Tuesday, October 25

Everyone else in the room can see it, everyone else but you

I know I said I'll only blog again after finals, but it's 5:50am on a Tuesday morning and I'm awake. I didn't stay up (haha I'd be crazy to stay up when I have all the time to sleep), but I slept early and woke up about 4.30am just now.

Sup guys, nice hair eh? ^^v

Saw an article on Facebook about how to avoid attracting rapists, and in that article there was something about a Ted Bundy who was a well-educated serial killer and rapist who wore crutches and approached attractive women whom he then led to secluded areas and well, yes, you know what happens next. I Googled him and have been reading about him on Wiki ever since. Crazy, crazy guy but really interesting to read about. He had this sexual attraction to corpses as well, and he applied make up on his lifeless victims and did all sorts of things to them because according to him, "They can be whatever you wanted them to be." He did all these things until they decomposed and the state of their bodies no longer allowed him to do so. He didn't become a suspect until much later, and why? Because he hid it well. Nobody would suspect a guy who appeared to be kind, and very well-educated, who was also part of the organisation that searched endlessly for this murderer. Such a shame, he did well in college because he could, and he was goodlooking too. He dated this girl and she ended his relationship because she said he wasn't ambitious and did not have a future (this was when he dropped out of college the first time). Years later, he achieved all sorts of things in college and they dated again, he asked her to marry him and she agreed. Then he broke off all contact with her and she never heard of him again. The only thing he said about it was "I just wanted to prove to myself that I could have married her." Wow.

So my actual reason of wanting to blog was to talk about my bucket list.

Yeap. A list of things to do before I die. Here's some, in no particular order, that I've been thinking of lately. It's not very adventurous, but it's realistic.. I guess.

1. Save a life. I don't know how, but I really do want to. It's not problem for my dad, though, I mean that's his job. But I don't want to be a doctor, so. I mean, to save someone's life would mean to risk yours, right? In most cases I guess. I wonder how that feels like.

2. Travel around the world. I don't just want to visit places like London or New York, or in other words, tourist attractions. I want to travel to places like Africa so I know what it's like there. Then I'd fully appreciate what I have here, you know? Of course, I'd love to witness an aurora but that doesn't seem very likely. Not in the near future anyway, but who knows?

3. Visit Mekah. I'd love to perform my haji one day, but of course, umrah first. I don't know how soon, but I'd love to go with my family.

4. Get married. Ha-ha. Pretty ambitious at age 16, no? I mean, marriage is a wonderful thing. I'd love to get married and settle down in the future. It's pretty normal for a girl to think about these things, right? :P Besides, to have someone feel about you that way should be a pretty lovely feeling.

5. Bungee-jump. A lot of people have done this, and I would like to as well. Hopefully this wouldn't be a problem. I love thrill rides and any of the sort. I went on what used to be the world's longest (or was it fastest? o.o) rollercoaster in Flamingo Land when I was 9, so these things do excite me. Pity my dad, though, he's always the one who has to accompany me since my mom is terrified of heights and my siblings were too short back then. But now, since we both have slipped discs... :(

I actually have a few more on my mind, but it's 6:13am now, so I should pray soon and shower. Then, I should be spending my day wisely and study, right? Chemistry Paper 1-3 and Paper 3 for Biology and Physics next week, so I really have to make sure I do well in my last finals papers of high school.

The next day, I'll be going to London!!!!!! Excited. I haven't been there since 2004. I cannot wait. Although it's only for a short while (since Ayah can't take too many days off work), I'm going to really need and hopefully enjoy the break.

I asked Ayah if we can visit the stadiums, and he said yes, except to Old Trafford. We'll see how that goes. :P

But Anfield, Emirates, Stamford Bridge, White Hart Lane, Etihad, St. James' Park, here I come!!!!!!! :D

Oh, and I decided to listen to some One Direction songs earlier. Listened to two - What Makes You Beautiful and Na Na Na. I liked the former, pretty catchy. Then I listened to Boyce Avenue's cover and fell in love with it (when do I not love their covers, eh?)

It's not catchy. Which is why I like it. :D

Enjoy the rest of the week, you guys! Might blog again this week. It's gonna be a pretty uneventful week for me, but oh well.

And to those celebrating,

Happy Deepavali!!!!!! :D



Sunday, October 16

So no one told you life was gonna be this way

I never knew my mom was a fan of rugby. Pretty cool, ay?
I'm not a rugby fan, but it kind of annoys me to see people who are suddenly huge fans of the sport. Oh well.
For the finals, I guess I'm rooting for the All-Blacks since everyone else under this roof is as well. It's not like I have a choice anyway.

I have both History papers tomorrow, and I am scared shitless. I'm far from prepared, seriously, I have so much more to cover and I'm scared I won't have enough time. I can't wait 'til Friday. We have no school the following week due to Deepavali holidays so I'm hoping to catch up on some sleep before studying Chemistry, and Paper 3 for Biology and Physics.

I hope I score well for finals. It doesn't seem so likely with how I've been feeling lately.

The other day I was watching covers on YouTube and I stumbled upon this dance choreography of On The Floor which was nice. Watched more videos by the YouTube channel and this one's my favourite:

This will be my last post until finals end, I know I've been blogging a lot lately but it's only to get my mind off things. A lot has been happening and the one person I was hoping to be with me through it all hasn't talked to me for a few days. I guess everyone's busy.

I haven't tweeted since Friday, I don't go on Facebook as much and I haven't replied anybody on WhatsApp and BBM. I barely answer calls and I don't reply texts. I just don't feel like talking to anyone right now.

I don't have my phone either, so anyone who really needs to contact me can contact me through my mom. Doubt anyone would do that...

Bye Blogger. Bye Internet.

Saturday, October 15

FT 1-1

Beautiful freekick by Gerrard, but even better header by Chicharito. Not the best we could have played (had COUNTLESS shots on target and COUNTLESS chances) but the best we have played this season. My mood? Pretty much the same before the game.

When Gerrard scored, however:

I was jumping up and down and Mommy told me to stand still so she could take a photo (which she then uploaded on Facebook, as usual...)

I wasn't too upset when Chicharito scored though.
Thank goodness he's cute and good and my favourite MU player heh.

Without De Gea, we probably could have won the game by what, 2 or 3 goals?
World class goalkeeper,
he is.
Is it just me or does he look like a werewolf? :}

And hey doesn't Martin Kelly look like John Mayer?


Was really hoping we'd win this game, but maybe next time. Hmm.


Is my point proven yet?

Read this. RIP Jack Marshall.


Meet my grandmother. :)

So I'm in my LFC jersey, snuggling in a sleeping bag waiting for the big game to start. It has been a super depressing day, teared a few times for different reasons. I'm really hoping by the end of the game my mood will change.

I haven't replied anyone who has talked to me since last night.

No one ever said life was fair

Why me, again?

Friday, October 14

"These days, I haven't been sleeping"

Skyped with Qaisara and Qadri when they were at KL, accompanying Wan on her usual furniture shopping trips!

Done with papers for this week! Had Tasawwur on Tuesday, followed by BM, English, and ModMath on Wednesday 'til Friday. So far, finals have been okay, wish I worked harder though. /:

Next week I have History, Agama, AddMath, Physics and Biology all in a row. That's like... Sigh. The only thing I'm expecting is  7 sleepless nights in a row, trying to cover everything. When will I ever learn?

LFC vs MUFC tomorrow. It's a bit too much to ask, but 3 points + clean sheet to the Reds, please? :(

Back to studies. I've slacked so much this year. I wish I studied consistently like how I did for PMR. It's not too late, I know I still have SPM but contrary to what a lot of people think, Form 4 finals is actually really important...

Having said that, I have no idea why I'm still wasting time blogging when I should be studying History. I feel stupid xinfinity when I see tweets like "Finished reading Bio, Phys and Sej! Going to do exercises before I continue with AddMath!"


And again, I ask myself,
When will I ever learn?

Sunday, October 9

I haven't updated since September 19th! So much for regularly posting.
Finals is in a few days, and what am I doing? Not studying. Honestly, the only subject I've been doing consistently is AddMaths and I haven't even mastered all the chapters. I really hope I get good grades, but what's success without effort, right?

I need to discipline myself more.

So yesterday le Wonderm8s threw a surprise 16th birthday do for Ksherah, if I'm not mistaken after all these years, yesterday was the first attempt in organising a surprise and I'm so happy to say KSHERAH WAS SURPRISED!!! She cried. :') So I've uploaded all 430 pictures on Facebook already, and Karyna uploaded around 2 albums as well. Go see! :D


Have a good week everyone! Good luck for finals. :D