Saturday, January 22

Hello Blogger! I haven't blogged for some time, because of this:

Yeap! So I've been pretty busy. Things really sucked the first few days of school, but I guess things are getting better. Everything's still such a blur when it comes to studies though. I quite like Chemistry but Physics is just.. I don't know. I really don't.

Off to do homework now! Proper update sometime this.. year. Yeah.

I really miss this song.

My username for my laptop is still Beckett since 2008. :}

Have a good week everyone

Sunday, January 2

So lucky, so strong, so proud

Hm. On a brighter note,

Late by a day. I wanted to blog yesterday but I wasn't at home for most of the day, so hm.

So how did I spend my NYE? Decided to spend it with my family for a change. :) Finally went home after a month plus, cleaned my room and toilet! Ended up being really fun actually. :D

After Maghrib, went to Nenek's house for a family barbecue. Atuk's relatives from Padang, Indonesia were there too. Watched television, ate, ate and ate, and bonded with the rest of the family.
It was 11.48pm when we left to watch fireworks. We were in Damansara Heights and drove to Sunway Kiara Hills, awesome neighbourhood, a lot of the residents were white people you see, heheh.

So anyway, we had a really good view overlooking pretty much the whole of KL. Could see KLCC. We made it just in time! :D :D :D Saw fireworks from four different places. Got a few New Year calls from some people too :)

Went home to Wan's after that, went online for a while before going to sleep and I guess that concludes how I spent the last day of 2010. Nothing much, but I liked it. :)

Spent 1.1.11 mainly at Aunty Onair's house in Kajang. When Mommy gets together with her friends, they can talk literally for hours non-stop. At 3am today, she still wasn't done yet, so we ended up staying there for the night.

Watched the football matches that were on last night and also rugby this morning. Gonna do that more frequent now. Pretty entertaining, and plus, it means more bonding time with Ayah. Heheh :)

So, since everyone's posting what their resolutions are for this year, I guess I'll post mine.
  • Try my best to cope with everything / don't slack off so much.
  • Make new friends but keep old ones. :)
  • Appreciate more.
Yeah, you get the drift. I tried to make it as specific but as general as possible (if that makes sense) so it won't be so hard keeping my resolutions. I guess what I'm trying to say is, my main 2011 resolution is to

Become a better person. :D

Maybe a little of this too:

Heheh. To those who still have school, good luck and have fun tomorrow people