Monday, August 29

There ain't no reason you and me should be alone tonight, yeah baby

That's how I look like now after being up since last night doing Ed Board work. All I've been doing today is call people up and do some homework. Who knew something like this could be so tiring?

Raya's tomorrow and I haven't even helped Mommy prepare. After I shower, I'll go down and do what I can, though everyone knows I'm not much help in the kitchen. Heh.

I cut my hair btw. I guess you can't really notice. I quite like it now, but I'm going to shower soon. Gonna wash my hair. Hair = back to disaster.

Before I end, I'd like to wish all Muslims out there a Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri for the Islamic year of 1432. Forgive me for all my wrong doings this past year, I've changed, I'm aware of that, but if I changed in a bad way, I do hope I'll be a better person for the years to come. Change is inevitable - so might as well make the best of it, no?

I'll update about Raya when I can. I'm quite excited. :)

The Story of Us

Scared for finals. Need to start studying soon.
"Study hard, pray hard. As they say, study like you've never prayed, and pray like you've never studied."

Saturday, August 27

Stuck in the moment

Haven't showered since this morning.

Leadership Seminar was good. Had fun actually. :) Last one for me, heh.
Followed Mommy to OU after that. Happy with my purchases, even though all I got was a phone cover and a new screen protector. Oh and! Another pair of Raya shoes. Alhamdulillah. :)

Always wanted this. :B Unfortunately they only had it in black. :(

:D Unfortunately, because of my back, I can't wear high heels anymore. Saw so many nice ones but heh... I can't even wear high wedges. :(

The lamp that Wan got for me!!!!!!! It's so pretty!!!!!!!!!!

And the table!!!!!!!!! I was expecting a study table so I cleaned my room again to make space for it but no.... HAHAH.

Raya's in a few more days. :)

Thursday, August 25

Be Calm

Just showered, I feel so fresh. :D

First mixtape in a while, thank you Mira

Went for ICBB's Installation today, it was good! The incoming BODs opening act was super cute. & oh my God, I think Rtn. Chris Ng's such a nice Rotarian. Seriously. So funny too hahah.

Puan Yeap's retirement tomorrow. Although she never taught me, I'm going to miss her tons. All those trips to the office to see her about Interact or anything else, hm. I wonder who's going to replace her.

Then it's the weekend. Excited. :) Leadership Seminar this Saturday at CHS!

Til the next update,

Wednesday, August 24

You'll Never Walk Alone

Liverpool game tonight! Got my tee on~ :D

[Edited] ; FT Exeter 1-3 Liverpool (Suarez, Maxi, Carroll) #YNWA :D
Carroll needs to score more goals to prove that he was worth the money. I still don't understand how he cost more than Suarez.

Monday, August 22

Hear my thoughts in every note

I've been thinking a lot lately. About the future. Thinking about it scares me. It really, really does. I don't know what I want to do in life. I don't know where I want to go after I graduate next year. I don't know what I'll be doing, even. I know some things turn out perfect when they're not planned, but not this. All I know is, I want to study in the UK. I want to travel... I really do. Whatever happens, I just want to be able to travel the world and see what it has to offer. After Form 5, we'll all go separate ways. Most of us, God willing, will be studying abroad. Different parts of the world. We'll make new friends and we'll definitely be busier than ever. Of course I'd love to make new friends but I'll miss the ones I have now so much. I already do, most of them anyway. I've drifted apart from so many people who have always been there for me. Not a nice feeling. I love my friends. I love my family. Of course, there are a few relationships that can and should be mended before it's too late, but honestly, I'm thankful. I'm thankful that I have these people in my life now. Who would I be today if it weren't for them? New life, new drama. Then after college, after university, what next? One by one each of us will get married, hopefully. Settle down and start a family. Who knows, in ten years time it would be one of our weddings? I don't know what to expect. I've slacked a lot this year. I really need to buck up. Especially since I don't have a plan on what I'm doing with my life. This has gotta change. Soon.

In ten years time, I want to know that I made the right choice. In whatever I end up doing.


Wonderm8s (formerly known as Tablem8s heheheh) berbuka at Azraa's yesterday was fun
Baked rainbow cupcakes, pizza, baked potatoes, chicken and salad! Not bad at all. :)

We started with the cupcakes!

Yummy. :B


Then we baked pizza. :B

Fallopian tube made out of sausages!
Cute cat pizza. :D
Deathly Hallows pizza. :D

We made two other heart-shaped ones, and two normal round ones.
Azraa's mom helped to bake the chicken and prepare the salad!
And we sang along to songs (with the help of lyrics on YouTube) while cooking. :D

Planking on the way to Tutti Frutti!

I love you guys

Sunday, August 21


There are some people you meet in life that really are irreplaceable.

Love you, Nik.
"I keep on thinking you're going to leave me to study abroad and I'll miss the living shit out of you."
"Hopefully I get all A+ so I can get a scholarship to wherever you go."
"When I tell my kids about my life, I'll tell them you were the best thing that had ever happened to me."

Saturday, August 20

Life's like that

^ That's me in a bad mood.

I really wanted to go out tonight.
Thanks, parents.

Monday, August 8

Life can do terrible things

Listen to this. Just. Listen.

Sunday, August 7

And that's why I smile

Presidents 2011/2012!
Missing: Dana & Arvind.

Wow, it's already August. Time needs to slow down. Then again, like I've said many, many, many times, I just cannot wait for this year to be over.

Went for ICSMKA's Installation yesterday! Honestly, it was really good. If only more people attended. The opening act was really something different too.
Left at exactly 11 to go for theory class. Surprisingly, that went well too. HAHA WOWWW.
Got ready for BOD Dinner. Honestly, I haven't had that much fun in so long. Spa + karaoke at the Beauty Lounge, then dinner at Bangkok House after. It was supposed to be a complete BOD Dinner, all 17 of us, but Elynna couldn't make it. :/ Hmm.
Took tons of pictures, now waiting for Marina to upload 'em!

Things have been pretty good lately. I really hope this goes on. I know it's all in the mind and I can actually do something about it, but I just hate being upset all the time. Heh.

And, Nad did a grrrrrrrrr8 job with the blog!!!! Click here to see. :')

So the theme for our blog, namecards, quarterly reports and club t-shirts is Comic. Pretty cool huh? Maybe that'll be our theme for the whole term. Can't wait to get our namecards and club t-shirts!!!

And of course, please don't miss out on ICSA's Annual Installation. We'd really appreciate it if gave us your support by attending! Viva La Interact. :)

Gonna go off now. See you later alligators~

Awesome Foursome


Oh God. 

ICSA's Annual Installation 2011/2012

Please support, I'll love you forever if you do.

Viva La Interact!