Friday, January 29

Elynna Hashri says:
Hanna Chong says:
*What is so funny?!
Elynna Hashri says:
*puan marina : elynna , awak ada kacukan cina ke ?
elynna : haha saya pun tak tahu lah cikgu , saya nmpk cina ke ?
puan marina : nampak jgk lah , nama ayah awak pun ada 'chong' kat belakang

I love The Chongs :)

Tired and sleepy, yeah.

Off to start on my homework after this, I really have to stop procrastinating, sigh.

Oh, Puan Gohilah separated the six of us in class. The six of us meaning Elynna, Qeel, Seri, Susan & Uma. Bummer. You know what's worse? Elynna, Qeel and Seri get to sit under the fan, zz. -.-

So now, I sit next to Sarah and Fly in class. Yes, I am purposely placed between two supposedly quiet people so in time, they'll talk a lot. Because of me, or something. Really. o.o

Not in the mood to blog. Will update more maybe before February. Yeah, time flies that fast now, wow. Before I forget,

Happy Belated 16th, Aleeza Zaki! :)
Happy Belated 15th, Nadzim Zahari! :)

Sang for Jim during recess on his birthday. 'Twas cool (y) Today pula, we sang for Hisham Mustaffa I think. And no, as far as I know, he does not exist, HAHA. I love my lame friends ♥

K so bye :)
I miss that necklace & I miss 2 Hormat;
Oh and, I miss Karyna :(

Friday, January 22

Once in a lifetime means there's no second chance

Ok yes I know this picture's like so random but there really are no other pictures in this computer, besides the sample pictures of course, heh -.-

I know it won't make a difference if I complain, but like everyone else, I'm so tiiired. School is so tiring, I swear. And then there's tuition, other classes and homework. Howlah like that?

There's school tomorrow, yes I'm going. Interact Club Probationers Seminar is also tomorrow, right after school. I'll be leaving early for tuition at 4, heh. I want to sleep early tonight, really :(

That's all I guess. I want to start reading books again, hmm.

Sunday, January 17

Baby Blue Eyes,

Wendi says:
Hanna (: says:
*The entrance is between bata and joo hua k,
Wendi says:
Hanna (: says:
*Eh wait wtf
Wendi says:

Ish. Dua-dua loser, hahaha :p

Weeeeell, this'll be my last update for the weekend. Obviously, right? Can't say I'm excited for school, heh.
And it's the third week of January already. Whoa, what's the rush, 2010?

See you in five days, Blogger! No ramblings and complaints 'til then. Don't miss me too much ;)
Watch this space!

This is for you, Karyna ♥ :D

Sorry the heart is so cacat, fail laah D: And I don't have red marker so I used that, sorry Karyna :(

Well hello hello hello!

Second week of school was mainly a bore. Had two days of PMD & yesterday was koko registration / Blue House AGM, so we weren't in class for practically most of the week. I've got tuition four times a week now, on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday, all four classes with Nadd and Kamil, so yeay to that! :)

And really, tuition isn't that bad. Sure, I'd rather live without but I've got cool tuition mates,

Besides that, I've got Interact on Mondays, PRS on Fridays, Japanese on Tuesdays, Taekwondo and football on Wednesdays, piano on Wednesdays too, Handball on Thursdays.. That should be about it. Oh, and Blue House practice as well. Yes, Karyna, I'm not as busy as you, shut uuup :p But penatlah, so I roughly know how you feel :(

So overall, I guess the past two weeks have been fine. I like my classmates, mhm :) And I swear  it sucks not to have people like Karyna, Aqila and Angela as my classmates this year, because whenever I scroll down my MSN list they're always online, and I always feel the urge to ask about class matters until I remember we're not in the same class anymore :(

So hey, had dinner at Secret Recipe on Wednesday, and you know how they have pictures of their food on the walls and stuff? Hasya, Hilman and I were bored, so we did this:

I think Hasya's one looks the best. Because I took the picture, ehehe :8)

Oh oh! As I was browsing through photos earlier today, I found this:

Ehehehe I love Karyna And yes, I know I've probably posted this here like two years ago or something, or was it last year? I don't even know, it was that long ago, but whateverrr right? :(

Well you know, since I really don't have much to talk about, I might as well talk about Karyna, right? Oh, and she says Hi, everyone :)

Karyna says:
*You're blogging? LOL
*Tell them Karyna says hi
Hanna (: says:
*Tell who?!
*Yes i'm blogging:D
Karyna says:
Hanna (: says:
Karyna says:
Hanna (: says:
*I thought wholah -_-
Karyna says:

Well, I'm not even sure if I even have readers anymore (except you of course, Karyna :p) so yeah, hehe.

Oh and you know, Karyna started using MSN not more than a month ago (she used to use YM before this) and already she knows how to use it better than me :(


Go dai :@ Uhm Karyna, I hope you don't read this.. But of course you will, hehe

It's 1:19, I know I should be asleep by now. Hmph. Will be completing all the homework I have left tomorrow, I hope. I so need to keep this laptop locked away somewhere until I manage to complete at least my BM homework & Nirmala's homework, aaah D:

Yes, I really should get going now. Aunty Azlina told me (AND KARYNA :@) to sleep now. So yeah, good night Blogger, I'll update you next week or sooner, love you :)

P.S. Oh my God. I CTRL+Fed Karyna's name, and in this post alone her name appears 15 times! 16, plus this recent one. WHAT AM I, OBSESSED WITH YOU OR SOMETHING? DDD:


Happy Sweet 15th,

Sunday, January 10

nevershoutnever. says:

*if i was a girl i'd totally go head over heels for william <3
*no like seriously. he'd make a perfect boyfriend


Thanks Mira (:

Saturday, January 9

Best I Ever Had (:

Nad uploaded this on her blog once before, hehe sorry Nad. And yes, rindu ni tau sebenarnya.
(Actually, come to think of it, I probably already uploaded this once before too o.o)

Well hello, it's finally Friday :) First week of school was fine, I'm alright with my class, I've got Elynna, Seri, Qeel, Susan and Uma, no? Recess is absolutely Love though, really. I would have so much more love for it though if we had a permanent table, one that won't be taken on random days by juniors, heh. (We were standing under the fan for three days this week. Three. Out of five :( )

I seriously forgot how tiring school was last year and the year before. For the past week, the moment I reach home after school and have lunch, I'd take a shower and then take a looong nap. (Y)

Oh, and the amount of homework we're assigned every day? Damn. I know this is just Form 3 I'm talking about and as I go to higher forms the homework increases, but I'm not used to this stuff yet. Seriously. Back to late nights completing homework, I suppose. (Since I'm mostly asleep during the evening, therefore have no time to complete homework then hehe)

And hey. Co-curricular activities have not even started yet and I'm already easily exhausted with just six to seven hours in the school compound. Did I mention that I'll be having BM, Science and Maths tuition? And piano & guitar class too? :( K fine I know I'm overreacting, and my schedule isn't even nearly as busy as Karyna's (shut up fool :p) haha sorry can't help it. I'll be fine by next week I hope. I just want my sleep :(

The PMR pressure's slowly getting to me too. I really do need to take this year seriously. Sigh. Cepatlah habis PMR.

Plans for this weekend are nowhere near exciting. Will be having class as usual tomorrow :) And on Sunday, Mommy and Ayah will be away at Kuching for a wedding so the three of us (meaning my siblings and I) will be spending the whole day at Wan's, presumably completing our homework and helping around the house. Yeah.

Enough about school. Wait no, not really. Pretty much most of my posts after this will be about school, since my outings this year are veeery limited, hence there won't be much to update about, except school. Plus, I'll only be properly only during the weekdays so expect to see me here then hehe :D I guess I don't really mind.

It's so sad though, that as Ira says it, all the good movies are coming out this year. Toy Story 3, Deathly Hallows, Alice in Wonderland... okay fine, those are the only ones I can think of right now but I know there's more -.-

And in case you haven't noticed yet, yes, I am purposely dragging this post longer and longer to make up for my one week absence. That is how sad my life really is :(

Gotta go get some good shuteye before I wake up early tomorrow. Oh and before that, what's this with all the church burning and using the name of Allah in a supposedly incorrect way? What's happening to the world, really?

I don't even know what to say. What a start to the year 2010, right?

Friday, January 1

Haven't you heard?





Goodbye 2009 , Hello PMR.

Anyway, hey. I'm seriously going to miss 2009. Loads of ups and downs but overall I had a blast. 2009 was one of the best years of my life- no, strike that. The best, probably! So far, that is. There has only been fourteen 'til now. :p

Thanks to all my friends and family for making the past year amazing. ;)

I'm too tired to blog about last night but I can say though that last night was a night I definitely will not forget about anytime soon, mhm. I'm not kidding when I say it would have been much better if Karyna, Nadd and Ira were there! Next time then :(

Cheers to a new and hopefully even better year and a new beginning!

Basically, my resolutions this year all revolve around education. Meh. 8As, please? 0:)

School this Monday. I must say I'm quite excited. I haven't seen so many of my friends in a long time, haha.

K bye then!