so I won't have to worry about it tomorrow, but I really am just so lazy tired. :(

Oh oh, last week during Abg Fahmi's birthday celebration, this conversation happened:


*offers chocolate,
No thanks. I'm sweet enough already :)

Ummmm -_-

K bye then :)