Saturday, April 24

I've never seen someone with your body

Happy Belated Fifteenth,
Aqilah "Qeelah Bee" Azlan Baqee
Hehehehehehehehehehehehehehe hairflip fail!
Mai Najihah MKZ!
Omg, PRS Gathering last year. I miss :(
♥ ♥ ♥

Hope you two had a good one :)

So, April's nearly coming to an end. My oh my, what a busy, busy month. I guess so far it's been alright. But lately everyone's been so sad, upset, depressed and whatnot. It's not a nice thing at all. And it makes me feel so useless to not be able to do anything about it most of the time :(

Cheer up, everybodyyy
I love you all! :)

Oh aaand, Qeel wore her braces on Thursday! They're so pretty. I like! Semua different colours eheh it's like she ate Skittles and they got stuck to her teeth or something :p I mean...

Mid year's drawing near, I seriously need to start revising properly. It's like mini-PMR, damn! All schools in Selangor will be sitting for the same PMR subjects paper or something, shiiit I am scared.

Today's actually a school day, but since they're having MPPH today only those who are involved have to attend.
And I'm not involved, so what the heck, that's extra sleep for me hehehe.
(Not really, actually. It's 8:55am and I'm already fully awake -.-)

I like that Colby O Donis feat. Mizznina (from Teh Tarik Crew? o.o) song, I think it's called What You Waiting For. Such a happy song :D

More updates soon, I guess. Though there really isn't much to update!

Sunday, April 18

Credits to Ahmad Ihsan!
For more pictures by Ihsan, click here for the Facebook album of the event;
and here for other pictures! ;)


Tiring, tiring day. I suppose it went fairly well, thanks to everyone who came!
No, not you Nikhil. Leaving after the walk and before the performances to play basketball? Pfft. You missed the best part! All the performances were really great, hehe especially Caprice's!

Met lots of people too! Lovelyyy.

Being the emcee for the first time ever was pretty nerve-wracking. Luckily it went fine (with some pretty minor slips, of course!) with Elynna by my siiide :D

After cleaning up the school,-

Ok wait. I mean seriously guys can't you please be more careful with the drinks and food you buy and not like, oh I don't know, drop them and litter all over the place hence leaving a huuuge mess for all of us to clean up? And don't get me started with the goodie bags. Come on, you got them for free and you leave them on the floor just like that? :(

-left for Qeel's to get ready to go to Sunway, supposedly for her birthday celebration. Crammed in Qeel's Naza (don't mess, there were about twelve people in the care ok? ;)) for about 30 minutes or so, waiting for a certain someone (We still love you, Elynna!) to arrive. Ended up reaching at Sunway at 4, we were laaate cause Azraa booked a karaoke room at Ampsquare for 3.30. Mhm, sadly we had to cancel our karaoke session because A) The minimum time in the karaoke room is 3 hours, and we didn't have enough time; and B) It was pretty darn expensive per head if we didn't stay for 3 hours, hmm.

And so, ten hungry girls ended up eating late lunch at Carls Jr. I quote Karyna, "So yeah we went to Sunway just to eat HAHAHAHAHA -.-" Pretty sad, yet satisfying at the same time. Hehe.

Walked around, really had nothing much to do. Wanted to watch a movie but heh, as expected the queue to buy tickets was really long and again, we didn't have enough time.

It's so sad we didn't get to karaoke.
And Karyna was so excited to sing Baby during our supposed karaoke session!


Well, it was 6+ when we walked to and waited at the entrance. Huge mix up of plans and three hours later, reached Qeel's house. The rest went to dinner at Kokopelli, waited for Ayah to pick me up. He came at about 11pm, didn't realize I took a nap for that long o.o

Came home exhausted, obviously squeezed in some time on Facebook before heading to bed.

I suppose it was an okay day. ;)

And whose birthday is it tomorrow anyway?
I have no idea. :)

Thursday, April 15

You know you love me,
I know you caaare,
Just shout whenever,
And I'll be theeere

A job well done to everyone :)

Got a bronze for 1500m. Happy happy haaappy! Congrats to Pui San and Amanda for getting olahragawatiii :D

Tired. Not much to update. Homepage is filled with status updates by schoolmates about Sports Day.

I want to take a looong hot shower now, sleep then wake up three days later.
Just sayin'.

Wednesday, April 14




Monday, April 5


:) :) :)
Missing: Seriiiii. She was doing her homework. -.-

I love it when Azrianna brings her camera to school, and lately she's been bringing it every day! Busy girl :p

I'm glad March is over. I mean, seriously. Can't say it was the best month evaaa. I guess there were just more downs than ups.

And it's already April! My God, how time flies. And nah, in this case I don't really think it's a good thing. April Fools' Day was tons of fun though, what with all the really, really lame (so called) pranks that my friends and I played on each other! :D

As soon as I stepped into school that day I was greeted by Uma saying "Omg, hi Hanna! Eh look at your skirt o.o" Me, being the oblivious one who just woke up from a short nap in the car checked my skirt and that was of course followed by the infamous,


Hahaha, silly girl. :)

Wanted to go to Samad's IU Day on Saturday but had transport difficulties, heh. After class that day though, bumped into Faisal at GSC and well, queued up to buy tickets for my family to watch How To Train Your Dragon 3D the following night, and he wanted to buy tickets to watch Clash of the Titans with Shahmi. Aww, how sweet ;) Haha.

The movie? I THOUGHT IT WAS REALLY REALLY CUTE! Must watch :) Toothless is simply adorable :3 I kept thinking of Izzy and her cat though because she mentioned how Toothless reminded her of her cat. Well, I want a dragon. Someone get me one for my birthday? 0:) Hehe.

Since we still can't listen to the radio in the Alphard, we (as in Hasya, Mommy and I) decided to watch Friends instead! I love Friends

Got our overall March test results today and heh, I'm not so pleased about it. For the billionth time, why on earth is 85 only an A? :( Oh well. Plus, all my teachers have been talking about how this Mid year exam, all schools in Selangor will be sitting for the same PMR subjects paper. So I guess it's like a mini-PMR, ey? Hell yeah, I'm already scared. After Nirmala's "motivational talk" last Thursday, I know I should already start studying for PMR. We'll see how it goes.

Acara Padang was held today and I didn't win anything! :( Pretty upset, but oh well. Got fourth for long jump though which I think is okay, considering the fact that I was competing against Amira, Izzy and Farah, zz no hope already okaaay? Hahaha.

Thankfully managed to attend Interact meeting today too, just for 10 minutes though.

Camp is this Friday! Camp is this Friday! PRS CAMP IS THIS FRIIIDAAAAAAY :D So soon though. Pretty excited, definitely ;) I still think it's too soon, but what to do? Haha.

School is really tiring. I wish we had nap time at school.