Friday, December 23

Elephant Appreciation Post 2011

It's been about two weeks since my last post, hi Blogger. I've been pretty busy which is great. Mainly with Interact and tuition. I remember at the start of the holidays I said I'd revise my Form Four syllabus over the holidays so I won't struggle next year, unsurprisingly that didn't turn out well. I still have about a week to catch up at least a little though. I haven't touched my History textbook since school ended.

I'll be a Form Five student in just over a week. I'm not ready. I'm looking forward to it, but I'm not prepared. I'll be in 5 Science Akasia (don't ask about the name change of the class...), and hey take a look at my classmates:

I will die. So much pressure, I don't know if I'll be able to handle it. I have Yassh and Aqila in my class though, which I'm really thankful for. :)

I have gained so much weight too, which I'm really bummed about because it's not like I wasn't heavy enough to begin with.

I know everyone's saying how the holidays are boring and whatnot but even though I stay at home on most days (if I leave the house it would be for classes and meetings), I'm still really enjoying the break from school. It's my last high school year-end holiday and I have had so much time for myself (which I also have been taking for granted). I know I won't get this kind of time next year. I'll be busy with Interact, PRS, SAEYLS, Blue house, handball, Ed Board... Pretty crazy huh? I hope I'll be able to cope well and not underperform in any of them.

SPM is in less than a year. SPM. SPM! Before I know it it'll be mid-November already and I'll be in the examination hall waiting to sit for the first paper. I'm already scared. Cakap je takut tapi bukannya nak belajar.

Hmm. You know how sometimes I'm like "Be thankful for what you have, you are blessed." but then two days later I complain about something I shouldn't be complaining about? Or be sad over something I shouldn't be so sad about? Like... feelings. Yeah, feelings. I'm very sure other people, most if not all, are the same. I hope I change in that aspect... because as much as people don't like being reminded of this, we are all blessed. Really, really blessed. What I've been so thankful for for the past two months is that I have a few friends that I can start a conversation with and tell them everything I feel and they always know what to say. Not to mention still having all my family members around. Like I said, blessed.

I'll be spending New Years with my family this year, just like I did last year. This time it'll be just the five of us at Grand Lexis, PD. I won't deny that at first I was pretty upset about it because I wanted to spend New Years here, but after what Jim and Mira told me about the hotel, and after I checked out the website myself, yeah I'm pretty excited. Maybe it'll be a good change. Sign of a good year to come, hopefully? :)

It's 8.45am now. Gotta make today productive. Adios!!!

Friday, December 9

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Sunday, December 4

ICCPJ Charity Concert 2012 AUDITIONS!!!

Who's interested to perform for next year's ICCPJ Concert?! As long as you're a student of one of the six ICCPJ schools, you're more than welcomed to audition!

Details HERE.

See you there!
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