Saturday, April 23

You said you needed a little time for my mistakes, it's funny how you used that time to have me replaced

I actually really miss the concert. He's so cute... No no. I don't want to like Bieber. I don't want to be crazyyy. ):

She's very lucky. :((((((((((((((( When she sat on his lap. :(((((((((((((((((((((((((((

I don't wanna be in love

So, before I forget to blog about this,

Justin Bieber was great!

Everyone has probably heard this a million times by now (more, I'm sure), but really, it was a good show and well worth my RM288. And this is coming from a non-Belieber!

Fetched Ikha after school and went home to Wan's to get ready. Reached Stadium Merdeka by 4pm and queued up with Aisyah, Ikhwan and his brothers, Thabeena, Aleeza and Nadirah. They let us enter the stadium at 5.30, sat down for a good 2 hours and 30 minutes waiting. Thank God our area was covered though so we didn't get wet (It was raining cats and dogs and every other animal la ._.). Surprisingly, Mizz Nina came out just before 8pm. Not bad ey? Right on time.

Had to wait an hour plus for Bieber though, there was a 15 minute countdown and the DJ entertaining us was pretty good. I noticed all the songs he played had the lyrics "Put your hands up in the air!"! :D

So how was the show, exactly?

It was honestly one of the best concerts I've ever been to. Not exactly because of Bieber himself, but how everything happened. It's hard to say. Like how they arranged everything and all. There wasn't much connection between him and the crowd though, definitely. Anybody who wasn't too intoxicated by just his presence on stage could see that. In fact, like Ikha said, he didn't even look genuinely happy. Like something was bothering him? Idk. I liked how everything was planned though. Like in between songs when he changed attire / was getting ready, they played clips of him when he was younger. Sooooooooo cute I'm telling you. And the little things he did on stage. He played the drums! Not bad at all. And he sang acoustic while playing the guitar for two songs I think. He's pretty good at dancing too! Ah and of course, the OLLG. Honestly, the Beliebers should calm down and not be so mean. She wasn't ugly at all, in fact I thought she was pretty. :) And towards the end, the lights suddenly went off and we thought the show ended because on the screen it said "Thank you Malaysia and Good Night! Love, Justin Bieber." Then the words on the screen changed and it said








Something like that. I found that cool! :P


He sang Dance Floor Anthem and I was happy beyond words. I wanted to go to Good Charlotte's concert in Std 5 / 6 but I couldn't, and finally, after 5 years, I saw Joel Madden :') I may not be as big of a fan as I was back then but seriously. I was so, so, so happy. Noone expected it :')

The last song Bieber sang was Baby. This part was really cute. He asked the crowd what one last song they wanted to hear and obviously everyone screamed Baby. So at first he was like "What? Hit me baby one more time? HIT ME BABY ONE MORE TIMEEE~" He did that with a few other songs with the word "baby" in the title, can't remember what else though. BUT THE BESTTT was definitely "Oh you mean Baby Got Back? I LIKE BIG BUTTS AND I CANNOT LIE~" Super adorable, no kidding.

I really wanted him to sing Overboard. :(

I tried calling Mommy (like I do at every concert I go to) but I had no line. I tried calling Mira too! Especially during Dance Floor Anthem, but the calls couldn't get through. Sucks -.-

So 16 people squeezed in a 7 seater car on the way home. Simply epic, ey?

Ikha sleptover and we talked about things a little before going to bed. Woke up at 1.45 (Y) Spent the day lazing around and ordered pizza for late lunch. Yummy...............

I better be going to bed now. It really was a good night. I enjoyed myself and I hope everyone else did too :)

Saturday, April 16

I think I looked quite happy. I want that feeling again. Genuinely happy. At least for a while.

Tired eyes. This was a month or two ago.
I look a lot worse now.

I'll update more soon.

Wednesday, April 6


It has been 846230847913 years since my last update! Freaking long post ahead, don't say I didn't warn youuuu!

Of course I'd blog about this. :)

I never thought I'd end up dancing. Seriously. Anyone who has seen me attempt to dance (Interact installation 2010 lolol) would know how horrible I am at it, no kid. But I've always liked seeing people dance. And I love watching dance movies! :3

So it was the end of February when Marvel-us were looking for people to join their group before the 2nd audition. I didn't know anyone in the group and at first I was really really really reluctant to join. Trisher eventually talked me into giving it a shot and well, I did. I don't know why I ended up joining anyway. I had endless doubts about this, and as usual, lacked in confidence. (I really gotta thank my bby Mira for being there for me through everything, from Day 1. :))) )

It was a week to 2nd audition and we started spending many hours at Arena for practice. We mostly played around, and the night before 2nd audition was super emotional for everyone. We were far from prepared and did not even practice full routine yet. Arena switches their lights off by 10pm every night so we sat there in the dark until about 11pm. We didn't have any confidence to pass the audition. Heh.

But hey, we ended up passing! :3 Sze Teng and Arven were new members to our group after the audition. And we changed our name to Deviation. Whee.

Everyday during the school holidays we'd spend about 6 hours at Arena. Truth be told, only about 3 hours were spent on solid practice everyday, the other 3 were spent playing around / waiting for others / eating / sleeping / playing futsal. FUTSAL = FUN.

We had a lot of complications. Regarding our choreographer, our routine, our songs, video presentation. Everything. Things started getting stressful for everyone and I started skipping everything for dance. Tuition, handball, football, Interact, taekwondo, Blue House. Everything. :/

There was a point when it was about 9 days to ICC.
We didn't have our full routine, we didn't have our dance attire, we didn't submit our video presentation yet, we didn't register for ICC, basically we had a lot of things that we didn't settle yet. Oh yeah, and I got grounded around this time as well. Haa.

Practice started becoming hardcore, everyone started being serious. Endless arguments. We were nowhere close to ICC standard on Thursday night. And ICC was two days away.

The night before ICC.

We were sharing the practice spot with Bhangra Kings. So we practiced, and practiced, and practiced. From noon straight until 11pm. We were FAR from satisfying, FAR from good. We didn't have a good finale. No good finale = incomplete routine. Just imagine. The night before ICC, and all this happens. Towards the end of practice things really started becoming horrible. Some of us started crying. Some of us just sat and stared into space. So we went home eventually, with everything unsettled.

The next morning we practiced everything a few times. It wasn't what we would call perfect, but heh.

Then it was time for us to perform.

It was my first time on stage like that. Felt all sorts of emotions, screwed up some parts, enjoyed the rest. After our performance we felt like we didn't do our best. Honest.

When they were announcing the results towards the end, every other group and performer were holding hands. Except us. "Why do you guys wanna hold hands? Trust me. We're not going to win."
That's how badly we thought we did, and how great we thought everyone else did. Of course we were happy when Deviation was announced 2nd place for the modern dance category. We honestly did not expect it. At all.

During practices,
We played around a lot. We procrastinated a lot. We were not disciplined enough. We were not energetic enough. We screwed up a lot. We cried a lot. We laughed a lot. We slept a lot. We played ping pong and futsal a lot. We took pictures a lot. We talked a lot. We did homework a lot (lol actually no only Sze Teng did this). We watched Bhangra Kings practice a lot (!!!!!). We pissed each other off a lot. We argued a lot.

I made new friends! With people I really never thought I would. Grew closer to each other. Got to know each other better. Laughed together. Shared stories together. Helped each other.
Practices were really something to me. Slowly started to like dancing, even though I'm still far from good. Enjoyed it. Probably won't end up dancing again. So ICC 2011 truly did mean a lot to me. :)

Thank you Megan, thank you Lydia, thank you Trisher, thank you Yew Wing, thank you Sharon, thank you Shalinee and thank you everyone else who helped. Thank you to everyone else who supported us through it all!

I'll miss all that. Definitely something new for me, great experience.

But honestly, after ICC. I was far from genuinely happy. Felt horrible, felt so bad. I've got my reasons why. Until now, I'm feeling pretty miserable about it.
I wish you guys did not say bad things about us behind our backs. I wish you guys did not blame us for winning. We did not bribe the judges. We did not boo y'all. We shouted and cheered for you guys. We thought you guys were great. Really broke my heart when I found out. Thought we were actually friends.