Saturday, January 28

Cos even stars they burn, some even fall to the earth

I'm so annoying heheh sorry Ksherah

Skyping with Navini from Italia!!!!!!

Photo with Marina's hand because Marina doesn't like taking photos

Photo with Marina anyway

I love Jason Mraz.

Back to school in two days!

Thursday, January 26


Walk on, walk ooooooon, with hope in your heart,
And You'll Never Walk Alone 

Wednesday, January 25

Shot me out of the sky, you're my kryptonite

Before I continue I would just like to say that I like One Direction and my favourite is Louis Tomlinson. Niall and Harry too. Hehe.

Good morning, world!!!

2012 has been great so far. I've been so busy with everything! Homework, SFS, ICC, SAEYLS, PRS, handball, tuition. I'm thankful, though, because I don't waste my time as much anymore. I'm in 5SA with Aqila and Yasshene and I actually really like my class. All my classmates are studious though and they teach me stuff that I don't understand really well. And I don't understand a lot of stuff...

Stayback season has started and we've had elections for everything already. I'm the Treasurer for Blue House! Masnizza is my Vice and I like her a lot. Iqffa is our Captain and Nad is our Vice. So much faith in both of them. Also, I'm the class monitor again. 5th year in a row, hahaha that's amazing.

And Interact? Interact's doing good! We're currently planning Sirens For Silhouettes. We started the it Gets Better photo drive on Friday and the support we are getting is overwhelming. None of us expected to get this much support. Right now, we already have 273 It Gets Better photos. Don't know what I'm talking about? Click here. So show your support as well! Take a photo of you or anyone else you know, holding up a sign that says "It Gets Better". This is to support our cause of suicide awareness :) Then e-mail it to me at

Here are some of my favourites!

Also, while we're at it, be sure to attend ICC Concert 2012! It'll be just a week before, on 31st March 2012. Our theme is AURUM: The Golden Touch and we're gonna make it different this year, I can tell you that. And if you're from the six ICCPJ schools and you're itching to show off your talent, do come for our auditions! It will be this 18th February 2012. Contact me for more details!

Now that I've already had a bit of taste on what 2012's like, here are some goals I hope to achieve:

1) Straight As for SPM.
2) Good results for March Test, Midterms and Trials.
3) Do the best I can for and with Interact.
4) Enjoy every bit of high school.
5) Read more.
6) Listen to good music more.
7) Watch football more.
8) Participate in things more.
9) Maintain a good relationship with everyone who matters. Yes, everyone.
10) Whine, complain, bad talk less.

Signing out,
xoxo Gadis Gosip hahahahahaha

Sunday, January 1

"All I want for New Years is you~"


It's 1:26am on 1st January 2012, and I'm chilling in the hotel room at Grand Lexis, Port Dickson with my family. Expected a boring NYE but I had fun today - had a much needed full body massage at the spa and spent most of the day exploring the hotel. This place is lovely, I'd definitely recommend it for a short getaway from KL.

I realised something. It doesn't matter how you spend your New Years. If you didn't enjoy it, it certainly doesn't mean you won't enjoy the rest of the year. 1st January is just like any other day. It'll be amazing, if you make it amazing.

2012 will be amazing, if you make it amazing. :)

Unlike most people, I didn't enjoy 2011 as much as I thought I would. Sure, I had good times that I'll remember for a long time. But honestly I spent a lot of the past year being upset about things I shouldn't be upset about. I made lots of mistakes, went through rough times with some people, my grades dropped tremendously but in a way I'm thankful it all happened. 2011 wasn't the best but I learnt a lot.

Most people don't make New Year resolutions but since I kind of kept mine last year, I think I'll make three that I'll hopefully be able to keep:

1) To love more and hate less.
2) To work hard to achieve my goals, especially in academics.
3) To stop swearing completely.

To sum it up, my resolution is like everyone else's: to be a better person.

Let's see how that goes.