Wednesday, January 30

2013 Goals + other stuff

• to improve my relationship with other people, no matter how I feel about them or vice versa.
• to learn how to forgive and not hold grudges.
• to always pray for the best and work hard to achieve the best that I can.

I think these goals are pretty realistic. Hoping I keep to them this time. Insya Allah.

So it's already the end of January 2013. Referring to my previous post, I should probably stop promising to update when we both clearly know I'd never get around to actually doing it, haha.

Anyway, this month has been pretty good. Started working about two weeks ago, it's physically and mentally draining but I hope it'll be worth it when I get my $$$$$ ! I also have my driving license now - but I still haven't gotten the green light to drive alone on the road yet, though. Can't wait for that!

We're slowly moving into BSD again, which I'm totes excited for! Been staying here for the past week. So cozy. There's no internet yet, so I'm currently blogging through my phone and it feels hella weird haha.

Also, random fact about me: If I could choose just ONE website to go on for the rest of my life, I'd probably pick YouTube. It's amazing, man. I literally spend at least 9 hours on it everyday at work. Half my screen would be work stuff and the other half would be all my YouTube tabs. I think my favourite thing to watch on YouTube is acoustic covers / performances of any other song. So nice to hear. And it's great how YouTube like knows how I work already. It recommends just the right / best videos for me!!! Four for you, YouTube. Plus it's both audio AND visual entertainment!!!

Such a lovely performance.
This is a YouTube appreciation paragraph. I love you YouTube.

Other than that, nothing too interesting has happened this year (clearly, since I just wrote a whole appreciation paragraph about a site everybody goes on...) There were a few days and nights I spent out which made me happy though. For no particular reason, you know? Just like.. yeah. It's hard to explain and nobody cares anyway :p

Have you ever looked at someone and thought to yourself like "Hey, I really love you. Thank you for existing." Doesn't have to be "love" love like the romantic interest though. Just the kind of love you feel for someone you really appreciate. I love that feeling.

Love. Has a nice ring to it.

11.30pm and I have work tomorrow. I should probably sleep, but who am I kidding?! I've been having trouble sleeping lately and I can only fall into deep slumber at 4.30am - 2 hours before I need to get up and get ready for work. Blegh. I feel old. It's okay, all for the experience man.

Ok. Running out of things to crap about. Until next time!