Wednesday, December 5

Hello hello hello! I haven't posted a proper entry in so long! I miss blogging. I used to blog every single day even if there was nothing to talk about.

It's December 5th now and 11 months of 2012 have gone so quickly. I actually really liked 2012. Definitely a year to remember. I wrote this in my New Years entry earlier this year:

I realised something. It doesn't matter how you spend your New Years. If you didn't enjoy it, it certainly doesn't mean you won't enjoy the rest of the year. 1st January is just like any other day. It'll be amazing, if you make it amazing.

2012 will be amazing, if you make it amazing. :)

And it certainly was. Grew closer to some people, drifted apart from others. Ah but come on, that's nothing new. Happens to everyone all the time anyway.

SPM? SPM was alright. Tbqh, I'm not confident at all I can score straight As. I really, really want to though. For my parents, my teachers and for myself. Insya Allah, if my SPM results are good, I'm going to apply for the July intake at KYUEM to do my A-Levels. It would be amazing to gain admittance there. Pray for me?

Life after SPM has been alright. Not really in a rush to do anything since I've got 7 months all to myself! I'm going to Dubai next week though. At first I wasn't really looking forward to going since I assumed it was going to be boring. But Mommy and Ayah put me in charge of coming up with an itinerary for our 7 day-stay and now I cannnoooootttt waaaiiittttt!!! Desert safari, Burj Khalifa, souks, shopping malls and everything else, here I come!!!!!!! :D

I'm slightly bummed we're not going to London this year though, I kind of wish we were going this year instead of last! So many of my friends are going / already there! I love that place and I miss it a lot. Soon, hopefully :)

Speaking of London, I'm so envious of people who get to travel all over the world every year, especially Europe. I would love to travel around Europe one day. Quite unlikely, since Ayah's always busy and can't get more than a week off from work, but you never know. But it's alright :) 
So thankful we're going somewhere this year. I really need the break (or maybe it just feels great to be out of Malaysia once in a while, hehe)

You know what really bugs me? When people do not appreciate what they have. Like their family, for example. It ain't nice man, reading all the horrible things some people have to say about their parents. But ah well. Anyway, nobody can ever get all they want, but maybe if people learn to want a little less, they'd be much happier. Just a thought.

Better go before I continue talking nonsense. Expect an update soon! (Pandai cakap je tapi nanti tak buat juga hahaha)


Sunday, October 14

there's nothing quite as beautiful as outer space.

Monday, May 14

I haven't updated in months! Long update after exams end, promise.

Until then, read this:

(Click to enlarge)

Good luck to anyone / everyone sitting for exams rn!

Sunday, March 11

It's everything about you, you, you

Little birdie 

Stayed at a hotel in KL last night, just because. The buffet was so nice. It's 6pm on Sunday right now, and two days of holidays passed by just like that. Seven days to go, packed schedule, but I've still got enough free time so I'm hoping to finish my homework by Wednesday and read the books I bought at KLCC today.

I've been good. A lot of work, but there's no other way I'd spend my last year in Sri Aman. I still don't know what I want to do. Medicine sounds so interesting, but I'm not 100% sure yet. I need to decide soon though.

Lots of ups and downs recently, but I'm content with where I am right now. Alhamdulillah 

Wednesday, February 29

Steven Gerrard Appreciation Post

Steven Gerrard lifted the Carling Cup aloft, and then admitted: “I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.”
Liverpool survived one of the most dramatic finals in history to claim a first trophy in six years after a pulsating penalty shoot-out triumph to give their skipper his moment of glory.
But he could only offer a ­heartfelt apology to his cousin Anthony afterwards, as the Cardiff defender missed the crucial spot-kick that ultimately cost the plucky underdogs a place in history.
England star Gerrard chose not to celebrate with the rest of the team when the Cardiff sub missed the final penalty, and instead raced over to Anthony to embrace the tearful defender.
It was a painful moment for the Reds’ captain, and he admitted afterwards he felt his cousin’s pain.
“I’ve mixed emotions,” he said. “Obviously I’m delighted to have won a trophy for our fans.
“But I feel for Anthony and what he is going through and for Cardiff. He’ll be beyond words, and be so down.
“I have been there, when I scored an own goal against Chelsea in the final a few years ago.
“I’ll be here for him after the game. All the family will be behind him.” Cardiff boss Malky Mackay defended the decision to let Gerrard take the kick against his boyhood idols, saying: “I don’t think Anthony will be feeling it any worse than any of the others.”


The autobiography ends with "I play for Jon-Paul." Gerrard's cousin, Jon-Paul Gilhooley, was killed in the 1989 Hillsborough Tragedy, when Gerrard was eight. Jon-Paul, who was 10 when he died, was the youngest of the 96 victims of the tragedy. "It was difficult knowing one of your cousins had lost his life," Gerrard said." Seeing his family's reaction drove me on to become the player I am today.


On 1 October 2007, Gerrard was involved in a low-speed accident in Southport when the car he was driving hit a ten-year-old cyclist, who had shot into the street and inadvertently cut off Gerrard's path. He later visited the boy in the hospital and presented him with a pair of boots signed by Wayne Rooney, the boy's favourite player, after which he stayed to sign autographs for other young patients.

God bless your beautiful soul, Steven Gerrard.

Saturday, January 28

Cos even stars they burn, some even fall to the earth

I'm so annoying heheh sorry Ksherah

Skyping with Navini from Italia!!!!!!

Photo with Marina's hand because Marina doesn't like taking photos

Photo with Marina anyway

I love Jason Mraz.

Back to school in two days!

Thursday, January 26


Walk on, walk ooooooon, with hope in your heart,
And You'll Never Walk Alone 

Wednesday, January 25

Shot me out of the sky, you're my kryptonite

Before I continue I would just like to say that I like One Direction and my favourite is Louis Tomlinson. Niall and Harry too. Hehe.

Good morning, world!!!

2012 has been great so far. I've been so busy with everything! Homework, SFS, ICC, SAEYLS, PRS, handball, tuition. I'm thankful, though, because I don't waste my time as much anymore. I'm in 5SA with Aqila and Yasshene and I actually really like my class. All my classmates are studious though and they teach me stuff that I don't understand really well. And I don't understand a lot of stuff...

Stayback season has started and we've had elections for everything already. I'm the Treasurer for Blue House! Masnizza is my Vice and I like her a lot. Iqffa is our Captain and Nad is our Vice. So much faith in both of them. Also, I'm the class monitor again. 5th year in a row, hahaha that's amazing.

And Interact? Interact's doing good! We're currently planning Sirens For Silhouettes. We started the it Gets Better photo drive on Friday and the support we are getting is overwhelming. None of us expected to get this much support. Right now, we already have 273 It Gets Better photos. Don't know what I'm talking about? Click here. So show your support as well! Take a photo of you or anyone else you know, holding up a sign that says "It Gets Better". This is to support our cause of suicide awareness :) Then e-mail it to me at

Here are some of my favourites!

Also, while we're at it, be sure to attend ICC Concert 2012! It'll be just a week before, on 31st March 2012. Our theme is AURUM: The Golden Touch and we're gonna make it different this year, I can tell you that. And if you're from the six ICCPJ schools and you're itching to show off your talent, do come for our auditions! It will be this 18th February 2012. Contact me for more details!

Now that I've already had a bit of taste on what 2012's like, here are some goals I hope to achieve:

1) Straight As for SPM.
2) Good results for March Test, Midterms and Trials.
3) Do the best I can for and with Interact.
4) Enjoy every bit of high school.
5) Read more.
6) Listen to good music more.
7) Watch football more.
8) Participate in things more.
9) Maintain a good relationship with everyone who matters. Yes, everyone.
10) Whine, complain, bad talk less.

Signing out,
xoxo Gadis Gosip hahahahahaha