Wednesday, December 5

Hello hello hello! I haven't posted a proper entry in so long! I miss blogging. I used to blog every single day even if there was nothing to talk about.

It's December 5th now and 11 months of 2012 have gone so quickly. I actually really liked 2012. Definitely a year to remember. I wrote this in my New Years entry earlier this year:

I realised something. It doesn't matter how you spend your New Years. If you didn't enjoy it, it certainly doesn't mean you won't enjoy the rest of the year. 1st January is just like any other day. It'll be amazing, if you make it amazing.

2012 will be amazing, if you make it amazing. :)

And it certainly was. Grew closer to some people, drifted apart from others. Ah but come on, that's nothing new. Happens to everyone all the time anyway.

SPM? SPM was alright. Tbqh, I'm not confident at all I can score straight As. I really, really want to though. For my parents, my teachers and for myself. Insya Allah, if my SPM results are good, I'm going to apply for the July intake at KYUEM to do my A-Levels. It would be amazing to gain admittance there. Pray for me?

Life after SPM has been alright. Not really in a rush to do anything since I've got 7 months all to myself! I'm going to Dubai next week though. At first I wasn't really looking forward to going since I assumed it was going to be boring. But Mommy and Ayah put me in charge of coming up with an itinerary for our 7 day-stay and now I cannnoooootttt waaaiiittttt!!! Desert safari, Burj Khalifa, souks, shopping malls and everything else, here I come!!!!!!! :D

I'm slightly bummed we're not going to London this year though, I kind of wish we were going this year instead of last! So many of my friends are going / already there! I love that place and I miss it a lot. Soon, hopefully :)

Speaking of London, I'm so envious of people who get to travel all over the world every year, especially Europe. I would love to travel around Europe one day. Quite unlikely, since Ayah's always busy and can't get more than a week off from work, but you never know. But it's alright :) 
So thankful we're going somewhere this year. I really need the break (or maybe it just feels great to be out of Malaysia once in a while, hehe)

You know what really bugs me? When people do not appreciate what they have. Like their family, for example. It ain't nice man, reading all the horrible things some people have to say about their parents. But ah well. Anyway, nobody can ever get all they want, but maybe if people learn to want a little less, they'd be much happier. Just a thought.

Better go before I continue talking nonsense. Expect an update soon! (Pandai cakap je tapi nanti tak buat juga hahaha)